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  1. I tried once using the WhatsApp link on the ad and got no response. Tried texting normally 30 minutes later and got a response within 3 minutes. So it might be based on how you are contacting them.
  2. Once I get to know the girl I usually give it to her before the massage starts. That way we are on the same page right from the beginning.
  3. I’ll second the suggestion to try Veronica from the Osborne group. If nothing else if you text them what you are looking for Veronica could let you know if it’s an option.
  4. Any intel if Sunny is returning? I miss her, she and Susan were my regulars.
  5. Answered my own question. Easy to book, attractive attendant probably in her 30s. Good draped massage.
  6. Has anyone tried TRA since they reopened?
  7. Based on the new ads popping up looks like it.
  8. Just to show I’m not crazy.
  9. Sorry my mistake. I meant to say Jessie. I believe her name was in the k-ad today for Crystal, Jenny used to work there once in a while. They have since changed the ad so I can’t confirm.
  10. Is the Jenny advertised as being at Crystal Massage the same Jenny that worked on Thompson Drive? I didn’t get a chance to see her but she was highly recommended.
  11. I have been to south pointe a few times and never been offered anything extra. Of course I also don’t ask I generally let the girl take the lead when I go different places. Majority of places I have been to the ladies have made it pretty clear when they want to offer extras.
  12. So I’m going to resurrect this thread. Anyone had a good 4 hand massage lately? I have tried a couple myself and keep having the problem that there is no coordination between the ladies so it just feels disjointed. I tried to arrange a Sunny/Rose massage a couple times but was never able to book with them together.
  13. $80 for 2 hours. Seems too good to be true. Also interested though if anyone has visited her yet.
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