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  1. What is the price range, if I can ask? (as in, an hour, basic extras)
  2. lol neither. random numbers. Wait, are you saying I sound like I'm 75? 😛
  3. Yes, at least the one I was referring to. Without throwing her totally under the bus, she did offer extras but preferred to talk in person. Not all ma's will offer extras to anyone and everyone, and it likely depends on how you approach the subject. imo. I've been surprised a few times over the years with a few women who I would not have guessed offered anything other than a standard massage, without me ever asking. I've also been told no extras by a few women who almost certainly do, if you go by these boards. YMMV, business might be good enough to keep it standard at the time you ask, they may have stopped offering extras, they may just not be feeling it that day, or they didn't like how you asked. Who knows. All I can say is to respect the ladies who say no, and move on. Like I said, I've been given a "no" by a few women who I've read about on these forums, and I've NEVER questioned it with them. On the flip side, I've actually gone for a standard massage, and nothing else, and have been pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion with some ladies, once even with no upcharge at all. Off the top of my head, I can think of one who I NEVER would have thought would provide any extras, and the subject was never brought up by either of us, verbally, before. It just kind of happened. She was feeling it, I was *obviously* showing it, so it happened. Afterwards, she said she normally charges for that, but because it just kind of happened, it was no charge that time. I haven't actually been back, and I kind of feel bad, but she's just a little far for me, and the hours don't really line up. I stress - if someone says no, they don't offer extras, say thanks and move on. Never press the issue. And if you book with them anyway, do NOT expect or hope for anything more than you discussed. There are many ma's out there who do provide extras, but only when THEY decide to, and to whom. If you absolutely need extras in your massage, find someone who says yes.
  4. Yeah, this. I saw her close to two years ago now, and she was 100% legit, for me, anyway. I honestly was a little disappointed, but she did give a great massage. I must not have been her type or something, because we did seem to hit it off, she's very nice, we chatted, I wasn't creepy, I'm clean, decent looking, all that. It was a pleasant "no", though, she didn't seem offended in any way. I remember at the time, that her Kijiji ad was a closer-up pic of her with her top few buttons undone. Not "sexy", but didn't seem like a picture a totally legit masseuse would use, either. I was a little confused in the end, but oh well.
  5. Banner rd. Anybody been? Looking for more info. Was in touch with her a little while back, my appt got pushed back and it didn't work for me, and she wasn't happy (sorry?) I still have this urge to see her, but I'd like to know more before I make the plunge. Thanks! https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1474613290
  6. Can one of you guys who have seen her PM me with some details? (options, etc.) I've been in contact and am very intrigued, but I'm not out that way. I guess I need a good push to make a drive that far!
  7. Same for me, but haven't been due to two other people working there (one a guy). Sounds like the blonde is massage only, the brunette (Hannah) provides extras. I didn't get a menu, so I don't know exactly what is on offer, but it sounds like more than just a standard HJ
  8. Not that it makes it much better, but it's possible it was an accident. I know it sounds far-fetched, but it's entirely possible. Just lean back the right way, and in it goes. That said, highly unlikely. My guess is it was either her hand reaching around, and because of the way she was sitting on you and the fact that you couldn't see anything, it 'felt' like something else. Most likely explanation is that she did, in fact, slide you into her. Either because she was getting a little carried away, or because you're a regular and she's comfortable with you, and thought "hey, what man wouldn't want this?" As Jessica said, some ladies may not see it as a violation. After all, you are there for a (primarily) sexual experience. The definitions of sexual assault are the same regardless of gender, it's just that many people don't see it as quite the same when it's a woman doing it to a man, or see it as lesser. However one views it, personally, is their prerogative. I was date raped when I was a teenager. I didn't want to have sex with this person, yet she made threats of telling people that I forced myself upon her if I didn't comply. It wasn't until many years later that I fully grasped the situation. I'm not traumatized by it or anything, but it's not exactly a happy memory either. It happens to men as well as women.
  9. I had something similar happen a while back, but I was not blindfolded or restrained, so I was able to stop it. The short version is that an independent MA straddled me, and before I knew what was happening, was sliding her bare vagina across my uncovered penis. It took me about 3 seconds before I asked her to stop, and she said something like "yeah, this is dangerous". Uh, yeah, thanks. I have not been back since, obviously. Did I feel violated? No, not really, but perhaps I should have in retrospect. Was it unsafe? Hell yeah. I went and got tested very shortly after, and all good, but still. TBH, I would not be shocked if the OP is talking about the same person. He can PM me if he'd like and we can discuss, without naming names.
  10. Judging from her website/blog, I wouldn't say her state of mind is all that great right now. I've never met her, and people who have seen her seem to like her, but something seems a little off.
  11. Searched, can't find a thing anywhere. Was in touch with her a while back, but the distance/location is an issue for me, so I was looking for info before I book something. No luck with that, unfortunately. If you've seen her, please PM me and let me know. I'd rather not toftt with her location so far away from me, otherwise I would. Thanks all! Current ad
  12. Curious - which one is she? There are two that operate out of Barrhaven, both VERY different experiences...
  13. " Please note that these treatments are non-sexual massages " I would believe what they say and respect that. You may have had different experiences elsewhere, but I wouldn't use that going forward at other places, or with other people.
  14. Oh, I know she's not the only one. Just seems like she keeps coming up though. I guess it's her look or something that intrigues people (which is unfair to her, of course). And that's exactly what I was saying - it's obviously not typical, if it happens at all. Everybody is entitled to do what they want with their own business, especially if they're not registered/certified etc. It's not a judgement, by me anyway, about what this particular person offers or doesn't offer. Personally, I enjoy a really good massage first and foremost. I tend not to see people who overtly advertise other things, believe it or not. If the massage isn't halfway decent, I don't care what they do or don't do apart from that. Obviously many people here do, and that's fine of course.
  15. I actually went for a brazilian a few months ago, and I had a hard time finding someone who would do it at all, never mind make it fun (I wasn't trying for that, to be honest). I found only one person out of about 10 or so that I contacted that did it, and it was completely legit. The thing is, one has to be experienced in order to provide this. It's one thing to wax somebody's back, it's another to do this area. There's a lot of loose skin, and the hair is also different and more coarse. Personally, if someone provided this sort of manscaping, I'd much prefer a legitimate professional who knows what they're doing. FYI, if you've never had one done before, it isn't fun in the slightest, I promise! My threshold for pain is pretty high, and it sucked. I think if you have it done regularly, it gets better, but still, I can't see how it's exciting for someone.
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