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  1. Have to be careful to not attribute to malice what is possibly just misunderstanding? Giving the benefit of the doubt, I will chalk it up to the latter. On the other hand, it is not helpful to point out that an individual has many negative comments as someone here did while criticizing myself. Ironic?
  2. Are you predisposed to look for negative comments? Fake news! Read again, I was stating facts, I like cats as well and have a very different opinion of who what or if as it relates to God. None of these reflect poorly on me ao why in "God's name do you think it reflects poorly on Lana? What is wrong with you all?
  3. You have got to be kidding! What world are you people living in? Are you all mind readers and self appointed guardians? You have not at all understood my words. If you represent the mentality here, you can have this space. Man I feel icky just from responding to you! Next stop out of here.
  4. Saw this lady. Very pleasant and a non rushed spiritual experience
  5. Was fortunate enough to experience this magical massage by Sophie.
  6. Used to see Lana regularly as she relocated from place to place. She likes cats and believes God is a female.
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