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  1. I love everything about this thread ❤ Its inspired me to come share one of my most valued possessions with you! I haven't got it tested for authenticity but it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy owning it. The vibe she is throwing off to the camera very much reminds me of my personality. I adore retro and pinup looks! I remember having my hair up and curls once for a client and certainly he enjoyed the look as much as I do 💋
  2. I have a closet that keeps toys safe for some men and don't think I would have any issues sticking a lady in there to keep her safe as well. I have a bit of an interesting personality and think I would be thrilled if someone asked to bring one of those to play. Although I do prefer adamant toys. This should be something you can explore with those you love but that very much depends on the comfort and the ability to open up that they have. I do feel just as strongly that others should have the right to choose to remain modest. My mind is far too curious for that and perhaps it might make you guys feel better to know that making a significant other awkward with a fantasy is something women suffer in relationships as well. However if that is a choice for yourself I don't feel it's fair to project that on to those you love. Having different needs doesn't mean you don't love that person but it takes certain a mindframe to accept and comfort is an addiction also hard to break. We are taught that to have a family or children that these things shouldn't be a part of the relationship but I feel that is not necessarily true. A perspective I have shared with others often. @NotchJohnson assessing by the photos you have shared in other threads I would bet hands down that you would have the finest quality of doll on the market!
  3. I have done this while entertaining and it is insanely pleasurable. It helps create certain experiences for those who may be too introverted or shy for group situations. Provided the toys don't spark insecurity which I find can happen. All valid feeling that should be respected and considered. I was born and raised in a small place and have felt most of these barriers. A lot of them I have been working on for decades to overcome and feel proud when I see others brave to do this work. I can also understand not wanting to jeopardize their comfort to do so. Toys perhaps we could reframe as tools as they are glorious for intensifying the pleasure of all genders, but intensity also is not for everyone. I will get working on adding more variety when I can ❤️
  4. I LOVE this topic and it's certainly enjoyed reading these perspectives! I have never been aware that men have been shamed for masturbating but I suppose there are a lot controlling significant others out there. Something else I have noticed talked about for one gender but not the other. Most of us suffer the grips of control in one form or another. I have never understood why someone wouldn't want to explore with their partner but perhaps that's why I'm still single at my age. No regrets and I enjoy my freedom quite well. I also enjoy exploring and happy to hear that there are how many hobbyists who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone! Moreso that trans providers are explored and appreciated. Helping others explore a mindset I have been shamed most of my life for is one of the largest things I enjoy about this work and why after a decade of an attempt at mugglelife I have returned! I do however prefer to keep this playtime discrete as sadly there are still quite a bit of stigma surrounding it. Perhaps I should be considering a spectrum of toys when I do my shopping? This cat is curious how you guys would feel if providers had different types of toys for you to explore on your parts as well as our own? Do you feel it could add to the experience or would most of you just prefer to play with real flesh? I adored @Greenteal mention of oils and lubricants to help things slip in a little more comfortably. I am a lady who gets incredibly wet and still appreciates how easier things can glide with a little help. Lately I've been practicing with infusing my own with CBD to help relax things even more 😽
  5. I am a nerd for Super Lemon Haze although sativas I can't do too much. I love my end because I intend to leave my smoking at night due to that fact. Some of my favourite strains! Sensi star, MK Ultra. I enjoy 2:1 splits as well particularly Durga Mata or HarleyQuinn 👌
  6. My mind is as open as it is dirty and intelligent. Wild, sensual and curvy woman with long brown hair, hazel eyes, tattoos and loves a reason to slip into something sexy and bring out my huge and beautiful smile.My open mind can cater to many things, adornes a friendly/outgoing personality that will put your mind at ease, and I am genuine with what I provide. I would adore sneaking you into my clean, safe, smoke-free and discreet environment.Contact me for my rates and availabilityEmail- [email protected]/text- (819) 801-3453
  7. It's been awhile since I've made it to your city to spoil myself with my favourite room. Curious if this cat comes back up to play If there might be some gentleman interested in a visit.
  8. ❤️ My people ❤️ I grew up in small-town Ontario which was also quite conservative. I can't relate with you saying this is enough as I feel shame had also caused me to do the same. I am stupidly curious, what strain is in that pen??
  9. Much like female providers I would say the same applies for men. Your service is as unique as the person. None of us are the same. We have very different things to bring to the table and there is a niche for everything!
  10. Thank you Lydia. I appreciate you 💋💋💋
  11. Still waiting on a reply for this. May I get a response from another mod?
  12. Could be a little out of theme, BUTT there will be more to come 💋 This thread made me think of an old webcam pic I have saved from years back. The quality of the snap may be less impressive as the others but the angle, purrrfect! @Sharpe made me feel spoiled with a nomination yesterday. I have a little break from my studies and wanted to spoil you back.
  13. @Sharpe I appreciate you 💋💋💋 This feels like a bit of a reward for successfully kicking the crap out of midterm week.
  14. I am thrilled we can respond to these now. @Phaedrus thank you! It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet you. Your kindness and excitement is something I certainly would hope to encounter again soon. Your taste in music excited me just as much 💋 https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=BARKe7U_cgc&feature=share
  15. Has anyone received their bit yet? Pardon me if the message is a bit impatient but definitely curious when it may be deposited. @lydiahardwood
  16. I had the pleasure of spoiling myself with an Asus Zenbook when I started my program in September and I can't love it enough!
  17. I adore you so much 💋 I was fortunate enough to be the winner a few days ago but I adore your appreciation still!
  18. Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone in this beautiful community a very lovely Valentine's Day! May today spoil you with the fun and excitement craved. It's well deserved 💋
  19. well it seems my vote already won today. Congratulations to the ever so sweet @Deanna Delight Today I will throw my vote at @Katherine of Halifax because to this day I still really appreciate you connecting and providing your kind responses to my post asking for information on my first East Coast trip 💋💋💋
  20. The past few days my focus has been on a lovely gentleman. Definitely where I enjoy my attention most however I would like to give some love to a few ladies I feel I would have an absolute blast with if we ever connected. @StephanieMystique once again I would like to give you some love for the courage and strength I have noticed shining from you. You spoke out to protect the community and that is something that is not easy to do. You strike me a brilliant and intelligent woman. Often things that shine too brightly people try to snuff out. Never let them dull your shine 💋
  21. Thank you incredibly to everyone who voted for me and to everyone else who was a part of this contest. The amount of love I see bouncing around in them is melting my heart. Makes me want to just have a big cuddle puddle with everyone on this board 💋💋💋 Today I cast my vote out for @Phaedrus who will be my Valentine ❤️
  22. @Phaedrus 💋💋💋 @SeekingMistress 😈😈😈
  23. I couldn't be happier to help and adore you incredibly 💋 Someone wants to be confined a little tighter next time they come see me!
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