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  1. I would like to re-nominate the gorgeous @Kitten for always respecting privacy and safety.
  2. I would like to nominate the gorgeous @Kitten because of her open mindedness.
  3. I would like to nominate the gorgeous @Kitten because she is always available for me when I need her.
  4. I would like to nominate @Kitten. I had the pleasure of meeting her in July of last year and we have been seeing each other regularly ever since. I posted a recommendation about her in the recommendation forum for anyone who might be interested in seeing her. You won't regret it!
  5. I have been seeing Kitten on a regular basis for my fetish since July 2020. I am her sub and she is my Mistress. Kitten is a gorgeous and elegant woman who has a wonderful space. She is a sensual dominatrix who is strict but compassionate and caring at the same time. She has complete control over me during our sessions together and I enjoy being under her control and dominance. I also value privacy, safety, and good communication and she provides me with all of those attributes. Kitten also has a lovely personality and is easy to have a conversation with. She is polite, smart, friendly, accommodating, non-discriminatory, and pays close attention to detail. She allows me to explore my fetish with her every weekend and even let me add some personal items to the space for enhancement. I plan on continuing to see Kitten and I recommend her to anyone looking for fetish sessions, as she does not disappoint. A+++
  6. Hello. I'm looking for a woman who can restrain me to a bed every weekend. I've been seeing someone for this since 2013 but her partner recently moved in and it seems that she can no longer host. I would like to find someone who lives in their own house or townhouse. The house should be quiet because I want the feeling of seclusion. I'd like to feel how someone in a mental hospital would feel strapped to a bed. I have my own straitjacket and bed restraints, and would need you to put me in them. I also love wearing diapers with the restraints so that I feel even more helpless. Apart from the initial restraining, no interaction would be involved. In my view, it would be an easy session for you to do because of that. I generally stay in the restraints for 3 to 5 hours at a time. A little bit about me: I'm a shy, mid 30s professional in good physical shape and health, who is polite and respectful. With the person that I previously saw, I retrofitted the entire room with floor to ceiling mirrors. If you agreed, I would want to do the same in the room that you hosted me if this became a regular occurrence. I look forward to hearing some responses/PMs. Thank you.
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