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    I am a breathtaking provider. A Vivacious Coquette, both witty and charming. I am well groomed and manicured. I have a petite frame, pretty face and a bubbly, down to earth A+ personality. I create a lustful and erotic oasis from your every day life. There is a kinkier aspect to me that includes an insationable desire for pleasing.

    I am Canadian born, all around girl next door. Formerly retired companion. I dabbled back in my 20's. However I must say, my mid 30's has brought a whole new zest for both life and pleasure. I am a Gentleman's choice, an Ultimate Girlfriend if you will...

    While scheduling your appointment each and every call is going to be politely screened to my convenience and piece of mind. My personal privacy and basic safety are extremely vital. I do not see many clients because I only see the best!!
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    Kingston, Belleville, Brockville
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    34 years old, standing 5'4 inches tall with long strawberry blonde hair. 38B, 26, 34. 128 pnds
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  1. I enjoy the sound of my heels on limestone. So I plan to keep them here for quite some time. I have so many fun new developments coming for the end of September! Stay tuned... In the meantime, my upcoming schedules.. August 25-27th September 2-5th September 16-19th * Pre-scheduled outcalls are possible outside of my hosting schedule please contact me with your date request. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter for fun updates and photos @HeidiKing_xo You can find my details here www.missheidiking.com See you Soon 💋 [email protected] 343-363-8353
  2. Due to a recent change in my schedule I will be hanging around Kingston this weekend for the Poker Run! I will be available for outcalls only. Need a date for the Run? Social packages are always available. That is if you're not object to having a great time with a fox... Hope you see me soon! Heidi Xo 🌐 www.missheidiking.com 📞 343-363-8353 ✉️ [email protected]
  3. Lyla Lovers I will be visiting the Missassauga/Meadowvale area August 16-18th. Please visit my website for more information and my hosting schedule. missheidiking.com Oh .. you can also now follow me on twitter. @HeidiKing_xo Pre-scheduling is always highly encouraged. See you Soon! Heidi Xo
  4. 🍑Snapchat-1470619974.thumb.jpg.68f9fa0eaba821bc89a11dffdbb97524.jpg



    1. Dstat2k13


      Is this your suite where you mention about the jacuzzi tub?  Looks like a hell of a lot of fun!

    2.  Heidi King

      Heidi King

      Actually this is not! The one in my suite is double this size. 😉

  5. Please ... You can call me Heidi 😉 I have extended my hosting schedule this week. August 5th-9th You can find my details on my website. www.missheidiking.com I will be away for the remainder of August on extended engagements. Pre-scheduling is highly encouraged. Heidi Xo Follow me on Twitter @HeidiKing_xo
  6. Let me be you sensual escape. Passionate sensibilities, sweet natured with a splash of badassery is what makes up this saucy coquette. Upcoming hosting schedule: July 21 4pm-11pm July 22 9am- 9pm July 23 9am-11am ( possibly extending until the 24th) Come visit me in my upscale oasis.* Pre-scheduling is highly encouraged You can now follow me on twitter @JessicaKing_xo Gentleman only please 343-363-8353 [email protected] Following
  7. Hello Capital. I am coming for a visit! July 14-16 A breath of fresh air... uniquely me. A part-time girlfriend, vivacious and coquettish. I am anything but mechanical. Just a concupiscent lady trying to navigate my way in this world. Care to join me on this journey? 34 years young, I stand at 5'4 inches tall (without heels). Long strawberry blonde hair, enticing hazel eyes and a fair complexion (currently sunkissed) My perky 36bs held up by a 27 inch waist. Rounded of with a bountiful derriere. My current body weight is 127pnd. I will be hosting incalls from an upscale downtown location. I prefer gentleman 30+ *Pre-scheduling is always highly encouraged* [email protected] 343-363-8353 (text first please!) You can now follow me on twitter for updates/photos @JessicaKing_xo
  8. Revitalized with a fresh persona in tact. Returning as promised Sunday, July 7th-9th. Offering a supreme indulgence to solidify my return. I would highly recommend pre-scheduling. Coming in a few pounds lighter, a few shades darker with carnivorous appetite and erotic thirst. *Come visit me in my upscale oasis.* July 7th. 330pm to 10pm July 8th. 9am - 9pm July 9th 8am to 11am You can now follow me on twitter @JessicaKing_xo Gentleman only please 343-363-8353 [email protected]
  9. She so fly .. ✈️1187985429_PointBlur_Jun102019_191650.thumb.jpg.1745aabfec2b8d0b8344ae3331c907f3.jpg

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    2.  Heidi King

      Heidi King

      Oh... And these are different pants 😉

    3. winerdiner


      grrrrrrr you teasin mother nature! Bad Jessie, bad bad Jessie. Love it! Tease me please me. Thanx for the pics, you is special 😋

    4. winerdiner


      different pants eh! look forward touchin, feelin and lovin 😘

  10. “Room 824” I sent off in text. John had just informed me of his arrival at my hotel. A meeting we have both been anticipating, through our exchange of wooing dialogue over the past week. I had just been off on a short yet revitalizing journey. My fresh new persona was in tack and so ready for attention. I could hear him approaching my room. I stood with excitement, followed by his short rap on the door. As I opened, John eagerly came inside. In my delightfully naughty attire, I felt the part. My enormous smile, soft grasp and deep kiss was well received and reciprocated. I had taken careful thought in planning for our date, my look created my own inner pleasure and elevated my excitement. I enjoyed seeing his eyes soak up my appearance. I looked intently to see his appreciation growing. I could see his eyes increasing with warmth and feeling. I watched them drop slowly leaving my vision scanning my body entirely. Donned in a waste clinching ensemble shaping my body enticingly. Enough flesh revealing at the top of my thighs to tempt any man before my black silk stalking’s lead down to my heels. My black lace bustier, cupping my nipples leaving the sensual curves and movement of my perky breasts visible to see. This was as much about me now as it was him. It had quickened each breath knowing how sexual I had become. I found enormous pleasure and thrill through embodying a woman of desire. I moved with conviction. I felt brazen and bold. I was alive, desiring the role of his escort. Not losing eye contact I loosened the buttons on his shirt to reveal the nape of his neck and top of his manly frame. Moving closer inhaling his warm body scent, trailing kisses across his lusty neck and chest. I continued on my assault of his body, unbuttoning more of his…… TO BE CONTINUED… I am accepting pre-scheduled appointments for June 22/23. I will be hosting from an upscale hotel near the Toronto Airport. I have the following availability June 22 3:30pm to 11:30pm June 23 8 am to 11am I am 100% Independent and make all my own bookings. I do apologize if I am unable to answer your call. Please let me know if/when is a good time to get back to you. If not, I will only return calls/texts within a 15 minute window. Gentleman only please 343-363-8353 [email protected]
  11. Seduction is much more than beauty; it's generous, it is intelligent, it's mischievous, it's exclusive. Combining insatiable sweetness and badassery. I will be in the Hamilton/ Burlington area June 8/9. I won't be hosting this trip, outcalls available only to upscale hotels and residences. *1hour minimum* You can now follow me on twitter @JessicaKing_xo Gentleman only please 343-363-8353 [email protected]
  12. Seduction is much more than beauty; it's generous, it is intelligent, it's mischievous, it's exclusive. Combining insatiable sweetness and badassery. Hosting June 9-11 ( last availability until July 7th) June 9 3pm to 11pm June 10 9am to 9pm June 11 9am to 12pm *Pre- scheduling is highly encouraged* You can now follow me on twitter @JessicaKing_xo Gentleman only please 343-363-8353 [email protected]
  13. I am now accepting appointments with select gentleman until Friday morning. I've headed out for some pampering see you after 3 p.m. Pre-booking is highly encouraged. Gentleman only please 343-363-8353 [email protected]