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  1. Lookingfor

    Still working?

    When your decisions start affecting other people's lives I'm pretty sure you made the wrong decision. I'm done with thread it's like talking to a wall. It's like you're blind to what's going on.
  2. Lookingfor

    Still working?

    Just a side note as not being able to save money I come from a family of 15 you don't know what hard times are until you live with a family of 15 so don't tell me you can't save money none of us starved thank you please stop using the excuse I'm sick of hearing it
  3. Lookingfor

    Still working?

    Please stop just be safe I am so surprised at the way this is going. I will never understand how when times are very good that money is not able to be saved for bad times. I have done it all my life so please stop with the excuse that money cannot be saved for times of need.
  4. Lookingfor

    Still working?

    There are other ways to survive besides putting other people at risk including hobbyist and SP worker. There is no excuse for any SP or HOBBYIST doing what they are doing right now stop making excuses. They are doing something that will affect other people's lives by spreading this virus. Just like you said they don't actually know how many cases are out there and these individuals are still doing what you shouldn't be doing there is no excuse so stop making them. Please stop with the money I've been self-employed almost all my life i learned how to save money for Hard Times . Please be safe.
  5. Lookingfor

    Still working?

    It's not directed at anybody not one single person it's directed at people that are stupid enough to do this. You can't stop a virus by still doing things that are going to pass the virus around. You also have a beautiful evening darling.😆😚
  6. Lookingfor

    Still working?

    Being self-employed has these problems as well and I learned a long time ago how to put money away for hard times. Oh I still think you are doing the wrong thing.
  7. Lookingfor

    Still working?

    I was a self-employed worker for many years learn how to take care of your money so on Hard Times you can afford to pay your bills and I'm not making judgments on people I'm making a judgment on the wrong decision. Please stay safe.
  8. Lookingfor

    Still working?

    That don't give a person the right to pass on a virus that could possibly kill somebody. Stop thinking about yourself and think about others. Hello wake up.
  9. Lookingfor

    Still working?

    You're kidding me that all you people like the fact that she's going to stay hosting locally. Does she have a screening kit for the virus that tells her no you don't come in you have the virus when they are testing.
  10. Lookingfor


    The situation of COVID -19 is getting worse every day and the precautions you take should getting higher and higher. So for those of you wishing to continue the process of arguing about a mere dollar instead of taking precautions to prevent people from getting this disease is ridiculous. What everyone should be doing is stopping intimate contact altogether until this problem is solved. It only takes one person to get in the room with COVID -19 and guess what you're going to be spreading it instead of stopping it, it only takes one. Wishing you all the best please be careful and stay safe.
  11. Lookingfor

    Sofia French

    I have never given personal information and never will. If you are given that out to a sp maybe you should think twice about who you are hocking up with. As for the moving back to Montreal part was said because he thinks nothing beats the beautiful ladies of Montreal if that is the case then go back to the place that you love.
  12. Lookingfor

    Sofia French

    Maybe you should go back to Montreal.
  13. Just to throw another name out there Kylie Jane she in my eyes gives one of the best girlfriend experiences I ever had. .
  14. That is so very true You will be happy.
  15. Lookingfor


    Very well said msexy6969 advice that should be taken very seriously.