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  1. Lookingfor

    20160628 175233~2

    Very beautiful and extremely sexy lady.😆
  2. Lookingfor


    Very beautiful lady and so sexy.
  3. Lookingfor


    You are absolutely such a beautiful and sexy lady.
  4. Lookingfor

    cover photo.jpg

    Looking forward to coming to Halifax.
  5. Lookingfor

    Amarra - GeekyGirl

    I have never had any problems or issues with Amarra Geekygirl she is a fantastic young lady.
  6. Lookingfor

    Body to Body Massage

    You are more than welcome and I am trying to get a chance to come there and see this remarkable place all I ever read and hear is nothing but good things. I wish you nothing but the best .
  7. Lookingfor

    Body to Body Massage

    That sounds like it would be absolutely amazing.
  8. Lookingfor

    MsManda Nighttime Podcast

    Yes there is alot of rabbits up that why was up that way to the cottage the other day and seen a lot of bobcat tracks around the place.
  9. Lookingfor

    MsManda Nighttime Podcast

    You will not be disappointed she is a wonderful lady.
  10. Lookingfor

    What do you like ?

    Very well said.
  11. Lookingfor

    Looking to become a regular client

    Well all I can say is that you cannot go wrong with any of these wonderful ladies.
  12. Lookingfor

    My god you are such a beautiful woman and so sexy.
  13. Lookingfor

    DSC 3067 sm

    Very nice pictures sexy as hell.
  14. Lookingfor


    You are a very sexy and beautiful lady.