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  1. Lookingfor

    Sofia French

    I have never given personal information and never will. If you are given that out to a sp maybe you should think twice about who you are hocking up with. As for the moving back to Montreal part was said because he thinks nothing beats the beautiful ladies of Montreal if that is the case then go back to the place that you love.
  2. Lookingfor

    Sofia French

    Maybe you should go back to Montreal.
  3. Just to throw another name out there Kylie Jane she in my eyes gives one of the best girlfriend experiences I ever had. .
  4. That is so very true You will be happy.
  5. Lookingfor


    Very well said msexy6969 advice that should be taken very seriously.
  6. Lookingfor


    Tammy was her name now she is Michelle. By Lookingfor, August 4, 2019 in Nova Scotia Recommendations Reply to Recommendation Lookingfor 2771 Posted August 4, 2019 Had the pleasure of visiting a very wonderful and sexy lady today. Tammy gives a good massage with your typical happy ending. Great personality and a great sense of humor, very easy to talk to and set up an appointment with. Very reasonable and also a very clean place. Thank you for your time and a very happy ending to a wonderful day. Service Tammy Caucasian/White Independent incall I would visit again L********[email protected]*l.com
  7. Lookingfor


    That is her and she is a very beautiful lady and true to her age and very nice person. I have seen her and she is real and very easy on the eyes.
  8. Maybe that should say one of the best in Halifax PERIOD.
  9. Lookingfor


    Very well said take the advice-giving cannot be said any better than what Zachmont has just given you. My first was Kylie Jane and I think I made the right choice.
  10. Lookingfor


    Picture in the background second picture and third picture is the same picture I would say that all three pictures are the same person.
  11. Lookingfor


    Don't be afraid to try local top-notch women. Not all beautiful women are from Montreal.
  12. Lookingfor


    Extremely beautiful oh you are one hell of a very sexy lady. Thank you for your great pictures.
  13. Lookingfor


    Very well said.
  14. Lookingfor

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    Hello Vicky you are a very beautiful lady with a amazing body would love to meet you someday. Maybe someday you will venture to Halifax.
  15. Lookingfor


    My my that is one hell of a SEXY ass.