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  1. Lookingfor


    Don't be afraid to try local top-notch women. Not all beautiful women are from Montreal.
  2. Lookingfor


    Extremely beautiful oh you are one hell of a very sexy lady. Thank you for your great pictures.
  3. Lookingfor


    Very well said.
  4. Lookingfor

    8F3C8538 3F80 4E38 AB92 7D6FC508CCD2

    Hello Vicky you are a very beautiful lady with a amazing body would love to meet you someday. Maybe someday you will venture to Halifax.
  5. Lookingfor


    My my that is one hell of a SEXY ass.
  6. Lookingfor


    Very beautiful 😆
  7. Lookingfor

    sp for my birthday

    I would definitely recommend Kylie Jane.
  8. Lookingfor

    Local Asian

    Ok that was funny.
  9. Lookingfor

    CuddleUp - Hire a Cuddler

    Never had any problems with seeking arrangement very pleased with ladies I have seen on that site. Still seeing 3 of them on a regular basis.
  10. Lookingfor

    Point Blur_Jul292019_031527.jpg

    Very sexy lady
  11. Lookingfor

    New VIP girl?

    Yes this is getting very old.
  12. I thank you very much for your post and please don't stop making these posts. Thank you for letting us know what is out there.
  13. Lookingfor

    Public Display of Affection

    Well Stephanie I think it should be us thanking you for letting us spend time with you. You are a very remarkable lady and I am thankful for the time you let me spend with you and getting to know you better. Hope you have a wonderful year Stephanie. This also goes out to all the SP'S that let us have the pleasure of there time.
  14. Lookingfor

    Anna Harris

    I second that. She is absolutely amazing.
  15. Lookingfor

    Katherine in Sydney

    That is such a true statement. Katherine is one of the best.