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  1. I think you should let it go if she wishes to see you I am sure it will happen. You push to hard you will push it away.
  2. Lookingfor

    Brianna Bloom

    Send a text to her yesterday never heard back.
  3. Lookingfor


    I would love to have you under my tree.
  4. Yes Kylie is a very beautiful and extremely sexy lady.😆
  5. Lookingfor


    Greenteal said it right never said I was going to be having a friend over. They were not happy about it. It's hard to hide the fact when they come knocking at the door and there is heels and cloths on the floor.
  6. Lookingfor


    I tried this for a rendezvous with an SP as a outcall not good we got kicked out.
  7. Lookingfor

    Laila LL

    I have done the same thing a few times.
  8. Lookingfor


    Very beautiful
  9. Lookingfor

    My god you are a very beautiful sexy lady great pictures.
  10. Lookingfor

    B2B Massage

    I text the number and it is Body to Body she said opens at 4pm and depending on how busy she is, is when she closes price is 80 for 30,,, 120 for 60.
  11. Lookingfor


    Thanks for the great pictures nothing like putting the knife in deeper.
  12. Lookingfor

    Snapshot 20120327 56

    Now that is absolutely amazing ([email protected]#$) you are hot as hell.
  13. Lookingfor

    Snapshot 20120229 78

    What do you say when you see something that is that beautiful nothing you just enjoy it.
  14. Lookingfor

    Anyone seen Lexii

    Also would like to know myself if anyone has been with her.
  15. Lookingfor

    2017 09 14 10.58.05

    Thank you for letting me see your beautiful pictures. Your are an amazing looking lady.