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  1. Webster

    Rates Lash Back

    People are complicated, no?
  2. Webster

    Busty on Hfx

    Cristylonglegs... Morgan... Kylie Jane...
  3. Webster

    Great kissing

    Kylie Jane is more of a GFE than most girlfriends 🙂
  4. Webster

    Local Asian

    I understand, typically, Asian service providers do not post accurate pictures.
  5. Webster

    Local Asian

  6. Webster

    Rates Lash Back

    Alex, it appears to me that your past rates were low... and that your present rates are in line, considering the services your reviewers have raved about :) The rate % increase was substantial. Perhaps more than would be expected/accepted by the majority of your original clients. Will likely take a wee while to build up a new client pool (complete with deeper pockets and a higher entertainment spend limits).
  7. Lily... see recommendation. But, remember as usual, ymmv.
  8. Webster


    Unfortunately... Nothing
  9. Webster

    Videos/ Pictures

    Sorry... not xhamster... make that pornhub
  10. Webster

    Videos/ Pictures

    Ashleyangel4u is a possibility - She is a member here and does have some content on xhamster....
  11. Webster


    Interesting... PC, Mac or smartphone?
  12. Webster

    High heels

    Do appreciate a lady in a pair of (fuck me) heels... Do like what it does to the outline of her legs and butt... + her general posture and attitude :) But, not so appreciative of those porno style thick soled Elton heels... and don't really get the whole heels crushing balls into what looks like a can of diced tomatoes scene....
  13. Webster


    Yes, whilst traveling abroad...
  14. Webster


    Flagged by whom? All I can say is that I have used it on an android smartphone on a number of occasions with 0 issues.
  15. Webster


    This may be of interest to international travelers 🙂 ... https://smooci.com/login#city