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  1. I haven't met her, but she does have verified pics on LL. She's also done duos with another SP in Dartmouth...can't remember the name offhand but I have met her. She's real.
  2. Article says one victim was under 18 in Pictou County. Anyone know if any of these people were related to Lyla accounts? Would be helpful to know to avoid in case the women are still working.
  3. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/pictou-county-men-more-charges-human-trafficking-1.5697440
  4. She's real. I've met her. Good service.
  5. which one? there's at least 2
  6. That Emily is quite real. Personal experience :)
  7. FYI to people. If you encounter this, post at least the last 4 digits of the number they're using before the ad is deleted. They may delete and change ads, but often the phone number stays the same.
  8. Numbers like that throw me off too. I'm wondering if it might be a VOIP/Internet only based number?
  9. If it's a scam, they might have wiped the image data, so a search might not show anything. 2 things I'd do if I was to meet them. See if they'll send you a 'live' pic. Something like them taking a selfie, giving a thumbs up at the same time. It's unlikely they'll have that if fake. And second, if their location is a low end motel with outside entry, I'd do a hard pass. There's a few scammers working out of those spots on LL lately.
  10. I seriously considered meeting Jamie today. I'm glad I saw the posts here before I went any further.
  11. This AM , I contacted an ad on LL who said they were in my town. Asked for the location, and I got a copied and pasted address that included street, town, postal code, and country. They were actually an hour away. An hour later, I get a hi message from the same number, with another copy/pasted addy.. but in my town this time. I suppose its conceivable they commuted in that time, but I doubt it. Anyone else see something like this?
  12. Yup, and I already tried. I didn't see anything. The thing that got my attention is the huge difference in tatts between the LL pic, and the ones they sent me privately. I'm not looking for 'help'. This is more of a PSA,
  13. Something about this ad caught me the wrong way. Ad says it has verified pics, there are none. I texted the SP. Asked them if they could send a pic of them giving me a thumbs ad with the wrist tatt visible. They said sure. Instead, I got pics of their face and nude bod. No thumbs up, and ten times more tatts than there are in the LL ad. I kinda suspect "this" is the person. There's other things too but PM me for those details.
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