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  1. Thanks so much for this. It is great to get the honest perspective from someone on the other side of these interactions. I am very conscious of the feelings of any ladies I meet. I am respectful and kind and I never want a lady to feel uncomfortable or nervous. And I like to bring gifts. Sometimes though I feel the lady really doesn't want to be there or for me to be there. This is a real turn off and I would rather leave but I don't want to hurt or insult her by leaving. On the other hand I was often suspicious that the ladies who seemed genuine in the encounter were faking it. Like how a waitress will put on the charm, maybe even flirt for a good tip. It is great to learn that some genuinely do like the guys they encounter and the encounters themselves.
  2. Pretty face. Smoking hot body. Slender with a tiny waist. Perfectly proportioned.
  3. Looking for some great kissing..... any recommendations??
  4. Is it just me or do most all Leolist ads seem fake? It seems to be getting worse by the week. I recognize a few ads but it seems that any ads by newer SPs are fake. Plus there never seems to be a recommendation of any of these on here.
  5. Looking for a recommendation for an SP for later next week.
  6. When BP went down I like others turned to Leolist. But now I find it flooded with fake ads. So much so that I can't be bothered sorting through them. So now I am only using Lyla which could be a bit of a problem because I know some SPs don't post on Lyla. I much prefer Lyla anyway even over the old BP. I encourage all SPs to post on Lyla.
  7. My experience with Diana was just about perfect. She has a great body and is a great conversationalist. She was sincere, genuine and sweet. Also I found her very sensual and passionate. My only regrets are that I only booked a half hour and I haven't been able to get to see her again yet.
  8. Remember that unattainable girl from high school/university/work? She was exceptionally pretty with a great body and personality. Well that is Savannah Sol. She is well spoken, genuine and sweet. A real gem. I highly recommend her.
  9. I am interested to hear from others about their best GFE experience. Kylie Jane is at the top of my list...... and then there was Charlotte Quinn.... wish she would reconsider her retirement.......anyway I am interested in what y'all think out there.
  10. What happened to Kylie? Is she gone? I hope not.
  11. Really? She was the best a couple of years ago. But I find a bit vanilla and bland lately. Maybe she doesn't like me. ymmv? Posted via Mobile Device
  12. Thanks. Do you have the link for her ad?
  13. Emily Wilson was offering it a while back but hasn't mentioned it in her ads recently.
  14. Beautiful Hailey. Also known as Barbie Doll Hailey. I don`t like the title Barbie Doll Hailey because I think it diminishes who she is. Hailey is a stunningly beautiful woman. Very pretty and has an amazing body. I fear she doubts herself somewhat and she really shouldn`t . She is very skillful and will leave you wanting more. The best thing about Hailey is that she is genuine. You will have a straight up conversation with no bullshit. If you want to have a beautiful experience and feel that it was worth every dime of your hard earned money, then you should spend some time with Hailey.
  15. OK. So does anyone remember what beer had the first long neck bottle in Halifax and what year it was?
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