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  1. I saw Brooklyn today for the first time. I had a great time with her. Booking was easy and her location was an upscale downtown hotel. She is very pretty with a nice body. Good skills. Friendly and very easy to talk to and likes to have a good laugh. Definitely will repeat.
  2. I saw Sasha this afternoon. It was a great experience. Easy going, unrushed and relaxing. She is sall and slim yet curvy. She has natural and firm double D's which were epic. Great skills. Friendly and a good conversationalist. I will definitely repeat. Unfortunately this is her last day. She says she will be back in the Summer. Make note and make sure you don't miss her.
  3. Ahhh….Laura….sweet Laura. Laura is back in town for a couple of days and is not to be missed. Pretty with a smoking hot body, great skills and great service. She is smart and articulate. Quiet and reserved but once you get to know her she is a great conversationalist.
  4. Saw Laura yesterday. She is a real beauty. Her photos don't do her justice. Nice wide behind, narrow waste and perfect firm breasts. Pretty and personable. Great service. Great conversation.
  5. Oh where oh where has our little Rose gone….Oh where oh where could she be?
  6. Had a great visit with Laura from YFL. Beautiful girl with a pretty smile and nice white teeth. Super hot body with nice curves and tan lines. Great conversationalist, articulate and smart. Sweet girl.
  7. I meant to say that I even do this if I haven’t seen this person before. Sorry for the typo...
  8. Great topic and great interview. I always make sure my personal hygiene is 100% before a visit. Also I always take a small gift. Usually a small gift bag with some chocolate or something and a gift card to Starbucks or similar. I even do this if I have seen this person before. I feel it shows respect from the get go and is a nice ice-breaker.
  9. Very informative interview. I tend to always tip by I worry about being stingy. I would like to get opinions on what an appropriate tip is. For example let's say $300 for one hour; how should this be topped up?
  10. I nominate @SarahAlexxx for being genuine and for her free spirit
  11. It is great to learn what goes into a career as a SW; the hard work and challenges. We all need to appreciate and respect the ladies even more and realize what a privilege it is to spend time with them.
  12. Pretty face. Smoking hot body. Slender with a tiny waist. Perfectly proportioned.
  13. Looking for some great kissing..... any recommendations??
  14. Is it just me or do most all Leolist ads seem fake? It seems to be getting worse by the week. I recognize a few ads but it seems that any ads by newer SPs are fake. Plus there never seems to be a recommendation of any of these on here.
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