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  1. She is real, I have seen her before
  2. I have seen Mia pm me if you want any info
  3. I have seen Mya since she has returned 😃 DM if you need any info cheers 😃
  4. Sucks you had to go through this, ... I agree with Davidfield it sucks but it’s part of doing business, I own a few businesses and every day I deal with multiple headaches and ask myself why am I doing this ... Pay the bills! There are hundreds of people returning to NS as it is the safest place in the country as Covid raises its ugly head again. Real estate is off the charts things are being bought unseen! Peace out!
  5. She is very laid back and offers many options, very good at what she does, can be hard to get ahold of at times.
  6. Hi, yes I would like to know if Mya is still around, thanks
  7. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_dartmouth_freak_inthe_sheets_sexysingle_avail-5873381 she does not look like her ad pictures, and once money is given does not offer what she agreed to before meeting. During session she said she needed to charge her iPhone as it was going dead and would need it to get home. She said she would leave and grab her charger and be right back, needless to say she never returned. She has tattoos all over her back and is flat chested, she never uses her own pictures, so if you see the tattoos all over her back ask her to leave. Also see ad below as well
  8. Ladies I am 100% with you on this one, ... well most of the time as well lol 😃 Definitely do not send face pic’s if not comfortable, no John should be expecting one, let alone demanding for one. If if he can’t respect you for this, what other disrespect will he have for you ... that’s my two cents ... Peace out ... 🤓
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