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  1. Ahh I wondered what you meant by the double ll logo. Once again, Appreciate the investigating you do it gives people the ability to make smart choices with it, or not. I didn’t have as keen as eye as you did for the logo, so I didn’t have the obvious tip off you did. So criticize all you want, (about before or after seeing your post) obviously a bit inexperienced Compared to you, hence why your info is always useful for me. protection on number and plates is taken. If you want to chastise people for what they do with The information feel free. although to just blanket shout everyone made the wrong call cuz they should have saw the double ll logo is assuming everyone is experienced at spotting fake ads as you. Next time I won’t bother to write in what I saw and we will just go with whatever you say and close down the topic. No point being criticized for putting in info for others. I know to bow out though cuz mine is a lot less useful then yours.
  2. I appreciate all the investigating you do. This was previous to your post and when I was searching reviews, figured I’d add my two cents here. Once I saw your post I knew I made the right call not bothering.
  3. She was legit last time she was in town. Think she got herself a bf and vanished off the scene. Looks like she’s back now
  4. I drove up just out of curiosity. Didn’t actually pull the trigger on seeing her. Pure coincidence when I drove through room service was talking to her so I got a luck and she looks the same. Although, there was a trashy looking white guy with no shirt wandering around as well as another black guy with a dog just down the hill that seemed to be paying attention. I just drove out but am curious to hear if someone pulls the trigger.
  5. It was the same wanted an e transfer so I declined figures it was prob to good to be true. And sorry I usually do the link but most times it expires and becomes irrelevant. Thanks all!
  6. Just curious if anyone has seen the below girl. She wants an w transfer which sets off bells instantly.
  7. Agreed. I’ve been to nervous to pull the trigger as Celine post user also posted a couple other of the girls
  8. No one has saw either yet? I know Shelby says she hosts from a condo and duos with that Brittany is possible as well....
  9. Any information on any of the above. All located in Fredericton. Thank you in advanced!
  10. Just wanted to drop a review of Cassandra who I saw today. She’s very good looking and has a really nice body. Young college aged with a French accent. Provides great service and seems to enjoy what she does. She says Fredericton has been a bit slow for her compared to the other cities in nb and I figured it was probably due to the lack of reviews which is what held me back the last time she was in town. Go see her you will not regret it. One of the best looking I’ve saw in Fredericton. Let’s give her a reason to come back. Her ad is titled personal petit playmate Cassandra. Pm if you need any additional details. I know I am lacking in the # of posts I have as well and usually stick to reading others reviews. But where she hasn’t had a review before and I want her to come back to town I figured I’d post one. Cheers
  11. She’s legit and hot good service a real gift for town. Go see her guys so she comes back. Trust me we want her to. Pm if you need to know anything
  12. Thank you all, I figured a few of the common advertisers around here should have a quick reference to see if they are legit.
  13. Anybody who can vouch for any of the ladies in the topic line would be greatly appreciated. I hate not being able to verify if a person is legit or not. I know there is some topics on here involving a couple of them but no definite answers. Please post if you can verify them. Much appreciated from a nervous guy haha
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