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  1. Alpacino40

    Tough SP Decision

    I’ve seen Scarlet many times and highly recommend . 💯 guaranteed to satisfy and keep you coming for more !
  2. Alpacino40

    Jennifer Saint John

    I know better than going that route but had an appointment cancelled last minute after I drove to Freddy . Back in Saint John I went for the ploy and wasted some money . Live and learn . Thanks for your input !
  3. Alpacino40

    Jennifer Saint John

    Just adding to the conversation . I didn’t know you had all the answers Greenteal . I don’t have patience for sarcasm.
  4. Alpacino40

    Jennifer Saint John

    Saw her she’s not the girl in the pics and service is not good . So not recommend
  5. Alpacino40


    Scarlett is an amazing sp . My personal favorite . She really enjoys her work and is very addictive. Highly recommend 5 stars 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟
  6. Hi guys ! Anyone have the opportunity to see Sarah ? She’s the blonde / 24 year old posting in Freddy today .
  7. Alpacino40

    Fredericton local SP's

    Don’t forget about Scarlet . She’s an amazing SP . She’s now off for the summer from university and I believe is taking new clients .
  8. Alpacino40

    Alex québécois

    Thanks very much ! She definitely looked to cute to be true . Wtf are these girls thinking posting false pics . It’s a recipe for trouble . It’s a cruel world . Lol
  9. Anyone have the opportunity to see this girl ? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/new-brunswick/saint_john_alex_first_time_quebecoise_in_saint_john_big_boobs_allreal-4857106
  10. She does look her up Rocker
  11. Yes I’m aware but this is a reco and a blurb on my experience. I just wanted to give her a 👍after my meeting her today. It was amazing and wanted to share with you guys . I’ve noticed many posts asking if we have seen xxx girl . It’s getting old !
  12. I’m just expressing my experience with this beautiful, bleu eyed blonde I’ve been seeing since her arrival in Freddy . I have to say if you looking for a professional provider that’s sexy , safe , kind and super intelligent you should look her up . I’ve seen many Bp girls and this girl really deserves to be acknowledged . No drama , doesn’t clock watch and will rock your world if you connect . I’m not her promoter just an addicted Scarlett fan . Really didn’t want to share my experiences because I wanted to keep her all to myself but that’s not realistic . Reach out if you have any questions .
  13. Alpacino40

    Lyle verified Saint John provider

    If your willing to travel to Fredericton I’d highly recommend Scarlett melody .
  14. Alpacino40

    Scarlett melody Fredericton

    I don’t think she posted pictures but I can confirm she has the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen . Blond hair , with a firm , curvy figure . Don’t worry about her looks , she’s got it .
  15. Alpacino40

    Scarlett melody Fredericton

    Hi Frederictonman , I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her several times . She’s the the real deal ! Very bright , beautiful girl with a great personality. I highly recommend her , and please treat her with respect and she will please you accordingly. Have fun , she’s the best !