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    What is the usual routine? I take it that the minimal English means little to no fetish options? Considering it would hard to communicate what you're looking for if she hasn't done. And do you find she's about the size she is advertised to be? I don't expect you took out the measuring tape lol, but roughly you would have an idea.
  2. Crake


  3. I don't entirely understand the sort of connection one seeks to form with an sp, but I do know that at least some people like to get to know an sp, and have an extended conversation (I.e beyond pleasantries). I'm not sure if this is meant to be pleasing in itself, or if it is merely warming up to the sp to improve her service. If it's the former, it seems alien to me. Personally, I'm interested in roleplay, which while not necessary, makes for a much greater experience. I've had an experience before where an sp broke character to talk IRL; I found it rather jarring. This is especially bad when you don't have much in common with the sp, and you can't connect even if you wanted to. This is usually the case for me, as I'm rather eccentric. If it's the latter, I don't see how "connecting" with an sp is any different than sharing pleasantries, or bringing a gift (in addition to donation, obviously). But I take it that the former is the case.
  4. Crake

    Ashley LL 23

    How does one image search?
  5. Any info on this girl? No verified photos, no reviews that I know of. Not much info, but she looks hot. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_let_me_blow_your_mind-4514976
  6. I wish more ladies would be interested in fantasy wrestling. You'll rarely, if ever, see it as a listed offer, as it's quite a rare fetish; however, I have seen some women who were interested when I asked. That said, many more either declined, or didn't even respond. I even had one woman agree to do fantasy wrestling in text, but not do it when I showed up! Terrible, considering I wasn't looking for anything else.
  7. I understand what you're saying on your first point. I'll make sure to walk away next time, if that happens. It was really awkward the other day. I wanted to walk away, but we were in a hotel, and there was a maid watching us - kind of sketchy. She even commented on her when we walked into her room. I'm rather submissive, so I find it hard to take charge and just leave. But I'll work on that. Doesn't really address my problem about finding someone I'm attracted to, but I guess that's just a matter of not many women advertising, or not a variety of women, at least. However, I'm lost on the second point. As I see it, I'm not interested in spending so much money, but I do so because I want the service I'm paying for. An escort may not want to provide the service I'm looking for, but she does so for the money. There is an imbalance when I pay, but don't get the service I pay for. I expect an escort to only be interested in the money, and perhaps the service itself, if she enjoys providing it; but I don't see why she would expect mingling prior to providing service, or why she would refuse to provide good service without mingling. My only interest is the service I am paying for. Am I to participate in this social ritual of sharing hobbies anyway? I see escorts instead of "hooking up" at bars, or pursuing a relationship, in order to avoid social activity. I'm not good at it in the slightest, and I have no interest in it. Also, you said that my social interactions with escorts seem minimal, but that one doesn't need to go to deep. How deep do I need to go? Is it possible to do what is needed for good service even if one is not genuinely interested in chatting?
  8. I don't understand. What else should I say or do? And how would it improve my experience? I don't see how anything could make her more attractive. I also don't see how I could do any more to ensure good service. This isn't to say there isn't anything I could do to improve my experiences, but rather that I would need you to elaborate.
  9. Well, I do treat escorts like human beings. I use my manners, and act politely; I listen to whatever they're talking about before we start, and respond appropriately; and I even offer something small on top of her rate, like sharing a joint (or giving her one if she's in a hotel). It's not that I refuse to treat escorts like the people they are, but I'm not seeing them for the purpose of conversation (beyond role play, but that is not conversing with her genuine self). Anyway, my point is that I'm not expecting an escort to go the extra mile and form a deep connection - and I'm not looking for one anyway. I was saying I have a hard time finding someone I'm interested in. I meant I had a hard time finding someone I find sexually attractive, not a hard time finding someone I can form a connection with. One of the biggest differences here is that I can determine if I am attracted to someone or not based on her ad (assuming she's not using fake photos or otherwise misleading), but to find out if I can form a connection with an escort or not, I have to see her. The point is it is understandable that one can fail to connect with an escort after only seeing four. However, it seems more problematic that one struggles to find someone they're even attracted to. And, sometimes they don't even match their ads, so when I see her, I'm not even attracted. I've seen one person who fit her description and photos, and she scammed me (and didn't even do what I wanted). Sorry about the ranting, but it kind of happens when you get started.
  10. Well, I'm not really looking for a "connection". When I say I'm interested in an sp, I mean i find her sexually attractive. I'm not really looking for any "transcendental" connection, an intellectual. Those are nice things to look for in a relationship, but I'm just looking for 2 things: a good body, and good service (do what we agree on, no clock watching, etc.). That said, if analyzing an encounter is always going to ruin it, I might doomed for failure. I'm a philosophy student who is also interested in math, so I break down and analyze everything. I find it hard not to; it's like second nature.
  11. Thanks for all of the responses guys. I think I should clarify something that I thought was explicit, however (and I admit it may be my fault for not being explicit). It seems that my problem is being interpreted as simply being disappointed with my experiences. That is a part of my problem, but what magnifies it is my inability to find someone I at least think I'm interested. That is, I rarely see an ad or review, and think "she's hot; maybe I'll see her", or something to that effect. In fact, I've never been at a point where I was deciding between two or more SPs, because I was never interested in more than one at a time. In case it is not clear, after I have seen an SP in the past, I lost interest in them, and because I find it so hard to find someone I'm interested in, it takes forever to find someone new. I basically have to wait for someone from out of town to come in, or someone new in the business (not a great option). Furthermore, I have to hope one of these new people interest me. Tl;dr being disappointed with an sp/experience sucks, but the bigger problem is finding someone I'm interested in the first place, let alone also not fake nor bad at service.
  12. So, over the past few years, I've seen 4 different SPs - and I've been disappointed with them all (or, at least, with the experiences I had with them). When I'm looking to see someone, I scroll through the ads on LL, check recommendations on Lyla, and after a few days, I'll whoever I find most interested in (if anyone at all - sometimes I'm not interested in anyone who is working in Halifax at the time). I'm not sure if it's bad luck, or if this is common, but I keep running into bad service and people who don't look as advertised (sometimes both). I'm stuck again not being interested in anyone available, and still not being satisfied. So, how do you find an SP you like? Are there other websites out there? I've tried massage republic, and the aforementioned LL.
  13. Where can I post a review that recommends not to see a certain SP? I've recently had a disappointing experience, and wanted to make sure no one else will (with her, at least; I can't ensure you'll never have a bad experience with any other SP). The Recommendations thread seems to not allow "negative" reviews, otherwise I would have posted there.
  14. Crake

    Chasity/Lindsey on LL

    That's a clear sign she is fake. It *might* be the case that she decided to start using an alias after using her real name, but multiple names usually means fake ads.
  15. Crake


    I too would like to know. She's still advertising.