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  1. I am not into Asian so much as I am into thin and flat (not necessarily flat-chested, though that's fine, but flat as in not curvy). Was she anything like that?
  2. So, I have seen this ad on LL (https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_fu_l_s_the_queen_of_young_big_tits_b_f_b_j_sweet_gentle-6401569), and was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of her. She seems too good to be true, but a reverse image search produced no results for her photos. Does this seem sketchy, like a bait and switch? Or something else? Would it be unwise in this case for me to TOFTT?
  3. Is anyone else getting an "invalid recipient" error when trying to message Jamie? I can't even send a message. Does she use iMessage, or something?
  4. Any advice for going in the other direction? I have put on some weight, but I feel thinner, as if I lost fat for muscle. Some more muscle is always welcome, but I need some fat... I feel and look too thin!
  5. I actually tried messaging her by SMS, but her number came up as "invalid recipient"... Definitely fishy.
  6. Does anyone know about the legitimacy of this ad? She caught my eye, but there are some potential red flags: no location, no verified photos... Some are obviously too good to be true, but I'm not sure here: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_downtown_hotel_incall_petite_juicy_little_freak-6139241
  7. I've actually never been outside of Canada. I just had a brainfart.
  8. Could you elaborate? By the way, I wasn't thinking about the fact that this is a Canadian site. It isn't so urgent to arm yourself if you aren't in America.
  9. I don't think either will be of any good for America. Trump is a fascist who mostly fails to conceal his interests. Biden is much the same, but he pretends to care. You know Trump isn't an isolated problem. Before Trump, we still had massive wealth inequality, racial inequality, bloated military budgets, austerity, and prisons that exploit prisoners for nearly free labor. Also, Obama put on a nice face, but he resumed American imperialism in the Middle East (Google "Obama Yemen Wedding", for instance). Biden has been in politics for decades, and is responsible for the problems he supposedly wants to fix. Don't kid yourself into thinking that you can vote everything away. The candidates are nearly the same because they don't want you to actually have any say. Not to mention tens of millions of Americans are seething at the opportunity to kill people who disagree with them and/or aren't white. If Trump loses the election, Trump voters are going to boil over. Neither Trump nor Biden will give into the demands of protesters, so protests will continue, and tensions will escalate. If you've read enough history, you should see a pattern between the fall of America and of the empires that came before it. More and more capital has been taken from the productive spheres and used as commercial capital (e.g loaning at an interest). Commercial capital doesn't require labor, so this comes with a drop in employment. The same happened in Ancient Rome: skilled craftsman, who had saved up money from skilled labor, lent money to people with land at usurious rates in order to take the land from them when they couldn't pay the debt. These people then had no land to work on, so employment skyrocketed as the usurers did their thing. The Romans refused to attend to the needs of a great deal of their people. Independent laborers lost their land, and of course slaves were not paid. Look what happened. The US finds itself in a similar spot, with sky-high unemployment, and all of the prisoners are sick with COVID-19 because they refused to provide proper care. Prison labor was always used for fighting fires, the shortage of which has exacerbated the recent wildfires. Police are murdering peaceful protesters, who are becoming less peaceful as the police (and people like Kenosha Kyle) continue to kill. They are arming themselves for defence, and you should too if possible. Edit: I also see you are trans, which makes you a big target for bigots with guns. Arm yourself, and stay home as much as reasonably possible.
  10. I'm sure at least some of us have heard of the negative effects of pornography on one's own sex life. Specifically, studies suggest that men who watch porn on a regular basis are more prone to erectile dysfunction and simply not enjoying sex. I haven't had either of these problems myself, but I do think that pornography has set the bar too high for women. Men like me struggle to find SPs that they are sexually attracted because we have been "spoiled". It's so easy to find whatever body type you want on porn sites, so it is easy to fall into the trap of getting desensitized to women who don't fit that specific body type. Look at me, for example. I have never had a sexual partner, so most of my sexual activity has been masturbating to pornography. Because services are so expensive, I can't see SPs often. So, I watch porn between sessions, so next session I am even more disappointed with reality. Apparently, Erectile Dysfunction and not enjoying sex can be solved by simply watching porn less and masturbating less. Does anyone think this same logic applies to selectivity in SPs? I have tried cutting back, but it never helped.
  11. Thanks, but I don't think Anais would be an option for me. I don't deny her abilities or size, but I don't think she would be interested in what I am looking for (fantasy wrestling). In my experience, ladies who work for an agency (like YFL) only stick to traditional services. I've contacted several while they were in town, but none were interested. I haven't seen Asteria or Amarra, but I have thought about seeing the former. She looks smaller to me than you seem to think, but maybe you're right. I have just had trouble booking a time with her, because she usually just does outcalls (I don't live by myself, so I can't host). I also find Amarra, based on her photos and ad descriptions, to actually be bigger than you seem to think. She is fairly short, but that's it. I still think I should see Addictivebarbie. Sure, she might not provide perfect service, but who is perfect? She has a good reputation. I'm not even interested in GFE anyway; one of the reasons why I partake in this hobby is because I am not interested in the girlfriend experience.
  12. Thanks for the recommendations guys. I think I'll see Addictive Barbie when I get the chance. I've actually seen Juicy Jess once when she was advertising, but I can't say she is petite, at least to me; I was expecting her to be petite, but when I showed up, I discovered she was both taller and bigger than me.
  13. I ended up contacting her, and she wasn't interested in what I was looking for. So, she is probably the real deal; fakes will usually agree to do whatever you ask.
  14. Does anyone know if Vinnie is a legitimate escort (or not)? I did a reverse image search, and found nothing, but she does seem too good to be true. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_vip_miss_thai_vinnie_just_arrived_to_halifax-5844290
  15. Excuse me for resurrecting a dead thread, but I otherwise would have created a new thread with the same purpose as this one. For the past few months, I haven't had any luck finding any escorts who fit the bill. After reading through this thread again, I don't see anyone who is, at least to me, petite. Any recommendations since last year? I haven't seen anyone on LL or this website.
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