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  1. Crake


    Oh, I agree; she is worth trying. I've seen her before, in November, but not since then. I'm not a short notice guy myself. I try to book early to ensure I get booked ("try" being the key word here).
  2. Crake


    I will "third" that lol... she must be really popular; she was fully booked when I tried to see her the week before Christmas and the few days leading to New Years. I'm guessing she is booked again, because I haven't even gotten a response this time. How do you guys manage to book before she is completely booked?
  3. She does, and she is well-established: https://www.lyla.ch/profile/231453-queenschmanda/
  4. Any info on this woman? Not much in the bio to go on: https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_220hr_120hh_tight_and_sexy_looking_to_have_some_fun_outcall-5784541
  5. Crake

    Mandi Legit?

    I haven't checked her out, but a few things stand out as red flags: "Available 24/7", and other big offers, like overnight Location not shown Inconsistent measurements; her profile says she is 5'6, 110lbs. but the description in her ad says 5'5 115lbs. Could just be an attempt at picking up guys who are picky with size, but they could have just forgot the size they first picked. Probably too good to be true. She looks very appealing to most people (healthy-looking, smooth skin; thin; unblemished) for only $200/hr (those services with that body, should get her much more... I've seen $260, $300, and even more).
  6. I'm rather socially inept, and up until now, I've just tried to be polite without any help. However, I have a couple of questions I can't answer: How long ought one wait between sending messages to an SP if there is no response? I have had someone take only 30 minutes to respond before, but the same person hasn't replied for over 16 hours (and counting). Part of me says "she probably just didn't notice it", but another part says "don't message her again; she's probably busy, and you'll just annoy her". Additionally, how ought one contact an SP? For someone i haven't seen before, I usually say "hey, is this x?". For someone I've met, I usually try small talk before getting to "business", like "hey x, how have you been?". I figure it'd be rude to just ask about services right away, but I'm also thinking that small talk might be interpreted as wanting more than sex (or whatever sexual services tickle your fancy), like a relationship.
  7. Crake


    I'd say my thoughts are primarily sexual, but the distinction is blurry to me. I'm a masochist, so sexual thoughts to me is not just thinking of sex or similar activities, but of serving a beautiful woman, and pleasing her (even if it's artificial, and she doesn't even pretend to appreciate - especially so in that case). Anyway, however you want to classify my obsession (sexual/emotional), it's hindering my ability to do every day activities, and I need to know how to drop it - not whether or not I should.
  8. I saw a provider the other day, and I just can't stop thinking of her. I can't focus on anything, not even a video game. I even had trouble sleeping last night. Has anyone had a similar experience? How do I deal with this obsession? My head is racing, my chest tightens when I think of her... how do I stay sane before my next visit?
  9. Crake

    Leo list beauty

    She doesn't seem fake, with the only odd thing being no name. Scotian area code, verified photos, doesn't seem too good to be true (like fake Asian ads and cheap rates). With no name, I doubt she has any reviews on here, so you'll probably have to TOFTT. I doubt she is fake, but the quality of her service could be good or bad. Don't pay in advanced via e-transfer, as that's a sure sign of a scam. If she doesn't ask for one, I don't see a reason to think she is a fake/scammer. If you want to ensure good service (well, you can't guarantee it), don't message or call her too much, and optionally you can provide a tip/gift before you start (cash, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. - you can ask her in advance if she smokes or whatever).
  10. Crake

    Any info on Britt

    Should probably avoid her:
  11. Crake


    Has anyone had any experience with Cisha, or at least heard of her? https://massagerepublic.com/female-escorts-in-halifax/cisha
  12. Crake

    Foxy Roxy. white. LL

    Thanks, I actually just messaged her yesterday. I asked how long she was in town for, and I have yet to get a response. I'm not sure why.
  13. Crake


    What is the usual routine? I take it that the minimal English means little to no fetish options? Considering it would hard to communicate what you're looking for if she hasn't done. And do you find she's about the size she is advertised to be? I don't expect you took out the measuring tape lol, but roughly you would have an idea.
  14. Crake


  15. Crake

    Ashley LL 23

    How does one image search?