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    Looking for escorts who would be willing to beat me up. Wrestling,boxing, grappling skills or interests are a plus!
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  1. I'm just gonna burst your bubble and tell you that my method works just fine for my needs. Whatever impression you have of me and my exploits is pure imagination. You don't have to ever comment on my posts bc your opinion of my requirements are irrelelvant. bitch EDIT: sorry I didn't see the ignore function before. I put you one it! lol. So say whatever you like DM if you're interested in beating me up! Ladies! Thanks! Rae Sremmurd - No Type (Official Video) - YouTube
  2. It's for both of our safety and in both of our best interest. No point in wasting time with a person you are repulsed by. A quick meeting for a coffee clears things up. I'm like a ...demisexual, but with everyone. All the time. Deal with it. Sorry to derail the thread. Bye now
  3. TLDR. Halifax is a small city. Meet me at a coffee place on Quinpool. Otherwise no deal. I live at Quingate place. I'm actually easy to please, but I'm patient and will happily wait for travelers. Send me a message if you're interested
  4. Very reassuring, ty. Ottawa seems like the place for this in Canada. Psycho's there also! What a tank ❤️ and Jade Masson Wong is from there, though I think she's gone completely pro now.
  5. This is meant for the Canada-wide Warning thread, but it didn't give me an option to post this there. Maybe a moderator can just move it there. This happened to me in 2013, and I'm over it, but I saw she is still active on Twitter and perhaps is still swindling clients. I asked if she'd wrestle, she said no. I asked to be punched, like a human punching bag. She responded with: "A beat down session. Perfect. $250" Pretty decent price, even in 2013. I asked for an address and said "expect me". I arrived, then texted her. She responded "I didn't think you were coming. Give me a five minutes". When she came down to get me, she looked great, but she was cold and aloof. Ok, well, I followed to her apartment. She demanded I pay her, and then strip down to nude. Ok, done. Then she just started getting mad in a way that I thought must just be part of the beatdown. So I responded with snark, as is my custom, and she blew up, yelling at me to leave or she'd throw my clothing out the window. I said "well I'll need my money back before I go then" and she laughed and started yelling about how much money she makes, and insulting my job(a mere security guard at the time) and was really triggering my emotions in ways I wasn't counting on. She went upstairs and started talking to herself, in some effort to make it seem as though she had some guy up there. I followed her up into her room, just to end that charade. She had an expression of rage on her face, seeing me follow(I had no fear of her or some mysterious bodyguard. it all seemed absurd to me and already we had wasted 20min or more. I tried to speak calmly, but my heart was pounding. I had no idea what this woman was capable of or what she might do, but my expectation was simple: she was supposed to beat me up! I said .."look I just want to feel your power and be struck, sat on, overpowered ...whatever!" and so she said "ok come back downstairs" and at this point she just seemed like she desperately wanted me to leave in frustration, without my money. I convinced her to sit on me. That's it. She hit me once and "hurt her hand" so I spent 15 min or so putting ice in a bag for her. I told her to learn to throw a punch before accepting a beatdown session. I concluded that she was a narcissist at the very least, and had little perspective on what it took to dominate a client. She expected that after I pay her, she could treat me like shit until I left. It was a learning experience that I value. I bear no ill will towards Ava but I do hope she's put a little more effort into her work. Otherwise just stick with blackmailing paypigs, k babe? Thanks for listening.
  6. Has anyone been to that Boxing gym downtown? "Queensbury rules". I avoid classes because it's a kink for me, but I guess I could potentially meet women willing to rough me up there. I asked if they'd rent the ring out for a private match/event, and they said yea, depending on the event. Could be fun.
  7. Define "quirky" in this case? Sometimes, that's my type.
  8. I'm used to it. I've been a social pariah all my life. I'm patient tho. Good things really do come to those who wait. Have fun.
  9. Well no escort here has responded yet, but here's hoping. The only one wasting their time would be me. You are under NO obligation to respond to me. Bye now.
  10. Do the WWE, NXE or AEW have branches in Halfax, NS? Not that I'm aware of.
  11. I'm not asking for unpaid time, but some time must be afforded to contact potential clients, and to understand each other. So sorry I have no use for your advice. Bye now.
  12. "normal session" again, the normal session I seek is all about wrestling, or some similar theme. Once I spent an entire session being sat on, that's it. I want to have a session where a woman is just working out using a punching bag, but I'm the punching bag. This sort of scenario. Ideally I'd meet any escort at a cafe to really get a feel for who they are, "to test the comfort level" as you say, and to feel what the pheromones are telling me, etc. But barring that, I require some communication in messages. If kink is the deal breaker then ok, no worries ...my search continues. Planning in advance is for the wise. It rarely goes well bc there are so few wise people. You can stop responding sir. You're not helping.
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