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  1. I would also like to thank @charlottequinn123 even though I just saw her once, I cherish all the moments from that night which is special 😇☺️ Hope our paths will cross by again sometime to relive the moments and make more memories 😘☺️
  2. Thank you gorgeous! I’m glad I can help you with that! 😘😇🙌🏻 🤗
  3. I would love to see @StephanieMystique win this since it’s been a year I’ve known her and she’s just an amazing person! Thanks @StephanieMystique for being awesome! I hope the travel bubble will get back on so I can see her again. 😘🤗
  4. I finally met @TheRealMeganXXX after a long wait as I was busy with a lot of things. I really enjoyed my time with Megan, she's got a sweet voice that you could listen to all day! Megan gave me a relaxing massage which helped me after a long day at work followed by a great time which I would like to keep it to myself :) I also enjoyed conversing with Megan as we cuddled. I would certainly recommend and surely see @TheRealMeganXXX again maybe sometime in the future and would like to thank Megan for spending sometime with me.
  5. I was very fortunate to visit @StephanieMystique and @charlottequinn123 for a dream duo which was my first duo experience. I was a bit nervous at first but since I knew @StephanieMystique that helped me relax my nerves. It was my first time meeting @charlottequinn123 and I really loved her amazing British accent, I enjoyed conversing with both these amazing ladies. It was a wonderful time at the shower along with the lovely ladies and then a relaxing body massage from both, followed by everything else which I would like to cherish them in my memories. I always enjoy my time with @StephanieMystique whenever I get an opportunity to meet her. It was my pleasure meeting @charlottequinn123and would love to meet again if time permits. Thank you ladies for making it possible!
  6. Will come back again and again!!! I am so very lucky that I visited @StephanieMystique for the third consecutive time, plus the best part was spending an overnight on last two occasions. I have already written two previous recommendations, this is my third and I am sure it wont be the last! The amazing thing about @StephanieMystique is that she's a gem of a person! I so mean it!! I just feel so comfortable and so happy whenever I spend time with her. She's not only my favorite companion to be with every single time but she has also helped me by giving her valuable suggestions on a lot of things in general. I truly cant stress how wonderful she is, I feel like the most luckiest person in the world when I am with her and she makes me feel just amazing, I guess I lost my words to put in a recommendation on the experience. We watched movies together, snuggled, shower and just about everything wonderful that I do not want to talk much about. I truly thank for everything @StephanieMystique It really means so much to get your inputs on things plus having me spend time with you! 🙂😇
  7. I would like to nominate @StephanieMystique and I hope she wins for July. She’s an awesome person and I can’t wait to see her again 😊
  8. Just No words to explain!!! Well, there's no words to explain about Steph! She is just amazing, I was privileged to see her twice. Both the dates were long and not just 1 hour. I saw her for 3hrs on my first date and the second date was overnight. I'm not sure if I would book overnight dates often with anyone but since I had a great connection with her, I just wanted to be with her for as long as I possibly could. She's just an amazing person who makes you feel comfortable instantly, I felt wonderful from the first time when I texted her and I wasn't wrong at all! We had some great memories during my first date and even better the second time as it was overnight. I do not want to get into the details of the date but I'm glad she came over and we loved our dinner together, she drove us back to the hotel, we had some wonderful conversation for a while and then we showered, it was just heavenly! We then had some amazing time and then cuddled with some more conversation, finally went to bed, I just enjoyed snuggling her while in bed all the way until we woke up! We then showered again the next day and well, I had to make a move finally! She's very sweet, beautiful and strong woman! I'm sure there are more memories to be made with her and I very much look forward to it. Steph, you know your just amazing! I wish you all success and thank you so much for allowing me to have all the unforgettable memories that you have given!
  9. I’m sorry to know she’s still after you. This is terrible and shouldn’t happen to anyone. Just stay strong as always and you will get through this. Big hugs.
  10. I'm very sorry that this is happening to you during the current situation. It's terrible to see people impersonating others on social media. Please DM me for any tech help if you need for anything and I'll do my best to assist. Please stay safe and be well. Hugs 😘🤗
  11. Tara was my first ever and with a companion, I was a bit nervous as I entered the room, and there was this beautiful lady welcoming me with a warm hug, she had set up a lovely ambiance in the room with candle lighting. Since I told her it was my first, she made sure I was calm and relaxed. We chatted a lot and we got comfy, she then later asked me to take a quick shower and then gave me an excellent massage, followed by all the amazing skills she has! It was an amazing first time experience that I would never forget! Thank you YFL for having these amazing women. I do have a checklist of YFL with me now 🙂
  12. I wanted a break from a long day at work and I was checking YFL ad and saw that Maya was in town. I contacted YFL at the last moment but they told me that it was too late as she was about to leave town. However, they got back to me as there was a cancellation. I was happy and visited Maya, as it was too late, and she had to leave town early next day, she saw me for 30 mins. Maya is an amazing girl, with exceptional skills and is extremely friendly. Even though she had less time, she never rushed throughout the session. she's a very good kisser and I surely had a mind blowing experience for the time I got. I would certainly see her again. Maya was my second from YFL. Thank you YFL for making the last minute apt possible.
  13. I was extremely lucky to have seen Stephanie. It all began when I first came across her profile as I started to check for companions in Canada, and I was in awestruck as I went through her profile and her website. I thought I was a bit unlucky as she's based at Halifax and I have to visit her after winter. Well, dreams do come true when I saw an ad that she scheduled a tour to Charlottetown! I immediately picked up my phone and sent her a text, I made sure I followed the her rules and she was very responsive in her responses and confirmed me of 90 minutes as initially requested by me. As I had a couple of weeks time in advance, I became more anxious (in a good way) and I felt I had to extend for 2hrs, I requested her, and she was again quick to confirm. I thought there's something special about her, she was very sweet in the way how she responded to the texts and we already had a positive rapport even though we hadn't yet met. That made me think about again and as a week passed by, I decided that I'd go for 3hrs. I again requested her if she had 3hrs time and she was happy to agree. By this time, I was blown away and I was extremely restless in a positive way and counting my days and hours for our appointment. Steph texted me a day before, when she arrived and gave me a heads up about the hotel where she was staying. So finally the day arrived and I was all excited and made sure I was as hygienic and fresh as possible. I reached the hotel a few mins early and Steph called me in immediately. I was greeted and welcomed with a warm hug, she made me feel at home all comfy and we chatted for sometime as she was caressing my thighs making sure I was relaxed. She then asked me if I was ready for the shower, which I was very much excited about. I quickly washed my mouth and we kissed and kissed and kissed! I got lost in her kiss as we showered, it was an amazing time in the shower, followed by immense pleasure and heavenly experience of my life! As they say, experience should be experienced, it can never be explained in words!!! All I can say about Steph is that she is truly an amazing girl who has a wonderful heart, she's extremely friendly, welcoming and makes a person feel special provided if they are good to her of course! I would suggest everyone that be a gentleman and follow her rules, you will never regret it. I will most certainly see her again and again, even if I had to drive down to Halifax, I would just drive to see her!
  14. I heard it's the same at Montreal airport too, one of my friend landed in Montreal and he wasn't screened, instead was asked if he had any symptoms of flu.
  15. Your phone number and name are always visible to anyone who has saved your number. You can however restrict last seen, profile picture to your contacts. You can refer to the whatsapp best security tips to make sure you have the right privacy settings in place. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/whatsapp-secure-tips/
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