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  1. I heard it's the same at Montreal airport too, one of my friend landed in Montreal and he wasn't screened, instead was asked if he had any symptoms of flu.
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    Your phone number and name are always visible to anyone who has saved your number. You can however restrict last seen, profile picture to your contacts. You can refer to the whatsapp best security tips to make sure you have the right privacy settings in place. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/whatsapp-secure-tips/
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    Privacy Tips and Tools

    Data Privacy is a massive topic of discussion in today's era of Data Privacy laws such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU. Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in Canada, and Privacy laws of the United States. I do not want to talk in depth about the laws in this thread, hence I posted the links for those who are interested to know more about it. Now when it comes to IM or messaging apps on phones, there are tons of apps out there on Apple Store and Google Playstore and these days most of the app developers claim that the messaging apps are "End to End Encryption" enabled is strong and completely safe. While the End to End Encryption uses strong encryption and hashing algorithms, you do not know who is on the other end of the app reading your messages. as rightly quoted by Mathew Green from John Hopkins University, "Encryption isn’t magic. You can easily get it wrong. In particular, if you don’t trust the people you’re talking to, you’re screwed." As end to end encryption became popular with the messaging apps these days and free of cost to the end user, the cyber criminals have become smarter too. Instead of trying to break the encryption using super computers, they have started to use spyware's such as pegasus that was developed by an Israeli cyberarms company NSO. Pegasus is being abused and pushed into apps on Playstore and Apple store with other apps using Steganography technique. Once the spyware is installed on your phone, the data exfiltration process begins which will start sending the data from the phone to the attacker. You might have heard or read about Jeff Bezos iPhone hack. Investigations revealed that the pegasus spyware was used for the same. We have also read and heard about Backdoors being left on various apps on purpose by the app developers, now most of you would be shocked or surprised to know if this is true and why would there be a backdoor in an end to end encryption enabled app that is supposed to encrypt the data that is in transit and on rest. Unfortunately, in today's world, these end to end encryption enabled apps have fallen into the wrong hands and is being used to cause harm and damage either a person, entity, state or a country's national security and integrity. Even though the developers might claim that there are no backdoors left open in their app, one should always recall the infamous Edward Snowden and his claims on NSA (I do not want to go in depth about it) To conclude, I would say there is nothing called as "Perfect Security" or fool proof, unbreakable app. We all have to accept a certain element of security risk in whatever we do in life, similarly, it's the same in technology, we have to assess how much risk is "acceptable" and follow the best security practices to make sure we can protect our data to the maximum extent with the options we have in hand. For those who love reading, I would highly recommend to read the book The Art of Invisibility where Kevin Mitnick, who was one of the most wanted hacker by the FBI has thrown some amazing insights and how to be safe in the digital age. Hope this helps.
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    Best VPN?

    I too would recommend Express VPN as the best. I have been using it since 3 years and it really works well. They have loads of VPN sites that you could connect to all over the world. I never had to use the customer support yet, but the only downside is that it keeps dropping sometimes and at times it is frustrating trying to connect again and again. I do not recommend Nord VPN since they had a security incident a few months back and they screwed up the privacy and reputation.