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    Hey you Im Michelle , your exclusive exotic Mixed beauty who's considered unattainable,Yet available to gentlemen who seek the best there is to offer in massages and companionship.
    ☑️ ATHLETE
    Downtown Hamilton location
    Clean ,relaxing room free parking
    First timer friendly I'm more than just a pretty face.

    My memorable smile, witty demeanor, genuine personality, and social grace makes me the ideal companion. My physique is sure to please your sight, while my warm, bubbly, and engaging personality places you in a comfortable mood to make you feel right at home.

    Allow me to invigorate your senses and captivate your inner spirit..

    Text/C 226-455-5845
    Kik urqueenceline905
    I'll make u want for more
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    Hey you Im Michelle , your exclusive exotic Mixed beauty who's considered unattainable,Yet available
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  1. I would like to say thank u for all who supported me last year. To clients, subscribers, friends ,Fans , Chatmates ,findom subs gifters ,Reviewers ,commenters, and even some. Bashers here and there U mean the world to me..andi know thank u is not enough ..but seriously thank u. Without ur help I'm not gonna be where I'm at right now ... Things is going great for me bec.of u guys Im able to. Live,relax and enjoy what life has to offer ,and sustain my lifestyle. I'm able now to reach further. Towards my goals.. and able to help my family and others .... Hoping this 2024. will still have ur support.. thanks again I really really appreciated everything u guys did for me May all of us have a prosperous new year .and amazing new experiences . a gift from me... https://youtu.be/dLIGJF4_iaw?si=gLj-wElMUKOiIxcC Michelle Caviar ❤️ Snapchat-1878597452.mp4
  2. michellecaviar

    Michelle fall pics 2023

    Fall pics 2023. Hope u like it
  3. I gotta admit. Sometimes im late. But like 5mins -10mins max is know there should be no excuses. But im trying n learning.. comments & Suggestions are very much appreciated
  4. Etiquette Tips for Hiring Escort Services Are you planning on hiring escort services? Here are a few etiquette tips that you should be using. Keyword(s): escort services ,service providers, Thinking of hiring an escort sometime soon? If so, it's a good idea to do some research beforehand. See, escort services are just like any other professional service. To get the best experience, you need to follow the correct protocol. Here, that translates to being aware of etiquette and treating your escort right. This can be of a tricky task for first-timers. Looking to brush up on what's expected of you? Here are 3 tips you should keep in mind. 1. Clean Yourself Up Mostly, look at hiring an escort as an actual date. Have a shower, clean your teeth, and make sure your hands and feet are well-groomed. Nothing will turn your escort off like showing up unkempt. Ideally, also shave before going to the meeting. This includes both your beard and the private parts. Most escorts prefer trimmed or removed body hair, though this is not a must. 2. Show Up on Time Like in other aspects of life, being punctual counts for a lot here. Have respect for your escort's schedule and show up to your date on time. If something unexpected comes up, call your escort to let her know about it. Don't forget that being late doesn't mean you can make up for that time later. If you paid for an hour and you get there at 7:15, still leave at 8:00. If you want more time, talk to your escort about extending your booking. 3. Be Respectful, Polite and Cash ready I know its kinda intimidating to meet someone for the first time.But being a nice gentleman won't hurt. And remember ..Cash is king ... What else ??? Michelle Caviar 226-4555845 Hamilton,ON [email protected] Snapchat-1854155277.mp4
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