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  1. Great that you were honest & that she was honest with you. SP are human. Have off days. Fact she didn't seem to care when you said you'd not be back sucks man, maybe horny men are a dime a dozen to her. I don't jump around. Too many let downs. Found me a gem. Keep looking, treasures are out there!
  2. Never try and negotiate price. Pay what these women are asking. Be respectful & Upfront about what you are looking for. Some are drug addicts. Some are not. Some are cons. Some are not. May want to chitt chatt a little to get a feel for the sp.
  3. So sorry you went through this. You are not alone. My sp has been stalked. Robbed. Attacked. You name it. Despite safety measures.... This is where decriminalization would help protect sp from scum men.
  4. White lace makes a women look innocent. One of my fav looks for certain!
  5. About 9 months, almost since she started out in the bizz. She is beautiful- inside and out. Spend a lot of time with one another.
  6. Thanks for the input! I have had an open discussion with her. She was very sweet about the whole thing. Looks like this happens frequently for her so she was not shocked when I confessed how I feel but clearly asserted her policy of keeping professional life separate from personal. Pardon me if this was the wrong forum. I was simply hoping my fellows on lyla had experienced the same and could advise me. She suggested a dating site if I want a partner lol. Win some, loose some.
  7. I have a thing for public sex. The risk of being caught is very exciting!
  8. A lot of us do not use Lyla, so there are gems out there that may not have a recommendation. Most of my buddies who use SP are not vocal about who they see. I would suggest contacting who you find interesting and seeing if she will take the time to talk to you about life in general so you can get a feel for friendly she is. If she blows you off, then you know she is not the one. If she is nice, then she may be what you are looking for.
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