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  1. She is really I have seen her a couple times now. Safe and discrete incall. Her massage is good and the finish is great as well. She is not bad looking either. once she gets to know you she will get more comfortable and will be totally into things.
  2. Well I wasn’t sure to begin with. i contacted both on different occasions and saw the same girl twice. Later I booked Jasmine and I actually saw Tina. so yes she exists but I feel those two switching around. Either way both are okay fun and safe.
  3. Correct when I contacted her she was completely booked for today and that was around 1pm.
  4. Yes she is. Usually she is posting Monday-Saturday check Leolist
  5. I think you are right, I noticed here add in Kingston/ Ontario popping up she was a nice lady and I going to miss her.
  6. What was your expectation, if you don’t mind me asking.
  7. Absolutely agreed, i saw her yesterday and i enjoyed her very much, she is flipping gorgeous and her body is for me a 10 out of 10.... and as always YFL is amazing to work with and has amazing girls. Laura is in town until Tuesday AM so go and see her she is worsted very penny.
  8. Another quick review for YFL, I had the pleasure fro meeting Melina French yesterday, set up was easy as always with YFL and Melina checked all the boxes for me, exactly my body type and she was passionate and 100 % engaged. I think she enjoyed herself and she had fun. I will for sure repeat and I'm looking for to what else YFL will bring to Halifax. Treat her well girls and boys
  9. @KylieJane @Allie Zeon and Luna from YFL are my valentines
  10. Unfortunately Luna is not from this location and is only on tour through Halifax once in a while. Look out for post from yourfrenchlady agency on here they have a lot of great girls coming to Halifax regularly.
  11. Quick review on Luna French, I had a chance to see Luna this morning and it was fantastic. She is gorgeous, super sexy all in all amazing. Luna is passionate and makes you feel good, unfortunately time went by way to quickly and hopefully i can catch her when she is back in town. This was my first time with this agency and setup was easy and painless. I 100% recommend Luna and the agency. Be nice to her she is a sweet heart .
  12. Most local providers I know work out of a Hotel to protect their private life.
  13. No it is not, and when you book do not mention you looking for extras. just let it happen naturally she will ask you if you interested in a “special massage” other than that she is great 👍🏻
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