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    Fully vaccinated!!!
    Thanks for checking my profile. Click my onlyfans link below to chat and interact with me. I share my life through onlyfans from my vintage photos, day-to-day activities, travel photo s, naughty explicit pics to my raunchy sex tapes. You will see them all! Currently in the top 0.9 % of all creators worldwide. Aim to entertain you with lots of surprise contents, posted daily
    all adults are welcome, just be open minded and chill! See you there ☺️
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  1. Hi guys, My tour of Newfoundland is confirmed: St John's Aug.3 evening to Aug.6 morning Corner Brook Aug.6 evening to Aug.8 morning See you there https://alliezeon.com https://onlyfans.com/allie_zeon
  2. Hi guys! I'm going to transit in Halifax for a day and decided to stay for full day, starting on Aug.10 early evening to Aug.11 late evening Hope to see you soon Allie https://alliezeon.com https://onlyfans.com/allie_zeon top 0.9%
  3. I may. Who is interested. Deposit required 😋
  4. Just to let you know I add Summerside for one night only Saturday afternoon July 24 to Sunday morning July 25 Charlottetown, PEI July 22 evening to July 24 morning https://alliezeon.com https://onlyfans.com/alliezeon. Top 0.96% worldwide
  5. St John is most probably the last Maritimes city I tour before embarking to other provinces and other countries 🤗 St John July 28 afternoon to July 30 early afternoon Check my new more affordable rate to stay competitive https://alliezeon.com Join my onlyfans to get to know me better https://onlyfans.com/allie_zeon Top 1% of all creators worldwide in just 3 months after joining. Happy Summer Allie
  6. Gentlemen, I will be in Charlottetown, most probably the first and last time this year before embarking to tour across Canada and the world. In Charlottetown July 22 afternoon to July 24 early afternoon PREBOOKING is highly recommended. Check my new, more affordable rate to stay competitive https://alliezeon.com Join onlyfans to get to know me better https://onlyfans.com/allie_zeon Top 1% of all creators worldwide in just 3 months after joining See you soon 🤗 Allie
  7. Gentlemen, I'm going for the first time to Halifax on July 19 early evening to July 21 early afternoon. It will be my first and last visit before doing road trip across Canada and World tour. New, more affordable rate to stay competitive. https://alliezeon.com Still not sure? Check all my naughty and entertaining contents on my onlyfans https://onlyfans.com/allie_zeon Find out yourself why I'm already in the top 1% of all creators worldwide for just after 3 months joining. See you soon 😘
  8. Curiosity is a sign of intelligence. Sexxxy 😋
  9. After in the top 1.3% for few weeks, I finally move .1 to in the top 1.2%. it is almost climbing Mt Everest for someone older and live in a small village in New Brunswick to get to this rank lol 😅. Join me for my fresh, unedited, unscripted contents daily https://www.onlyfans.com/allie_zeon
  10. Titty Tuesday from the countryside 😋 Allie Zeon Top 1.2% of all creators worldwide. Join https://www.onlyfans.com/allie_zeon for naughty, refreshing, unedited, unscripted contents
  11. Already in the Top 1.3% of all creators worldwide In just over 2 months! Find it out yourself 😎 www.onlyfans.com/allie_zeon
  12. Hi boys! I'm going to visit Fred July 15 late afternoon to July 17 early afternoon. Full body massage nude with oil + happy ending is now offered for 150 30 min. Call and leave a voicemail to pre-book. Deposit OR screening required. www.alliezeon.com Ph. 647-327-1645 voicemail only
  13. Gentlemen, I'm going to tour Fredericton July 15 late afternoon to July 17 early afternoon I will be Privately booked after that till July 18 late afternoon. New promo rate; 250 Hh 350 h 600 90 min 700 2 h. PSE experience. Fetish, or customized service; 500 h 750 90 min. Please call and leave a voicemail to prebook. Deposit OR proper screening required. Thanks 😊 www.alliezeon.com www.onlyfans.com/allie_zeon top 1.5% worldwide Ph.,647-327-1645 (voicemail)
  14. As of today, June 23rd 2021. I'm fully vaccinated!! 1st vaccine, pfitzer May 19 2021. 2nd Vaccine, Moderna June 23rd. Yippee 😊
  15. My pleasure dear. I totally get it if you cannot join onlyfans. However, to check on my twitter page you don't have to have a twitter account. It's for public, a social media 😉. I forgot to mention you can check our my website and especially my blog as well. Most of my videos on my website have been deleted by YouTube. It's probably too seductive although I already set an age limit on each of them. Not a big deal, I will create new ones soon. Yes, I am genuine and blunt, too blunt some time lol. I'm tired of being the sweet girl almost the entire of my life, so before I die I'd better be genuine and real. Lastly, I have not seen any client for over a month because none of them follows my screening protocol. They think, I need their money and will do anything to get them to my door. That's actually wrong. As a matter of fact, I lost more money than get money from clients especially if they come during business hours. Money I get from escorting is at the bottom rank of my sources of income I have become an escort because I genuinely love men and especially love traveling (and meeting men while doing it) so if you don't trust me and think I would get the $200 deposit and won't see you after you send it then I'm not going to invest my time in you simply because you don't trust me. Therefore, I believe mutual respect and trust are the key of a successful session, especially if an escort you see is not desperate financially. Years ago, I met a lady in Manhattan worth $30 millions who worked as an escort just for fun. I'm kind of on the same boat although I'm not yet worth that much lol. Hopefully someday 😜 Bottom line is, get to know us first, trust us, relax and you will have a good time. As a mature lady, I don't judge your face and body but I value the most your mannerism and attitude while we are together. Be a gentleman and I will adore you. It's nothing to do with your money nor your look, so it's definitely much easier to attain right 🤗. That's all I can say. Hope to see you some day dear Allie
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