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  1. Genttleman, I will be visiting cities in Saskatchewan above end of December 2022 https://www.alliezeon.com see you soon Allie
  2. I will be transiting in Hamilton from Dec.8 afternoon till late evening. Please check for more info https://www.alliezeon.com
  3. Lastly, People think im exaggerating, stating that people do know me, they know where i live, some of them even know my real name. The rumors have spread as far as Dieppe and Moncton within the community. They don't disturb me per say, but i just have a much harder time the moment i need their services. Either they will charge much higher price or they simply don't respond any further the moment they know that they are dealing with Allie Zeon, the escort. I'm not to sure why i have a hard time with this regards. My house is slowly deteriorating over the years and in desperate need of being fixed and upgraded. Anyway, this is my life, challenging huh 🥺 Allie Touring Canada now and soon Europe For schedule https://www.alliezeon.com Please check my onlyfans for my daily, unedited, untouched and "no filter" story https://www.onlyfans.com/allie_zeon The only platform i share my life with. I welcome everyone 💗
  4. As I said earlier, i want to build a community within the community. Those who understand that an escort is also a person, a resident, a tax payer & a neighbor. In my case, a citizen of Canada as well. I have been waiting for almost 3 years in NB to have this to happen and it's very difficult to raise an awareness and understanding from the local residents. Now, i reach out to a broader "supporters" actively. I have contacted my friend as far as Toronto to move with me in NB. It's a beautiful, little province with much friendlier people compared to those in big cities. My time is ticking, im no longer in my 20s, i have to make money to support me and the entire family and start saving and investing for my retirement. It's not easy being a mature, single fighter you know. But i promise to make it happen. Everytime i look at the new guy, despite all his daily mistakes and stubbornness, he seems to be a little better and happier everyday and that's all matters to me. I'm chosen to be the case giver of him, my 7 german shepherds, 2 cats and growing family of Japanese bantams and seramas and I'm fine with that. I'm just asking for a little help since as a woman, unfortunately im not that Handy. Im good at many things but im very bad at few things. And being handy is not me at all unfortunately. I have to start making money and touring the world again. I can't wait any longer. I'm getting older and my time as an escort is ticking. Season's greetings Allie
  5. Hi guys, I will be touring Winnipeg (almost booked), Brandon, Regina, Saskatoon & Estevan mid to end of December 2022 before going on vacation For schedule, donation and service, please check https://www.alliezeon.com
  6. Guys, i will be in Ontario early of December 2022 For schedule, donation and service offered please check my website https://www.alliezeon.com
  7. I live 30 min from Moncton. Please send me a pm with a description of yourself
  8. Gentlemen, I will be entertaining you again in Halifax on Dec.14 afternoon to Dec.14 late evening before flying to Winnipeg Please reach out to me to prebook:) https://www.alliezeon.com
  9. Omg...we are approaching end of 2022. Update The new guy is still here and at this point, i realize that i cannot give him a full responsibility to take care of my house for long period of time and my animals and im still looking for another roommate to share my house with. Just in case if someone is interested 🙂 People also contact me to offer their services but so far, it seems that they are more curious to see me than anything else. So, nothing to be done in my house yet. I just found out yesterday that my Septic tank is under my deck so i need a carpenter who can create an opening on the deck so my septic tank can be emptied. Im preparing for my tour right now... physically and mentally. I just had a co2 laser resurfacing 3 days ago and my face looks like a grilled lobster lol. You can see me daily https://www.onlyfans.com/allie_zeon My onlyfans is the only platform i share my life with. Season's greetings Allie
  10. guys, I just want to share some good news! The new guy starts to smile even sing and he has become more and more productive. He refused me to take any pics of him last week. This week, he gladly share a selfie with me:) I am so thrilled. I start announcing my tour again, starting next month since judging by the progress he has made, I am pretty convinced he will be able to take care of my house and my animals for couple of days in couple of weeks I told him, i want everyone to be happy in my house. He can see my continuous effort to feed and play with my chicken, dogs and cats day after day. And I told him, i want him to be happy as well and never hesitate to share his passion, hobbies with me and i am gladly will follow or adjust to it. We went to couple of bars yesterday. It's truly improved his mood since then very happy! Btw, Besides the flooring, i need a roofing guy as well. There is a very minor damage on my roof due to hurriccane. Allie
  11. And lastly, It's so humbling that the new guy does not find me attractive lol The feeling is mutual btw. I don't like "Justin Bieber type" although i like his music. This guy is pretty, blonde hair, blue eyes, and skinny and only 5'6. I like a real man..not a pretty boy:)
  12. Btw, I keep updating the situation deliberately to give an education for all of us that we, escorts, are human too. Some of us are good people and here in Canada is legal being an escort. I pay taxes too, including tax of my income from onlyfans. Other things, Ex criminal, like the new guy, should be given a second chance in his life I don't discriminate people. I see them as a person from within, from their heart, not by their appearance, look or attitude. Most people are wearing "mask" in order to be suitable to the society. This new guy is actually real. I can see his true color fast and i think he can sense my true color as well. None of us is perfect, but we are here to be better each day. *The Power of no.7: completeness* Having this new guy in my life is actually making me feel more complete indeed Allie
  13. It's petty theft, nothing serious. He used to mingle with the wrong folks. The biggest trauma he has is being raped by force twice to the point of fracturing his bones. I share this problem with him as well. I used to have a big car accident and be raped as well. I told him, it's over and let's move on. It's a lesson for everyone that we can close the bad chapter in our life and move on. Now, i start to teach him how to be responsible living in a big house. He is still very messy. Urgh...im truly a mom now
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