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  1. ALL SCHEDULES ARE TENTATIVE DUE TO COVID. * Executive residence near the water, 5 min from Shediac and Cap Pele, 25 min. from Moncton ( incall and outcall. min.6 hours notice or more is needed to reserve a session. Screening required). FREE DOG ROOM IS AVAILABLE IN MY COZY BASEMENT * ST.JOHN: THURSDAY AFTERNOON, DEC.3 TO FRIDAY MORNING, DEC.4, 1 night * FREDERICTON: THURSDAY AFTERNOON, DEC.10 TO FRIDAY MORNING, DEC.11, 1 night * HALIFAX: THURSDAY AFTERNOON, DEC.17 TO SATURDAY MORNING, DEC.19 * DATES OF OTHER CANADIAN CITIES WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY ONCE THE LOCKDOWN IS OVER
  2. Friends, I will be back to Halifax: Dec.17 afternoon to Dec.19 morning Prebook now:) Allie Zeon www.alliezeon.com 647-327-1645 voicemail
  3. I’m so sorry to hear this Victoria. Do you have any plan on how to move forward? I don’t know and have not known you yet. But please contact me for any advice if you want
  4. You have done fantastic job Lydia and I’m supporting you 100 %. I thought Twitter was pretty open, but apparently not
  5. Dear friends, I will have another brief one night tour, some and possibility in all of these cities without my pooches for your convenience: * incall between Shediac and Cap Pele if i am not touring. Free dog room is available in my cozy basement. Please notify me in advance:) * MONCTON DOWNTOWN: THURSDAY AFTERNOON, NOV.26 TO FRIDAY MORNING, NOV.27 ( Free of DOG THIS TIME) * ST.JOHN: THURSDAY AFTERNOON, DEC.3 TO FRIDAY MORNING, DEC.4 Pre-booking is highly recommended. thank you Allie www.alliezeon.com click link below for more info
  6. Lyla will not be the same without Greanteal and NotchJohnson 🥰. Have not met Greanteal yet but NotchJohnson is a gentleman and oh...cute too 😉
  7. True. Every state has slight different rules, some see prostitution as a misdemeanour and other states see it as a felony. None of the states, except Nevada legalize or decriminalize prostitution. However, In bigger cities, it’s well tolerated and police does not bother too much, especially if we cater to mid to upper class clientele. I hope it’s better with Biden as a president
  8. I have 2 spots available for Thursday afternoon till evening and 1 spot available on Friday morning left. Please call and leave a voicemail to prebook. Deposit/screening required Allie www.AllieZeon.com
  9. 2 spots available for Friday Nov.13. Prebooking is highly recommended:) Allie www.AllieZeon.com
  10. aww thanks dear. With or without being nominated, I’m here to support our community 🙏
  11. Blocked them. And in order not to make the same mistake, screen them properly. By not letting apt or blocked numbers contact you, take deposit for any booking, ask for references from legitimate providers, and if necessary ask for a proof of ID (for security reason) and so on ... if prospective clients truly are serious, they will do one of those things above. Trust me:)
  12. thank you gentlemen. I have some reviews on other provinces as well but since i am based in NB now, i will use the link in here for leolist.cc. I also decided to post daily videos instead of photos because people like to see me moving lol. enjoy:)
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