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  1. No - That is way too far!! Crisps inside a sandwich and then squashed like a pancake?
  2. "It is a general truth that the further underground you push an industry, the more problems such as exploitation become more ingrained and harder to combat" Couldn't agree more with you!! Very well put and thank you so much for your time. 👌
  3. @NotchJohnson I wish you a very good Christmas, hope you had a good 2020 and wish you a better 2021! 🎅
  4. Interesting topic and well answered! Such a difficult task of getting the right balance between safety and privacy whilst filtering out the time wasters!
  5. Welcome back! ❤️ Love the reflection quotes! 2020 has been an unpredictable year for all but without gloating, has been the best for me. I've kept my focus away from all the negativity going around and just continued to do what makes me happy and what I am good at! I've never felt better! Growing up, I have never been one to obey or follow the rules, unfortunately; so when someone or a government tells you not to do something, my approach has always been to do the opposite but with style and elegance. It's the only way to secure your happiness in my view! I have been fortunate to have travelled to numerous parts of the world over time and more so recently. I think this is the best form of self-learning and has shown me that what I think I'm going through is nothing compared to what others face in the world and that our unhappiness is sometimes caused by our desire and greed of always wanting more and not being content with what we have. Those that I have met that have less tend to always show the purest form of happiness that I have ever seen. I know you personally and think you are a fantastic person that never fails to bring a smile to someone's face! Chin up and embrace yourself for a fantastic 2021 x
  6. Great interview - Also think the same goes the other way round also. I don’t think an escort asking for payment in advance is generally a scammer. It's very easy for clients to change their plans and they do so sometimes with no reason or regard for the escort. Would be nice where if there was a middle payment processor - that would mediate between the escort and the client. I.e the client pays the deposit to the middle payment processor, sends confirmation to the escort, Escort can't withdraw until the code that is sent to the client is provided to them.... 🤔
  7. Great Interview. Such a shame people think they can exploit vulnerable people like this and hope those just starting out see this!! 👏
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