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  1. Harley's hardrock, it is closed now. It was a dingy dive joint but it was quite the place. It was opened and running for years but the building had to be closed down because of oil spills and remediation problems. They were also selling sweaters and they were quite popular. They are still kicking around and it's kind of funny to see people you wouldn't expect wearing them (i.e. yoga teachers, mother of a family, counsel members and such).
  2. Hi there, is there anyone based on or coming to the south shore? (outcalls or incalls) Anywhere from about Chester to Bridge water. THANKS
  3. Hi there, Just for the sake of education. She is registered with MTANS (Massage therapist association of Nova Scotia): https://mtans.ca/client/roster/clientRosterDetails.html?clientId=150592&clientRosterId=285 In the futures, if there is ever any doubt about a massage providers, check any of these websites (directory section): https://mtans.ca/site/findatherapist https://www.mtwpam.com/pdirectory https://www.nhpcanada.org/for-the-public/health-provider-directory.html Unfortunately, I can assure you that anyone registered with these association will not nor will they ever offer sexual favors. I am a health care provider myself and have had to deal with innuendos and/or explicit requests before. It's not pleasant as can make a provider feel unsafe and disrespected. Sensual massages are Awesome. Therapeutic massages are just as Awesome. But they're not the same thing and the two worlds cannot merge in the same spheres (RMT's have regulations to follow). Don't hesitate to PM me if anyone here ever wants to double check whether a massage provider is registered or not! I'll be happy to help. Cheers
  4. Unfortunately for Nova Scotians, she based out of Toronto but I had an appointment with her in Halifax a few weeks ago. Hopefully, she'll come back soon! I booked a sensual massage with her and it was my first time doing anything like this. She was super easy and pleasant to deal with (lovely texts/phone calls and uncomplicated booking) and she very quickly put me at ease when first meeting her. During the encounter she was funny (laughed a lot), pleasant, SEXY AF, perfect and just exactly what I was looking for. After the encounter, I was so dazed, delightfully happy and in the clouds, I ended up foolishly ramming straight in a glass door on my way out! This is the effect she will have on anyone who books with her! As for her ads: Her pictures are a true representation of what to expect (so very pretty!). You can trust the information in there. Definitely, definitely don't hesitate to book with her. Thank you Marie 🙂
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