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  1. I loved everything about my experience with Sam! He is very manly, smart and caring. I didn't expect to meet someone so sincere. I booked him for a full weekend and he totally exceeded my expectations in every possible way - and his ad had set the bar quite high! We had great conversations about many different topics, and he really impressed me. I will stay in touch and meet him again for sure. I most definitely recommend him.
  2. Telework will become a norm, which is good for the environment; Some people have made a conscious effort to help small and local businesses; What we took for granted, like going to the gym or meeting a friend at the local coffee shop feels much more valuable now; Some (yoga, dance... you name it) classes that were only available in person are now available online... It's actually very interesting to see that you can find some good in any situation!
  3. I have been working from home for several years, so it was not much of a change when the quarantine happened. I kept my habits, and I still take short 5-10 minute breaks every hour to do some workouts and stretching. I go for walks, too. But since I wasn't going to the gym anymore, I needed something more. I bought weights and resistance bands. I also like fitness DVDs, but they get repetitive very fast. There are many resources on YouTube to do yoga, too. That being said, I really miss the social aspect of working out in a gym.
  4. I struggled with my weight when I was a teenager until I discovered that I really enjoyed sports. It gave me the balance I needed. Afterwards, I wanted to find the "diet" that would support my active lifestyle, not to lose weight but to be as healthy as possible. I tried the paleo diet for a little while (a lot of protein and fat and no carbs), but I ended up putting on a lot of weight, despite the fact I was exercising a lot. And at the end, I was fed up because it felt like everything tasted like coconut oil and coconut milk. I also tried being a healthy vegan for close to a year and a half, but I ended up having cravings all the time. And this time I lost a ton of weight without trying, which wasn't my goal at all. Eventually, I think that it's all a matter of balance between food and physical activity. And listening to our bodies is key. But short time diets supposed to make you lose weight? I think there's no way they can work if you eventually go back to your bad habits.
  5. Liza

    Favourite movies

    Shawshank redemption and the Matrix are my all time favorites.
  6. I've had both: a shih tzu that behaved like a cat and who didn't care when I came back home or woke up in the morning, unless I was about to feed her, and a tabby cat that behaved like a dog, was super friendly, followed me everywhere and wanted to sleep on my bed (on my head) every night. I don't have a pet right now, but I think I'll go for a cat next time. I find cats very graceful.
  7. Avicii - Wake me up
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