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  1. She's only here for 2 more days. Go see her guys while she's here and you'll not regret it!
  2. She's a nice lady with big soft breasts. Action was good and that is all I was there for, so no complaints. Treat her well and she will return the favor.
  3. Had the pleasure of seeing Mariana yesterday. Something crazy had happened before the appointment and I showed up in pretty bad shape mentally. Mariana showed absolute and total kindness towards me and focused the entire time on me and making sure I felt safe and relaxed. She went above and beyond in the call of duty to make sure I was okay by the time I left. Action was also great, it came as close to a real GFE as it can get. You can go in expecting to be taken care of, have terrific action and can count on leaving a with a grin on your face. Probably not the best girl if you are looking for a body of a Goddess (read Rose French/ Laura French standard) or looking for PSE. She is a nice sweet girl and will treat you really well if you treat her right.
  4. Hi Folks, I have been out of the game for a year and decided to contact YFL again. Usually they were very prompt and courteous and to the point. However, my text is still not responded to after 24 hrs. I tried messaging them here too, but it's still unread. Am I just being ignored 🙁 or they are not taking new clients or the booking process has changed (online now). Can someone share more insight as I sit here wondering if I am too ugly or too boring for the girls 😁 or if you have the link to the new booking system and could DM me that, that would be really nice of you 🙂. Cheers!
  5. Saw Carolina from YFL on this visit to Halifax. She looks to be new to this -- not the prettiest but has a buxom hot body specially if you are into big booty latinas. Her attitude was top notch. She speaks little to no English, but knows how to have a good time. Kind, respectful and a dynamo of energy. Our time together was great and looked like she had fun too. Will repeat.
  6. Had the pleasure of a date with Melina yesterday. YFL generally has top girls and its hard to pick favorites but this was an exceptional experience even by YFL standards. Melina has an incredible body, provided you are into petite, curvy women. However, it is her passionate and engaging attitude that sets her apart from the others. The experience was intense but she was a dynamo of energy. It looked like she genuinely had a great time as well. I had an incredible time and I hope to see her again soon. YFL delivers yet again and I look forward to more experiences with them.
  7. Had the pleasure of seeing Laura yesterday. Another gem from YFL -- body of a model and good attitude. One more great experience and memory to add to the bag before kicking the bucket! Do not miss her while she's here. Also, thanks to YFL for bringing gems like her here. Go YFL! You're the best.
  8. This is a long due review as I had the pleasure of seeing Emily when she was here in Halifax couple months ago. Emily was the first girl I saw as a Hobbyist and I was gripped with newbie anxiety. However, she was so calm and enchanting that she quickly put my nerves to ease. I would go see her solely due to her extremely caring and attentive nature which is a cut above the rest. However, to add to that, she also has the body of a Greek Goddess. I kid you not, Emily is the most beautiful girl (inside and out) I ever met and the pictures don't do her justice. The time spent together was some of the most memorable and something I will always cherish. A very intelligent, very mannered, very empathic and breathtakingly beautiful girl. Also, a big shout out to YFL for making this experience possible. The agency provided excellent communication and excellent quality on all fronts. I hope they get more popular and busier here as I would like to see them here more frequently!
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