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  1. See " Hendson location " post. Both is describe 1121 Hendson hwy , as title mentioned. Budy,
  2. 1121 Hendson is Monica at. Big parking lot in the back. Street parking is not so convince as i Found out. 😉
  3. Tried her another day, nice body , fluent English Good Services .The places 7-4-1 St. Mary‘sRd, close to my home. 7-11 just acroose the street from spa. Lots of free parkjng in the Front & Back as i like the most. Will repeat. 🤗
  4. Is Monica really 62‘s ? She says she‘s 40. Pls confirm. 🤮, Guys.
  5. Monica at 1121 Hendson is good. Agree. Good tease, with her nice mini skirt , u can easily to put Hands in. 😘, love it.
  6. Her body looks tiny, really surprise her hands so strong. 😄
  7. Briana is a nice Chinese girl, very strong hands with Deep Tissue massage.
  8. Massage is good. Very nice girl with dresses, don‘t want to leave. Will repeat it .
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