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  1. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-health-beauty/winnipeg/take-a-break-60-min-massage-45-because-you-deserve-it/1596299012 This morning her name on Kijiji is Jasmine. She has a new phone number but again notice where you put in your name she lists it as........gdfgfdsfvgtgr. If you ever see ads where the name is listed in this type of manner it's the same gal who has been posing with different names and phone numbers for many years. Her fees are now down to $45 so perhaps people are slowly catching on to her antics.
  2. If you check the ads on Kijiji today you will see she is now using the name Ashley. If you take a look at the name she uses when you click on the ad she just types in goobbley dee gook. gdfgfdsfvgtgr. That's the name she uses so its just putting your fingers on the home row and hammering on the keyboard...sometimes it will be dafdafadsfdsfa You get the idea. Enough said 🙂
  3. In fact I recall her copying verbatim an add placed by Michelle who advertises both on LeoList and Kijiji. Michelle is highly respected in the community. I advised Michelle what this woman was doing and she was thankful to find out. But yes she copies people's information and changes her name and also has used at least 3 different phone numbers. As usual buyer beware.
  4. It was private. An apartment on the south side of Portage Avenue from what I recall. Somewhere between Polo Park and Perimeter. I believe fairly close to Grace Hospital.
  5. I did see her pre-covid. At the time she had a very tempting rate of about $80 for 2 hours. So I decided to try it out as the rate was so good. It was a decent massage. She clearly has experience but uncertain if she is actually an RMT who can provide receipts. There was definitely no hints of anything beyond a regular massage. I believe her rate now is $120 for 2 hours which is still quite good. But I never did return for a second visit.
  6. Yes Mattyice204 is correct. There has been a lot of names. I am afraid none of the first names she has used I can easily recall. Sometimes she would have a name listed in the writeup but the name appearing where the address is located would be different. Wish I could help you but her previous ads are all taken down anyway so not sure you would be able to track. She used at least 2 phone numbers as well.
  7. This lady had been advertising under different names and different phone numbers for the better part of the last 2 years or more. I am just throwing that out there as it seems rather shifty. Many other members can attest to the number of names this woman has used. She is located in older part of St. Vital just south of Fermor between St. Mary's and St. Anne's. I booked with her once and confirmed the time about 2 hours in advance and when I texted again to say I was on my way I was told to come 2 hours after that. So I simply deleted the text and moved on. I don't have time for game playing. Cheers,
  8. I ended up seeing Ada. A somewhat overweight shorter / stockier build Asian woman. She was very nice and gave a thorough massage. Other items were on the menu which I politely declined. I have now seen her and Monica and I would rate Monica slightly better overall. I will likely try Alice and see out of the 3 that I most prefer. Cheers,
  9. I made another appointment for tomorrow and asking to book in with either Alice or Ada. I will report back if I am able to get an appointment with either of them.
  10. I paid a visit here on Oct 15 and received a massage from a middle aged and fairly attractive Asian woman named Monica. The entire place is quite nice and seems clean. The room was quite big and had a very comfortable and large massage table. She asked if I wanted light or hard pressure and I responded with medium. She did very good work on my back and shoulders and overall it was a very pleasant experience. I would recommend her if you haven't already seen her.
  11. This is the same woman who has used several names/aliases over the last few years. She adjusts her ad almost every day as far as I can tell. I would tread cautiously. I booked an appointment with her and confirmed a time and when I texted again 15 min prior to the appointment she had moved my appointment for 2 hours later. Naturally I cancelled.
  12. Are folks here actively boycotting a lot of these places that have Asian gals due to the threat of the Corona Virus? Comments?
  13. I have not seen Teaghen but can verify that Emma is indeed fantastic. Very warm and bubbly personality and puts you at ease almost the moment you meet her. I have heard Teaghen is also amazing but have yet to see her. I might need to put her at the top of my list.
  14. I saw her about 2-3 months ago. She actually has massage therapy credentials however not registered in Manitoba so she can't issue a receipt. She is a pleasant lady and we even talked for a few minutes before starting. I had a 2 hour massage with her for $80. You are fully draped at all times and no funny business. Her massage was quite good. I have never had a 2 hour massage so if you want to just go and relax and work on certain problem areas it's definitely a place to go. She definitely has real training.
  15. Anyone who is constantly changing their names, phone numbers, and the amounts that they charge as well as stating they have RMT credentials is not to be trusted in my view. She posts ads often several times a day and will even change her information on the same day. Buyer beware in this case.
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