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  1. Everyone has their own opinion, you be the judge: If I wasn't spending it all in degenerate ways I would have a lot more..
  2. Probably easier to make it an app that gives each user a unique token and a server side request is sent to request camera permission, employ some basic facial recognition to match the face with the picture/token combo they have to LL, and if the handshake is verified you know you're good, without the client ever seeing or be involved other than initiating the request. Everything could be handled server side and wiped often., And if they aren't willing to point their phone at their face for 3 seconds then you're probably being scammed.
  3. TheJuice

    Best VPN?

    +1 for ExpressVPN, PureVPN is a solid choice as well. And I guess you could call Nord a "security incident" but it was in no way an accident. They harvested all users traffic logs and were selling them to god knows who. How anyone can ever trust them for security is beyond me. If you're really worried you can do VPN -> Tor in that order and your ISP doesn't know you're using TOR or what's coming out the exit node and if the VPN company is keeping logs neither do they and you won't be getting that hard knock at the door. Another good choice is Sandboxie, or use windows built in sandbox if you trust them.
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