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  1. I'm likely the exception to the rule... I'm perfectly happy with literally whatever. Some ladies are more comfortable in lingerie as it sets the mood, but I'd just as happy with jeans/sweats and a teeshirt if that's what they prefer. In some ways, more so. Really, whatever makes my companion happy and most comfortable. If I'm getting a playstation 5 for christmas, I'm not going to be the one complaining about the wrapping paper! I do get that others are more sexually turned on by clothing, it's just not particularly me. For pictures in an ad, however, I'd probably expect a bit more "sexy" for lack of a better term. I don't expect a full carnal display, but something tasteful and with effort/thought put in. A semi-professional or tasteful photoshoot shows more effort (and dare I say professionalism?) than a mirror selfie, which in turn suggests something about the lady in question to me. I do admit to being a sucker for a woman with a pony tail, though 🙂
  2. From a slightly different perspective, articulation is often a key factor for me. While I’m not dismissing or putting anyone down, if you have 14 different emojis in your ad, or repeatedly use urban slang, I’m probably not your target customer and the odds of chemistry between us aren’t as high. A well written ad will catch my attention as quick as photos. To reiterate what Allie said, being able to talk intelligently with someone and connect with them makes a huge difference.
  3. I need to start logging in more :)
  4. With the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) being accessed by 6 million Canadians, I wonder how many of them are logging in to Cerb.ca and are in for a ... surprise... (Lyla used to be referred to as the Canadian Escorts Review Board, and Cerb.ca redirects the user to lyla.ch)
  5. My thoughts on the matter are... If ever there was an argument for legalizing prostitution, here it is. Ladies could work in a secure environment, have their health monitored, and (like the rest of the country) be sent home with pay if they develop symptoms. Similarly, their clients could be monitored upon arrival to ensure they themselves weren't ill (even a simple "thermometer test", as one of the strong symptoms is a fever). Currently, though, a provider who is just making ends meet (excuse the pun) has every reason to conceal any symptoms. A client who is thinking with the wrong head can't be trusted not to conceal symptoms. Hopefully, though, the people most vulnerable (the elderly and the immune-compromised) are intelligent enough to stay away from others til things die down.
  6. Hello there, Prince! Everybody starts out somewhere, so no worries at all about your situation. Some small suggestions, if you will. First, you’ve taken the right first step. Starting out, I’d highly suggest calling upon a well established regular lady on Lyla than a random ad on Leolist or another site. You’re so much more likely to have a great time. Remember that when you communicate, be polite and don’t be graphic. I’d let them know about your situation; most ladies will be exceptionally understanding and go the extra effort for you. You’re going to be nervous as the time approaches, that’s expected. Here’s the thing... IF you get cold feet and back out, DO NOT ghost the woman waiting for you. Text (or call) and let them know about your anxiety. These ladies have cancelled their plans for the evening just to meet with you, and it’s wrong on so many levels to just not show up. Again, these ladies are awesome and can help you through your nerves. Show up on time; If you arrive early, hang out nearby (though not on the doorstep!) til it’s your time, don’t show up 10 minutes early. Shower before you head out, brush your teeth. I don’t know your financial situation, but get at least an hour of time with the lady. I’d even consider an hour and a half or two hours, if you can swing it financially. Respect their limitations completely; if you’re unsure, simply ask once you’re there. As for who... there’s several options. Check their profile, look at their pictures. There literally is no wrong decision if you pick any of these (this isn’t by any means an exclusive list!).... if it were me in your position, I think Kylie Jame would be a no-brainer decision and my go to choice. Ms Manda has a stellar reputation and would give you a night to remember. If you prefer the girl next door type, MelanieMystery is breathtaking and such an amazingly nice person. Katherine is known for being great and would certainly go the extra mile to make your evening memorable. Charlotte Quinn is a sensual woman who would be great. Savannah Sol is a supermodel with stellar reviews. Each lady has different levels of screening to their comfort level. Once you make you decision to whom, contact them and see what theirs is. Some may request a deposit; sometimes, that’s a warning sign of a scam, but all of these ladies are 100% legit and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Take the screening in stride; these ladies are placing themselves in a state of vulnerability with an unknown stranger, so understand their caution. They’re not out to cause you grief, they’re looking out for themselves. Any questions, shoot me a message!
  7. I had an absolute amazing time with Charlotte yesterday. Words cannot describe enough what a sensual and erotic woman she is. If I had to try, the word “elegance” sums her up well, though. And her British accent.... (shudder)... to die for. She’s a very genuine person that’s wonderful to talk to. She does some other things that are wonderful too... My time spent with her was everything I had hoped, and so much more. Without any hesitation whatsoever, she gets three thumbs up from me. You truly need to give yourself a Christmas present and spend some time with her. As an aside, she isn’t able to respond/communicate on Lyla since her return to the business. The mods are still processing her account, though it’s been months now. She regularly has an ad up on Massage Republic you can get get contact info through.
  8. Charlee has a "no review" policy, the reasons for which she has spelled out quite well in a blog post on her website. Having said that, after our recent session together, Charlee agreed to a Lyla review from me as she has gotten numerous inquiries lately from people asking for a review referral. Communication via both here on Lyla email and phone text was clear, quick, and informative. Charlee has an excellent website which answered almost all my questions. She also has a very active twitter account. She's a member of Lyla, and often posts her schedule in the announcements section. Charlee offers both standard encounters as well as submissive encounters. Very understandably, for the latter she has a reasonable and straight forward screening process. It shouldn't be a problem for anyone and is a similar process to that of some other providers I have visited. Charlee's incall is in an older building in the general-ish vicinity of the Commons. I had no concerns whatsoever about the neighborhood. Lots of street parking easily available (even at 11 am on a weekday), and is close to major bus routes. Her apartment is very clean and neat. "Cozy" is the word that comes to mind. She does have a cat, for those with allergies, but it stays out of the room. Charlee's pictures in the ads are both recent and accurate. Having said that, Charlee is a very attractive person whose pictures do not do justice. If you like what you see in the pictures, trust me, you will absolutely love what you see in person. Charlee was *extremely* easy to talk to. It's almost like talking to a teammate on a softball team, very easy to get along with all the while sharing an occasional dirty joke. I truly enjoyed speaking to her. I found Charlee to be a very open-minded, and completely non-judgemental person. I had a particular kink I asked about, we discussed it, and she went over and above the call of duty to satisfy me. So much appreciated! Absolutely not a clock watcher. The entire session was relaxed and stress-free. All in all, I had an absolutely great time. I can't imagine how things could have gone better. Charlee is simply a wonderful person, inside and out. Out of respect to her "no reviews" policy, I'll politely decline to answer questions or messages.
  9. The hole in the sheet is waist high... when you’re standing, you actually have very little view other than the sheet. What’s nice about the larger hole size is that your hands can reach through, and touch her head/hair. Walking in, you catch a glimpse of her as you approach from the door entry (10 feet distance?). Enough to see that it is indeed Amber, and that puberty was very very generous to her. If I had pushed or pulled the sheet a bit, I probably could have seen the action.... but, as OTH said, that would spoil the moment. I didn’t see her well enough or long enough that I would recognize her ten minutes later if we met in an elevator, so there was an effective illusion of anonymity. It’s not for everyone. It’s a good and safe way to explore a fantasy. There’s absolutely zero chance I’m sticking any body part in a random public glory hole, for a multitude of reasons, so here was my chance. She serves a niche market, that’s for sure, but she’s extremely good at what she does. I hadn’t seen this offered before, and am glad I didn’t miss the experience.
  10. I saw Red’s link and thought, ok... that sounds unique and cool, so I looked over Amber’s website and texted for an appointment. Very easy (and pleasant) to set up on short notice. It was a novel experience that likely I won’t get to have again, and I’m glad I went. She’s in a hotel room, with a sheet forming a make-shift wall. There’s a hole waist high, about the size of a large laptop. You can see in if you really want to, with a topless Amber kneeling behind. I very (very) rarely orgasm from just oral (“the great white buffalo”... “the great white buffalo”... “the great white buffalo”) but Amber was more than equal to the task. There’s a woman who specializes in what she does! Extremely enthusiastic and skilled. She’s in town until tomorrow, taking appointments until 2 pm. Give her a text if you want a unique experience!
  11. As Tejjet says, YMMV, but MelanieMystery gives an amazing GFE. She regularly advertises here in the schedule/announcements area. I haven’t visited Kylie Jane yet (I know, shame on me!), but she has many many reviews in which people rave over her GFE skills.
  12. Monique is a local lady who would fit that description. Very, very, very in to oral. She’s a very attractive mature provider, and usually has an ad up on Leo list.
  13. If you didn’t already know about it, the website Massage Republic is really great for helping with “what does a provider offer”. When the provider posts her ad, she is given the option of (presumably) clicking off boxes to indicate what she’s willing to provide. If it’s not listed, take it as a “not available”. So, as a few have mentioned they were interested in golden showers, a quick check of the Halifax ladies show there are several advertising currently that say they offer “giving water sports”. While some may dislike the concept of a “menu”, others may discover new experiences that they didn’t realize were available.
  14. https://massagerepublic.com/female-escorts-in-halifax/ms-charlotte-quinn
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