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  1. I posted a recommendation for her a while ago. Nice lady, unfortunately our schedules don't usually line up so I haven't seen her in a bit. Well, my bank account doesn't think "unfortunately", lol. Nice lady, had a great time with her.
  2. I'll try this again as I had my fingers smacked for discussing portions of Carmenia's ad, which board rules say I'm not allowed to discuss... so I'll omit that part! If you've seen me around the boards here, you'll note I often post in the NS Recommendations forum about my encounters, to help people out. Having said that, I'll mention my visit with Carmenia here. She is real, ie "legit". Her incall is in a secure residential apartment building in vaguely the Clayton Park area. Lots of parking if you have a car, easily accessible by bus if you don't. Text communication was very erratic throughout. Carmenia is genuinely a nice lady, easy to get along with. She does like to talk, quite a bit. Her ad states that "she has the body of an 18 year old", and I'll quite agree with that. She's in fantastic physical appearance for her age. From the neck down, I'd completely believe you if you told me she was 22, Her face is indeed older. She is attractive, but you wouldn't mistake her for 35 years old. I'm mixed about her pictures on her ad. If they are her, they're not particularly reflective. It's strange, because she has a very attractive youthful body. Carmenia has a fairly petite body, with smaller firm breasts. She maybe tops out at 110 lbs. Her hair is shoulder length, and considerably blonder than the picture shown. I'm, ummm, fairly confident that's she's a natural blonde. She is independent and does not have a "manager". She has been in the business for a fair amount of time, though perhaps not locally. Her ad states that she charges $150 for an hour of her time (what happens in that time is none of my business). That is correct, and she has no upsells or hidden extras. All things considered, the price might be appropriate.
  3. It's the last four numbers of her phone. Sometimes people would link the ads in reviews, but then the ads expire, so the link doesn't work any more. Also, sometimes multiple ladies have the same name, so it's a bit difficult to tell them apart. There's three or four Bella's for example, so the four digit phone number helps keep them apart.
  4. I had the chance to (finally) meet up with Amarra recently. Her availability and mine rarely match, so it was a great treat to get together. Such an amazing young lady. Her pictures are accurate; check out her ads or her profile here on Lyla. Perhaps one of the most petite girls I've been with. I'd describe her as being a high school cheerleader (though she's definitely of age). She won Lyla's "most sensous Christmas photo" contest last year, and it's extremely easy to see why. Great to talk to, extremely eager to make sure you have a good time. The hour we spent legitimately felt like two or three. Pre-meetup communication was awesome, and the in call was great with solid directions. She's a low volume provider who books up fairly quickly, but absolutely worth the experience. I would (and will) repeat in a heartbeat, when schedules align again. Her ads are up on Lyla when she's working, and she's usually outcalls only (with the occasional incall).
  5. Here's your best bet... Got to massagerepublic.com, and set your area to Halifax. From there, if you look along the top of your screen, you'll see a box that says "all services". Clicking on that box opens a drop down menu; from there, choose "fisting", see your list of what providers advertise providing that (3 listed, but two are likely fake profiles), then reset your list (ie remove "fisting") and chose "strap on" and you'll get a list of 16 providers offering the service. https://massagerepublic.com/female-escorts-in-halifax?q%5Bservices_include_all%5D%5B%5D=2&q_c_n_eq=halifax From a quick glance at the list, in the order that they came up, there are many Lyla members listed. Ms Manda, Stephanie Mystique, Ava Maria, Sarah Alexxx, Charlotte Quinn, Melanie Rose, Kylie Jane, Exotic Touch Danielle, and Mistress Annabella are all members here. Take a look at their pics, see what their ad says, chat them up respectfully, and see how you make out. I've visited most of these ladies, and you can't go wrong. Last note: you do you, but the ads for Celeste Maya, Natashax, and Amber have red flags screaming all over them.
  6. I had the opportunity to visit Izy last week. Her online pictures are accurate; if you like what you see in the ad, you'll love what you see in person. I considered her quite attractive; the usual "her pictures don't do her justice" applies. We met up at her in-call in a decent hotel in Dartmouth, easily accessible and no privacy issues. Izy was extremely accommodating, and a lot of (safe) fun. Lots of laughter, lots of good times. Not a clock watcher at all. She really seemed to want to go over and above the call of duty to ensure we had a great experience, which was appreciated. Here's a woman that makes you feel like you're the most important person in the world. Izy is the woman that you'd play a game of pool and have a few drinks with at the Legion, then go back to her room and have a mind-blowing time afterwards. No false pretenses, no superficiality, just honest to goodness fun. If you a want a woman to make you feel like a king, Izy is a solid choice! There was a minor hiccup in communication beforehand, but nothing too serious and nothing that was cause for concern.
  7. Image search (yandex) on the second picture came up with a whack of hits, one of which has clearly the same girl posting in Toronto two hours ago. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/greater-toronto/city_toronto_sexy_innocent_blond_girl_outcalls_partygirl_duos_avail-6741982 Either Grace stole Maya's pictures, or Maya stole Grace's, or we have us a pair of twins!
  8. I visited Monique a few times; lovely lady, and pretty much what you see is what you get. A well spoken, mature, fit lady. I enjoyed her company, and it's unfortunate her schedule and mine don't coincide as much as I'd like. I do admit you said "lately" and it's been a couple of years (pre-covid). But she was very much the epitome of "class", and I don't think time will change that. She has some official reviews on here.
  9. I don't believe so, but then again, it's been three years. The Jordyn one looks vaguely similar-ish, but Jenna not so much so. Pity; probably the best threesome I've ever had. Given that they were lovers already, they had an awesome chemistry together, and joining in with them almost seemed like a gift. They seemed like really nice ladies. I hope life has treated them well.
  10. Had a great visit with Amber Pheonix. Booking was very straight forward, good and quick communication. Great incall location, although it might be a bit tricky if you don't have your own transportation. Super friendly lady, and very easy to get along with. As mentioned above, the pictures do not do her justice. She's a very attractive woman. She has an extremely lithe body. If you've ever fantasized about being with a female gymnast or a female swimmer, that's her build. Very athletic, trim, smaller breasted, and petite. I'm not suggesting she's flexible like a gymnast, just saying it's her appearance type. Very much a woman, though. The session itself, she was absolutely great and very accommodating. You get the feeling that she really and truly wanted you to have the best time possible. A very definite three thumbs up from me! I'd repeat in a heartbeat. https://www.vipfavours.ch/amberphoenix
  11. One page back... TL;DR: buyer beware. YMMV.
  12. About three years ago, the same woman was advertising (some of the same pictures, but different name). She wanted a full e-transfer beforehand "to prove i wasn't a cop". I politely declined and we went our separate ways.
  13. Here's my suggestion Go to Massage Republic https://massagerepublic.com/female-escorts-in-halifax?utf8=✓&location=Halifax From there, look at the top of the page... it will say "Female Escorts", "CAD", and then "All Services"... click on All services, and it opens a drop down menu. From the drop down menu, scroll near the bottom, click "giving watersports", then hit search. You'll see 14 or so ladies who have clicked that they offer that service. You can message them through the Massage Republic website, and/or check to see if they are members on Lyla (many are). Be polite, don't be graphic, and see if things work out. There's no option to search for face spitting, but perhaps search using "domination".
  14. I linked the Vancouver ad, which, agreed, had a different phone number. I got to the Vancouver ad by googling the photos from the Halifax ad he linked (with the 0508 number). Both the Vancouver ad I listed and the Halifax ad (with 0508) had the same pictures, and up at the same time.
  15. A two second google image search shows 242 hits for the first picture. She's advertising services in Vancouver at the same time as Halifax. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-massage/metro-vancouver/vancouver_give_you_the_most_wanted_super_sexy_nude_prostate_massage-6519191 I mean, there's outcalls and then there's outcalls...
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