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  1. I see she enjoys Bob’s Burgers, that’s kinda cool, lol!
  2. Something jumped out at me when I saw the ad a few days ago. The framed whiteboard is definitely photoshopped in, which would be why LL won’t make it verified. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake - she might have just wanted to be able to use an old photo shoot. But that’s a stretch, and not a great start.
  3. My understanding is that she got herself a fella towards the end of the year, and she’s incommunicado, even with past clients. I suppose that could mean a break, or more likely an early retirement. Too bad, she was a total sweetie, but as long as she’s happy!
  4. Well just on the subject on the ad itself, you can see in other ads that she is also “new in town” - today, no less - in St. John’s and Grand Prairie. So that’s impossible. And then in the Moncton ad, she is hinting she might want a client to become a full time boyfriend which is kind of classic wish fulfillment bait, so pretty suspicious if you look at it with a critical eye. She does have a very familiar looking face. That’s probably why the person who made the ads used her pics?
  5. Heh, and other than all that : ads in two other cities (one of them is Calgary!), calls herself “Marsha” in one part of the ad and “Lenora” in the other, and refers to herself several times as “oriental,” which I think she is clearly not. Add the awkward English, and this is an advertisement for nice red flags. I’m pretty new at this, but this is a textbook example of a fake ad.
  6. Yeah, there used to be one or two vids a few months ago, but they don’t seem to be out there anymore.
  7. I second this! I just hope it’s Moncton next time, lol!
  8. I saw her last night! As advertised, I found her even more beautiful in real life than her pics! Her curves are to die for. My god! She is such a sensual kisser, which for a GFE, really adds a lot to the experience. Her entire GFE is mind blowing and a real feast for the senses. It was hard for my brain to process everything that was going on, lol! Which is why I will definitely be going back. ASAP! So good.
  9. Dawn is attentive, friendly and downright intoxicating! She may not show her face in her ads, but she is very pretty. Her looks and mannerisms straddle a fine line between quirky girl-next-door type and sultry, seductive woman. Totally put this first timer at ease! Her beauty is natural. She loves what she does and knows how to make a guy feel attractive. I’ve been daydreaming vividly about her visit ever since and will be repeating ASAP. Yes, she can run late, so it is good to keep that in mind- be patient, be kind! 😉
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