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  1. Doesn’t really have the hallmarks of a legit ad. Also, one Lyla search does mention the ad as fake and using alternate names. I always kind of doubt the “new in town” ads, instead of legit ads where they say “hey, I’m in Moncton April 12-14” or whatever.
  2. Some of the other review sites have quite a few reviews on her over the years (under tiny Nikki and east coast Nikki). Mixed, but the consensus seems to be good service, mood swings, freaks out of you say the wrong thing, and not big on being touched at certain times. She looks very intriguing, even after all that. I’d check out those reviews before seeing her, just to have a better idea of what to expect. Kinda like the Soup Nazi - if you do everything just right, your experience will be good!
  3. Looks fake. The exact wording in the ad has appeared in many other different ads, including mistakes (“there will be no bait and switched”). If you look at the email address at the bottom of the ad, it’s a guy’s name. I’d be wary.
  4. 👍 whoops, you were just wondering if anyone’s reached her lately/at her new #
  5. That’s Christie, haven’t you seen her? She got a new profile without deleting the old one. A couple of “borrowed” pics on her new ads that aren’t her, but that’s the same Christie from the last couple of years
  6. I have seen that a few times before, it’s not necessarily suspicious on its own. I think it’s when one provider has a LL account and she puts ads up for friends who don’t have LL accounts. A lot of these girls know each other, so it makes sense.
  7. Ah yes, definitely fake. The “always creamy” line is a dead giveaway, second only to the “hot reliever” line seen in other ads, lol. And if they are “catchy” and “hold a convo like a phone line,” just forget about it!
  8. She also has ads posted for Regina, Calgary and Whistler, all posted today, so that looks suspicious.
  9. So I invite everyone to check out the (NB) “Directory” section of Leolist. There are plenty of disused, abandoned profiles there and they’ve been sitting there for years, nobody paying for them or using them. There’s an Amber Lee Marie who has at least 3 of them. So why would LL leave those up, but delete Catherine’s account? (I’m not going to pretend that’s you, btw.) CATHERINE deleted Catherine’s account. Now everyone check out all the brand new LL ads with brand new unverified pictures. Then check tomorrow for even more ads with brand new unverified pictures. And an sp who has done this for years can’t get some new pictures up? I suggest anyone seeing an sp who advertises on LL, ask her if that makes any sense and see what she thinks. All I’m saying is that it seems off. I’m just pointing it out. It would be pretty disingenuous to say that I’m pointing it out because I don’t want people to see Catherine, wtf? That doesn’t make sense. But it’s okay . Everyone should be totally fine just as long as they’re not encouraged to “pay a deposit” to the person who has posted the ad, then you won’t have to worry about it being a hoax. Problem solved for anyone who’s on the fence. I’d also be extremely suspicious if any new profiles start popping up saying they’ve seen her. However, I think it would be a really good sign - and would my face be red - if clients with established profiles who reviewed her in the past have started to see her again. Good thing there’s Lyla.
  10. No news on this except to say that her directory profile on LL and last ad (from May) seemed to have been pulled on October 1st. They stayed up right until then. 😕 Old and defunct profiles on LL don’t seem to “expire,” so she must have intentionally pulled them, I guess. Perhaps she’s moved on - if so, I definitely wish her the best. Many who knew her are sure to agree she’s a great gal. She’s funny and personable and felt like an old friend. She had some pretty funny ideas for inventions, too lol.
  11. The current ad is fake. You can tell they are using several screenshots and no new pics. “New” ads started showing up after there was chatter about her here on Lyla. And the new ad with the excuse showed up after more chatter about it here on Lyla. Not the same phone number and now in Fredericton, despite only working in Moncton and Halifax before. Considering all the old and defunct directory profiles that are still on LL, I don’t buy the story about deleted profile. I suppose if it really was Catherine, she’d be astute enough to post new pics with current date - she seemed quite bright. The new ad seems cobbled together from old ad content.
  12. Ad format is very, very similar to “Gia,” “Vic” and “Jenny,” all of which seem a little TGTBT. My immediate impulse is that they are all fake ads.
  13. Yeah, it looks like the pics are all screenshots. And the # on the ad is not the one she was using back in January. And unlike before, she does not have a listing in the LL directory.
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