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  1. Well thats dissappinting, was hoping for something new...
  2. Im old and out of shape too...lol question is was she fat and ugly ???:)
  3. Well the Asians certainly dont seem to be under age.....lol
  4. Well, she is still advertising, did you give her a go?
  5. I have to agree with SteveF, i saw Jessica last week and certainly repeat upon her return to the area.
  6. Look in recomendations there is a thread about her there.
  7. Ya , she was pretty good but i think she is gone now
  8. I know the phone number 0995 is a bait and switch
  9. Tiffany in the ad above is real. The other Tiffany ( not located in a hotel ) is fake , typical bait and swich
  10. Well these ads seem to be catching up to the Asian ads, are any of them real? Im not a real good tech savy sleuth as some of you are , but I am curious :)
  11. I have seen a cpl that pics were accurate, and the service has been good . I know its always a gamble.
  12. I saw her about a month ago. Think she is moving soon
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