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  1. Any hotels or motels that are available by the hour or for a few hours? Preferably cash? asking for a friend….
  2. Not in person. Younger? Yes. But her age is real in my opinion.
  3. Agree on the risk with many. To be honest, this young lady is a local girl. Pretty simple and straight forward. Nothing fancy or complex about her. She is nice enough but has been burned so she takes precautions (that sometimes don’t seem like they make sense) Once she trusts you, all is good. No Russian mafia on this one. She does “Get the job done”…..
  4. I have met her. Not a scam artist in my experience. But has been burned by guys, so she is being careful.
  5. At the risk of being negative, this is a PSA https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/kingston_let_me_make_your_every_wish_come_true_just_arrived_in_town-8067849?source=listSo the pics ? FakeThe place ?? Seven Oakes. (Enough Said)The service? A ripoff - not what is promised. Attitude? Do the minimum or get out.
  6. Tried to see her. She stopped texting and haven’t heard since.
  7. I have messaged with her. Seems nice enough. Only available late at night, so really doesn’t work for me
  8. https://kingston.locanto.ca/ID_6317421346/Looking-for-company.html had a good conversation by text. Seemed open services, reasonable rate set a time. And that is when communications ended. address given? A women’s shelter I’d say the facts suggest giving this one an “Avoid”
  9. Now that you mention it, I do see her ads seem to have stopped. I haven’t seen her in a few months (issue earlier in the thread). She is a nice person - I hope nothing “bad” has happened.
  10. Saw the ad. Not my thing either. But curiosity makes it interesting
  11. My last review was deleted. Based on the fact the experience was not positive, neither was the review. But I don’t put up reviews her now. It may be a waste of my time. So I place them, elsewhere.
  12. Perhaps more of the Sugar Babe space than escort?
  13. I have. Close to pics, attractive for sure. Seems quite variable (up and down) in mood. I’d say that is driven by some of the challenges she faces. But a nice experience. No Kissing or Digits. Fairly open other than that. Believe she plans to be available in Kingston more often.
  14. Hey Monstermash. Did you check her out?
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