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  1. I did? Don’t recall seeing the lady. Or you. I am on “Another board”.
  2. https://apple.news/A6cXkdM8vQmOMyPcOVLQjsw A military fetish carried forward to a sex worker discount for military (card carrying) members. Don’t recall seeing her (Im not military) Business cards on the base!
  3. Yes, that’s where I saw her. She offers online stuff too I see. Anything for a buck. Except FS
  4. Not a great massage, but not horrible. Definitely not FS. Will do oral, but doesn’t finish. Pictures are flattering, but she is ok. Got the job done, but I haven’t repeated.
  5. She was around earlier this year. Petite Spanish type. Pretty open and wanting to please. Not the cheapest, but my experience was pretty positive.
  6. On a happier note….Rosa has re-appeared in Kingston! https://www.locanto.ca/kingston/ID_6643285936/Sexy-Petite-Spanish-girl-21-18.html
  7. The ladies are never what is stated (either the pics, age, description). And it never feels natural. A little too “professional” and scripted mostly. I’ve been to Asia many times (Thailand, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Japan) and so I think I have a pretty good “Standard” to measure against. Too bad we can’t get attractive, comfortable and legal ladies who do it because they want to or at least are ok with what they do.
  8. Any hotels or motels that are available by the hour or for a few hours? Preferably cash? asking for a friend….
  9. Not in person. Younger? Yes. But her age is real in my opinion.
  10. Agree on the risk with many. To be honest, this young lady is a local girl. Pretty simple and straight forward. Nothing fancy or complex about her. She is nice enough but has been burned so she takes precautions (that sometimes don’t seem like they make sense) Once she trusts you, all is good. No Russian mafia on this one. She does “Get the job done”…..
  11. I have met her. Not a scam artist in my experience. But has been burned by guys, so she is being careful.
  12. At the risk of being negative, this is a PSA https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/south-eastern-ontario/kingston_let_me_make_your_every_wish_come_true_just_arrived_in_town-8067849?source=listSo the pics ? FakeThe place ?? Seven Oakes. (Enough Said)The service? A ripoff - not what is promised. Attitude? Do the minimum or get out.
  13. Tried to see her. She stopped texting and haven’t heard since.
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