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  1. Ava Marie is endowed with God's pillows. I thought I was an ass-man my entire life, but she actually converted me instantly. Absolutely gorgeous girl and a total sweetheart, too! Hope this helps ya 🤗!
  2. We're all humans and we all have our flaws, I know I don't have a magic answer, and I believe Ava Marie raised several great points... But don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes in retrospect we become aware of behaviours that we may regret, but no one on this planet has a time-machine. There's an old proverb I'd like to share: A father and his son were walking through town one day when they saw 2 men at the side of a home climbing a ladder. The father asked his son, "Who is higher on the ladder?" The son glanced over, and one man was on the 11th rung, the other was on the 5th. The son exclaimed, "Well, clearly the man on the 11th rung is higher on the ladder!" The father retorted, "Look again, what directions are the men going?" The son looked and saw that the man who was on the 11th rung was going down the ladder, whereas the man on the 5th rung was going up. Moral of the story: It doesn't matter where we find ourselves on the ladder of a life, but rather the direction in which we are going. Clearly you have recognized a pattern of your behaviour that is causing you grief, and while you can't go back in time to alter history - you can proceed forward in a more dignified manner! Hope this gives you food for thought, and just go easy on yourself. Sex is a very fundamental need for most people.
  3. If you're new to this, I highly recommend booking a 90 minute session, as there'll organically be time to introduce yourselves, feel each other out - have a quick shower if need be - and the session will unfold far more naturally and you'll both be better off for it! The one thing I never realized coming into this was the kind of intimacy you'll experience can lead to a beautiful client-provider relationship! So it's in your best interest to ease yourself into the experience, I know I was quite nervous my first time, but that 90 minute block of time was more than enough for us to get acquainted, comfortable, and ready to explore each other! Hope this helps ya 😘!
  4. Ava is such a sweetheart. Super easy to communicate with to set up an appointment, she gives excellent directions (both in and out of session 😘), and her incall location is perfectly discreet. Her GFE is world-class, and she puts SO much care into her sessions! She seriously goes above and beyond!!! She spirited me away with her charm and ravishing beauty, and returned me feeling on top of the world in euphoria ❤️!
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