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    Hi there I am Dave, I am a wanderer, my home base is in edmonton and I love my dogs and my hobbies, watching sports and golfing.
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    I work in a field that takes me across the country, like my girls pretty and my beer cold!
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  1. But I don't understand, if it was illegal before then how would decriminalizing it for the advertisers and keeping it illegal for the buyers decrease demand or scare them off? And wouldn't the government like to get the extra tax revenue that would be generated if buyers were less afraid to pay using their bank accounts or any traceable methods without getting in trouble? Keeping it illegal for the buyers just causes the buyers to want to pay in cash and there goes any potential tax revenue. It all just seems so strange to me. I think it should just be legalized for consenting adults and keep it out of the dark seedy shadows because that's where all the bad stuff happens. When you go on a date you're paying for it, just with less chance of getting what u paid for Haha!
  2. HOw on earth could it be legal to sell but illegal to buy since 2014? Isn't that some level of entrapment? It just seems like this obvious paradox would have been solved by now....IMO
  3. Hi everyone newbie here. I would really like to participate more in the forum but I'm in a bizarre predicament where autofill fail caused me to make my display name my actual e-mail and now I cannot figure out how to change it. I've messaged support but to no avail. Is there no option to change your display name? It's kind of awkward posting in the forum with my email just right out there for everyone to see as it is right now. Please let me know if anyone has ever successfully changed their display name or if i have to start over! Thanks, I'm not mentally handicapped, its autofill's fault I swear! lol
  4. Am I the only person that immediately though of towelie from the "You're a Towel" South Park Episode??? lol I'm sorry it's just what came to mind. Also a towel can be attractive but not towelie, towelie does nothing for me.
  5. Wow I can't believe nobody has responded to this yet because I feel like the majority of us have puked, I can take it one step further and say I have cried haha! Never have I ever seen Star Wars (Sorry its an easy one since I'm sure everyone else on the planet has seen star wars lol)
  6. I'm afraid this is going to make me look like a total moron but somehow I inadvertantly made my username that shows as my display name my actual email address and now I can't seem to figure out how to change it I can only change my e-mail. Don't laugh I'm sure it was an autfill fail. Any any options or am I destined to dox my personal info if I want to post things here? Thanks in advance and feel free to roast me I deserve it
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