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  1. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_heaven-7564429?source=list
  2. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Heaven for the first time on July 4th, 2023 at an undisclosed hotel in an undisclosed town or city in Nova Scotia (that's my secret). While neither one of us are American, boy there sure were some instant fireworks and sparks that flew from the moment that our, pardon the pun, "heavenly" first date commenced until it ended four hours later (I wish that I could go to Heaven every night, though I've replayed this unforgettable night over and over in my head in the time that has elapsed since she first knocked and walked through my door and into my life, forever altering its course, and changing it for the better. My jaw hit the floor and I found myself stammering and stuttering for the first 10-15 minutes of our date as if I was some love struck high school boy trying to find the words to ask the most beautiful girl in school to go with him to the prom, only this time she not only said yes, but I got to dance with her all night, er, more like she performed the hottest lap dance (okay, my first) that I ever have-or will, experience. Her voice sounded as soft and feminine as it did on the phone just moments before she arrived, Oh how I long to hear her beautiful voice and to gaze into her beautiful eyes once more or run my fingers through her kinky long hair, or get lost staring deep in her angelic hazel eyes as we share an intimate moment or get lost in conversation; I will hopefully be blessed to enjoy all of the pleasures of Heaven again in the near future, as she's my favourite sweet addiction. I knew from the first time I heard her voice, and made contact with her beautiful eyes and saw her heavenly looking, petite, fit body that I would never be the same again, as she's like the first time I heard Cheryl Crow on the radio, one word from her beautiful lips and look deep into her angelic hazel eyes and glance at her heavenly body (I couldn't take my eyes off of her), I knew this was going to be the hottest, steamiest and most exhilarating night of my life (which it was), as her enthusiasm, creativity and seemingly boundless energy made me feel like I was young again, as I was able to keep up with her. In spite of her obvious beauty, sensuality and seductiveness, coupled with the fact that she has the hottest, sexiest and tightest young body that I have ever seen in real life (I felt as though I had died and gone to heaven), Heaven means so much more to me than what I've just described above, and I can't wait to go to Heaven again in the future.
  3. Does anyone know of any New Brunswick based escorts who travel to Sackville, or who might be willing to do so? Thanks, Jay.
  4. Two points: I too am interested to know more about Alexix. Second, if you check LeoList ads for Truro, look for the verified sign and I am sure you'll find escorts who travel there from time to time. Other than that, I've wondered the same thing, as so many ads are from unverified.
  5. Other than Sydney, do you know of any other places in Cape Breton where one can go on a date with an escort?
  6. The short answer is yes hotels are safe. I was fortunate when I arranged to meet a reputable escort at her hotel that It just happened to be the same one that I was staying at; this meant that I didn't have to awkwardly enter a hotel that I wasn't staying at and take the elevator to the floor her room was at. (in larger hotels, this won't be a concern, as there is no way to keep track of everyone who is staying there). My next experience with escort (who happened to also be a masseuse) was at her house, so again, another stress free date. However, for my third encounter with an escort, it was my first time hosting: she phoned the hotel to verify I was there. A short while later, she knocked on my door and we had a wonderful first date together (for the next two dates that I have planned, I will also be hosting, which is fine. I know this isn't exactly what you were asking, but these are all things one has to consider-and know about-before a hotel incall or outcall. Just book & enjoy.
  7. From my brief experience, there don't appear to be any obvious YFL escort services in Halifax, or, for the matter, the Maritimes region as a whole, as these are much more common throughout the rest of Canada (especially Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia, re: larger cities). In so far as I can tell, most, if not all of Halifax's escorts are independent service providers, though that doesn't mean that they aren't in communication with one another, re: friendship and support.
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