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Found 3 results

  1. Happy Holidays !!!! I'll be available from the early morning of Thursday Dec 26th until Saturday (28th) afternoon in a very a convenient part of centretown.. My usual schedule is Wed evenings through to Sat afternoons. I will be available the following week as per my usual Wed afternoon to Sat afternoon schedule. As always, I'm in a discreet, smoke-free environment (prvt balcony avail) with ample street and adjacent lot parking) During my visit, both day time and evening sessions are available. I'm an early bird so don't be shy if early mornings are a good time for you (some advance notice needed (2hrs if very early), unless PJs, bleary eyes and a teddy bear being dragged by his paw is your thing) It never hurts to ask though. Duos are available with advance booking. For more info please visit my Duos Page For those of you I have yet the pleasure of meeting, here's a bit more about myself. I'm someone who is open-minded & enjoys romance as well as the wild loss of control where chemistry causes a lack of inhibitions and even for those who are intrigued by such... the darker world of fetish, bdsm, role playing & domination etc. I'm a slim & athletic but curvy 5'7, (5'11 with heels) 36D (DD for Vsecret) 28 38 with long dark hair and big blue/green eyes. I invite you to visit my profile to learn more about me and see some of my pix. I just added a bunch of new ones again! You can also view my website www.JessyCeleste.weebly.com Planning ahead is recommended but not necessary. I am available for over-night companionship and dinner dates (obviously we'd have to plan ahead for that lol) as well. I LOVE getting all dressed up and requests are more than welcome. I have a vast array of outfits, (school girl, sexy stripper, romantic lingerie & domina (PVC,Latex etc), regular/secretary) as well as tools for the more daring of adventurers.I aim to please because I want to see you again when I next visit. (multiple hours work on declining scale. Benefits to on-going relationship/frequent visits.) Chez moi $250h 2hr $450 3hr $620 Chez vous $300h (within reasonable distance) For Dom, Fetish & BDSM, please see below. Women and Couples also, very very welcome (additional contribution for additional companion Fetishes, BDSM and/or domination, are by hobbyist specific request only and further contributions may or may not be requested, depending on several factors. IE the nature of the subject, frequency of visits, appointment length, number of extra specialties within one appointment and so on. I pride myself on being very fair to both of us in my pricing. For those who are interested in such ventures; I am very well versed in this world and have a great selection of equipment/toys/attire etc. As for fetishes, many have been surprised that I was the one girl who actually heard of "it" before. Please contact me if interested in Overnights, 24hr and Multi-Day-Get-Away packages. To see what others have to say about the time they've spent with me, please check out my recommendations page (More recos & review links avail on my site) And don't forget you can check out my profile for pics and a bit more about me. My face, Tattoos & piercings are hidden for discretion's sake but photos are otherwise unaltered. Please allow a few days for reply via PM. Text is best for prompt reply.. Please note, nowhere near all my interests are listed here. I'm very versatile and um... creative *giggle* No private or spoofed numbers please. (They will be ignored.) I don't answer calls I am not expecting, please text. Hope to hear from you soon! Kisses, JessyCeleste xoxo xxx 438-274-3853 (text only) JC 7 Foot Fet.mp4 Dont B shy.mp4
  2. September 06th - 11th Duo Specials with Roxie Rocks - - - - - - - - - Youve seen me before, havent you? I am certain you have. That tall, curious curvaceous blonde across the bar, ever so elegantly painted in tattoos that get caught in the warm glow of the bar. Her eyes sparkle in that glow as she laughs with her friends; a laugh so genuine that you can not help but want to know what has gotten her so energized. Her drink of choice is always scotch; the smokier the better, and almost always neat. You notice her sipping it slowly, truly savoring what is in front of her. You catch her eye and she coyly winks at you. Before you have the chance to order her that next scotch, she’s gone. You imagine her being as smoky, hot, and fiery as what she was sipping on, and you are spot on. Because that woman you saw across the bar? Thats me. I want you to know what it is like to be the scotch that slides past my lips. I want to show you what is behind this mischievous smile. But you already know, dont you? It is a woman who knows exactly how to show you the time of your life, and leave you with a story that you’ll want to tell again and again. Once you get a hold of me, you are going to want to linger. Believe me, I will want to linger over you just like I linger over my favorite scotch; slowly and carefully, using all of my senses. Care to linger over one another and find out what it takes to really have the time of our lives together? Care to have another drink? Feravitae.me [email protected] Text only :: 514 466 9981 Donations 350 :: 1hr 450 :: 90m 550 :: 2hr 750 :: 3hr
  3. Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. This is episode 19 of this year's journey of 43. Remember that pretty, quiet girl in class that was a little shy, a little too smart for her own good, that was always friendly but would keep to herself much of the time. Then casually, would surprise you with a story about how she and 6 of her friends had the best time together on the weekend and had collectively shared over 90 orgasms in a 24 hour period. Do you remember how you tried to keep your tongue in your mouth and your zipper from popping open and launching a tab into someone's eye in the next area code - remember her? Well she is here in Ottawa now and her name is Erin. http://www.cerb.ca/vbulletin/member.php?u=18844 So, before I start, please be advised that your mileage may vary. We had developed a connection in chat, with PMs and phone calls before meeting, so the energy was pretty high to start. I spent about 8 hours with Erin. We started at 4 pm and I finally left at midnight. The evening started at a local watering hole where we met for drinks with Dummpy and Igotaboner. This was post MMF and let's say that Dummpy's smile was a big as his...friendliness. Both gentlemen are first class and we had an animated discussion about all sorts of things, including a tasty Erin buffet - but that is for another story. We left at around 6 pm and decided it was silly to stick with our original plan of 8-10, so we headed back to my hotel suite. Erin is easy to like. She is friendly, laughs easily, has a sweet smile, lovely eyes, and great big "tracts of land" (for you non-Monty Python fans, that means boobs). We started with kissing - she is a good kisser, a very good kisser: hot, wet, passionate, and with a studded lip, there were sensations that were very new to me. Since we had been in the sun for a couple of hours we decided to shower. This was a very good idea, I like showers - hot, soapy, wet, where you can get into all the nooks and crannies and make sure that everything is very, very, very clean. I loved the feeling of handling her soapy breasts and I cannot believe I am saying this but they are almost too big, although I am up for the challenge. (Later in the evening, I made her laugh with my "motor-boating" in her breasts - just watch "Wedding Crashers" if you don't know what I mean.) After drying off, we headed for the king-size bed and proceeded to engage. This is where things get fuzzy. Somehow we ripped all the sheets off, moved the mattress off the box spring, banged the TV on the wall, almost knocked the lamp over, and I have still not had my first orgasm - although Erin informed me that she had two by now, one right after the other. What can I say, I love eating pussy and Erin loves to have her pussy eaten. She is an energetic, enthusiastic, electric playmate. There were very few limits and based on our earlier discussions, we decided to try a few things that I really cannot discuss without her permission but lets say that I am looking forward to on-going "training" and to accomplishing a series of goals that just may be illegal in a jurisdiction near you. Finally I decided it was time for me to orgasm and always playing safe, I must have come close to breeching my latex levee. Erin has very good control of her inner muscles and I must say that the squeezing made sure that every last drop of Maxwell House was drained from my coffee pot. We laughed like long lost friends and talked about this, that, and the other thing over there. Time kinda disappears and Erin makes you feel like there really is no other place to be. Round two was even better than round one and I have an appointment with my cardiologist on Tuesday to make certain that future encounters will not cause me to use my pre-paid funeral arrangements prematurely. No one likes a premature expirer.;) It's now about 10 pm and since we did not have dinner, both of our stomachs have decided to leave and find a decent restaurant. We decide we should join them and off we go. Smelling like sex and latex, we kinda fix our hair, put on clothes and head to a great diner for some very guilty food - although I should not reveal this, Erin had breakfast and I had a smoked meat poutine - what the hell, I earned it. Conversation continued and we discuss more of everything, revealing something about ourselves, our goals, dreams - like you would on a "normal' date. I was pleased that my donation will go towards her travel plans. I was also pleased that she liked the little gifts that I had brought her. Our conversation continued over "smoky dessert" and I have to say that 39 is now my new favorite number. So, is Erin for every guy. Nope. She's for guys that like their women curvy, smart, funny, energetic, insightful, and naughty. Erin is not fat but she is certainly not skinny. She has curves and some tummy. She has enormous boobs - I happen to like big breasts, so I was a happy man. She also gets really wet - also happen to like that too. She is adventurous and I like to explore, so that is good. Her look is a little punk - not hardcore, rather Ani DiFranco crossed with the girl-next door (a freaky girl next door). As I have said before, if you are looking for one to spin on your cock, keep the chin ups going, you will need some big guns but given her flexibility and genuine love of sex, Erin is as fun as the come. Will I see her again - you betcha! Should you? Well, make up your own mind, do you want me to chew your food too?
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