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  1. Does not accept cash for “I don’t accept cash for my safety, I hope you understand what I mean” and here is the rub... “When you’re ready to come, you come along with a condom and a $150 steam card then text me when you’re here, you scratch card to show me proof,i’ll come get you.” advertising “am in Holiday inn Sydney- waterfront” stay safe out there guys & gals https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/cape_breton_i_am_available_for_hook_ups_in_calls_and_out_callss-6281686
  2. Funny I meant to post about this. She was great to talk to. Then it got down to meeting as I was close to her location and the question came “how are you intending to pay” of course my reply “with magic beans how else” anyway she would not accept cash, deposit only. Even offered more cash then asked for initially for the convenience of paying via cash...No deal... You are right about the Sydney area always seems like scams running. There has been two running in the area for well over a month now maybe longer.
  3. Not sure about legitimacy but I can say with certainty that I have seen that exact same text for the ad associated with different pictures in the Sydney area. With that said nothing legit aside from StacieXoXO has been through in a while and Daysha.
  4. I’m immediately leery of SnapChat only ad’s but that’s just me.
  5. So just out of curiosity. “You bailed” you showed up and had bad vibes and bounced ? I had to do that twice and always felt like a heel afterwards lol but I mean at the end of the day it’s safety right ? Or did you just bail on the planning to meet ? I’m curious how others deal with this as well.
  6. Had a very good rapport with her, would of love to stay In touch.
  7. Clearly sarcasm is lost on you guys eh ? Awful sour bunch lol lighten up. The only time you guys come out of the woodwork is to rip on a post that wasn’t up to your “level of quality” or knowledge. Belittling and being condescending isn’t “help” as you say... it was a joke, maybe next time you can try and take one and....I’ll let you fill in the blank 😉
  8. She’s still going strong with her advertising. Makes. Me wonder if she might be legit.
  9. If it’s the Girl I’m thinking of I posted this a few weeks back and apparently she was pregnant.
  10. Nope, but requires full payment via entransfer prior to arrival. Seems a little dicey to me.
  11. Ocean & Skye back in Sydney again. Careful, read what I said above.
  12. Yea that’s her ! Not sure about Clayton Park. I know she was at a few hotels in Halifax. While in Sydney was a mix of Hotels and Houses.
  13. You were all so helpful letting me know where a fave of mine was, I thought maybe you could help here. She advertised as Gia and Mia or both usually in Sydney area hotel or rentals and back and forth to Halifax. Last I saw she was In Halifax. she was very nice, long dark hair, had a large tree tattoo on her hip leg area.
  14. I would have to agree with you VERY sweet if not the sweetest she was so kind. I was hoping to hear how she was doing as well through the pandemic. that is 100% the girl I’m talking about in the profile !
  15. I’m not sure where In Halifax she would of been. I saw her in another city. She was always travelling by bus. Such a nice girl Too.
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