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    I am 35 years young and vivacious! Moving like a feline, I will quickly find your sweet spots!

    Modelesque features, tall slender and fit. I am your alternative, girl next door:) My qualities go beyond my beauty! Well spoken and a witty sense of humour makes me an ideal conversationalist. Up to date on current affairs, so we have much to seduce our minds and our bodies!

    J'ai 35 ans, jeune et comme un félin, je vais rapidement trouver vos endroits préférés! Modelesque, grande élancée et en forme. Je suis ton alternative, fille d'à côté :) Mes qualités vont au-delà de ma beauté!






    ⭐⭐⭐Twitter : @dior_zoe ⭐⭐⭐

    @Studio 110 we are always a leading and innovative spa. Upgrading and setting trends!

    Please see my site for all details.

    Booking Daily from 11am to 8pm.

    506. 261. 7313
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  1. Hola Ladies and Gents! I’m here to offer you the ultimate upscale exotic experience:) I will make all your fantasies come true from my sensual touch, soft kisses, and modelesque features... Our luxurious spa is also equipped with a Japanese soaker tub for an exceptional evening of delight or we can toast in the daylight under the sun. I love great conversation, I’m very laid back and open-minded:) Im looking forward to captivating your body and soul, if only for a moment... but surely the memories will last forever😘😘😘, XoXo, Zoe Dior www.ladysophiaclassic.com (506)261-7313
  2. Hey Yal, So I’m new to this, and I’m wondering, very discreetly of course if it’s worth it to journal my experiences; as in emotional, physical, fun and not so fun... I really hate the stigmas in this line of work and I feel like the only way to remove them is to be open? Maybe others are interested in contributing something or which platforms are available? Some of the stories I’ve read are absolutely inspiring and mind blowing... Thoughts??? 🖤ZoeDior
  3. Hey Everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying a sunny and/or snowy day:) I’m new to the biz and just wanted to extend my gratitude for this network!... The positivity that is expressed and knowledge that’s available with regards to safety and services across the country is amazing! Sending love to all of you this holiday season! 🖤ZoeDior
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