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  1. Two sides of the coin. many providers wont take calls because of fantasy bookers. if you are unsure: offer a small gift card $10-20 as a gesture for the phone call and towards a tip for your session. a consideration for their time on the phone and a form of verification as you would be sending from an email. this is mutual sharing of info for a common goal - both being assured the others time is not being wasted or scammed a lot of providers will refuse video call especially if theyre face in. you could always offer they dont shoe their face but you show yours. so you hear their voice but they see your face if you dint want to send a photo. try not to haggle. Try not to take offence if someone is defensive or seems upset. We also deal with a lot of scammers, hagglers, abusive attacks and safety concerns just be mindful we are all trying to figure this out safely
  2. Get a little sultry and sensual with us! Let us take care of you❤️😇 Please reach out to connect - we may also be available March 11&12 in Montreal 😜 Ask about our delicious DUO DEALS and prebooking discounts
  3. Most swers want decriminalization not legalization. similar to issues with cannabis. Legalization without decriminalization leaves the gov with lots of room to abuse the average individual. specifically implementing restrictions of who can be a swer or how we do our jobs, or more wildly insane licensing fees. it's already $500 Toronto dancinf $500 massage license $450 Niagara dancing $350 Vaughn dancing the only club out east is run by a skeezebag who wants you to give a 1000-1500 cash deposit "in case of damages". it would look like sex work going from entry level to them using it as a way to implement harsher penalizations to people not following their regulations. regulations which they would not involve workers in on the decisions of. 🤫👀😵‍💫 decriminalization over legalization anyday. Decrim would solve our issues without giving us more
  4. Hello hello Halifax! I will be inside if you the 13th of Sept to the 18th ! If you would like to submit yourself to me and my desires - show me ! please visit my website and reach out so you can explore your own desires. Feel free to ask about my SUMMER SPECIALS! I am already spoken for for at least one overnight! Check out my onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/samanthaknoxx or my pornhub! https://www.pornhub.com/pornstar/samantha-knoxx
  5. Hello hello Halifax! I will be inside if you the 13th of Sept to the 18th ! If you would like to entangle yourself with me please visit my website! Feel free to ask about my SUMMER SPECIALS! I am already spoken for for at least one overnight! Check out my onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/samanthaknoxx or my pornhub! https://www.pornhub.com/pornstar/samantha-knoxx
  6. What's HILARIOUS is you suggesting theres literally any reason what so ever for YOU to be tipped. you are an anon client profile.... and you are out here procurring services when you dont even think its ethical to do so..... how does it feel knoeing you are the kind of many who sees unethical behaviour, participates in it and then acts pious and above compensating sex workers for their labour. Get a grip bro. And maybe a therapist. it was YOUR choice to enter my dms and ask me to contribute my time and energy to discourse that in absolutly no way genuinely or directly supports sxx workers on this platform like myself. this just feels like you wanted attention on your post and figured Id bring something to the discourse. Which is true- and yet entirely self serving to you. of course you didnt offer to tip me. You came into my DMs asking me to provide YOU with free emotional and physical labour......... why would I ever believe you to be the kind of generous considerate man to tip sex workers for their labour🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🤷🏼‍♀️
  7. You should tip her for her valuable insight. But im sure based off your own refusal to tip me after you requested I reply and interact with this post - that you wont Orpheus🥺🤪🤔🤷🏼‍♀️
  8. After several discussions with clients inquiring with me personally and after a thread here I have quickly written out a handful of things you can do to see if someone is legit. 1. Do they have ads on other ad sites? 2. reverse image search 3. Google their name 4. google their number 5. do they have social media ? 6. Do they work with other reputable providers? 7. Do they have reviews? 8. How long has their ad been up? 9. How old are their social media(consider we are deplatformed often) 10. How many ads do they have up? (consider many providers have ads running in multiple cities at once so that prospective clients from a city they tour in sees them- having ads posted in multiple cities is not always an indicator of a scam) feel free to add to this!
  9. Oh boy. I am so excited to dissect all of this. 1. You have unfortunately focused on the negative point. I'm only offering truthful advise, and I have nothing but respect 😮‍💨. Correct. I have absolutely focussed on the negative points because your argument is based in deposits being a risk for clients. Which is a negative concern of booking a provider. your "advice" **** is UNSOLICITED and it isnt actually advise. telling other clients on a forum like this that you "cant get behind" deposits , is not advice. It is your opinion. And might I ask what your opinion is based in? is it based in anecdotal evidence? Is it from your lived experience of being scammed? You do not get to sit here ans claim you have "nothing but respect" when you are sitting here on a forum where YOU get to be anonymous and talk about your explorations with "high end" escorts while simultaneously suggesting that an extremely common business practice (depositing) is NOT a practice you believe sxx workers should be able to utilize. 2.This isn't going to Home depot or a reputable brick and motor business to give a deposit on materials. It is a virtual add, with a virtual deposit. It is intimidating as a client to filter though fake adds on sites like leolist, 95% of them are scams. Boy oh boy! Im excited for this one. First. I think you meant MORTAR not motor. secondly, comparing HUMAN beings offering an intimate service to giving a deposit to home depoit for "materials" is a perfect example of dehumanizing sxx workers. It displays your inability to distinguish the vast differences between procurring sexual services and buying construction materials. Which btw! You would BUY not put a deposit on. I personally rent from home depot often. virtual ad you say? Yes like most of our ads now a days are virtual - on the radio, TV, websites, via social media etc. you pay for deposits for MANY virtually purchased products and I wonder if you have ever made an online purchase- paid in FULL in advance and then waited for shipping..... ?????? most weed dispensaries require a deposit now. many service providers have a deposit or cancellation fee because of the harmful impacts to a business when people NO SHOW. you speak of the level of intimidation in scouring leolist for clients - have you considered the level of intimidation for providers in meeting up with some random man? our risk of murder is substantially higher and more common than you already on the basis of being "women". And the rates are even higher with adult workers because the violence we experience so often goes unchecked. even when we are murdered, you ever heard the term NHI? it refers to cases labelled by law enforcement as NO HUMAN INVOLVED and is frequently used on cases of sexx workers. so while I absolutely hold some level of understanding and compassion for clients regarding their fears - your fears of losing a deposit are nothing compared to the tribulations that sexx workers face. you fear loss of deposit I fear loss of my life. Tryst literally has a document now detailing how to book workers. you could also apply your knowledge and use transferable experience from other businesses youve procurred services from and paid deposits to figure out how to verify if a business is reputable. 95% is also a huge statistic. I could arguably say 95% of clients on there are aggressive, disrespectful and only text "you available" to a dozen workers at once. Id also like to say that maybbbe if men thought a little bit less with their cocks theyd be able to differentiate between a scam and a real genuine human being. 3.There are tons of shit clients, don't get me wrong. Definitely not denying that lol. But there are two sides to every coin, client and SP both need to understand the other point of view. I've already mentioned that I do often consider the perspective of clients and understand the risks associated with procuring services as a client. With that being said I am wondering if you personally have taken the time to familiarize yourself with the legislation around the adult industry and the risks posed to you as a client simply from a legislative standpoint? I would also like to point out that maybe you should consider hopping onto Twitter and seeing the continuous discourse of sex workers from across the globe around screening and deposits. Most SWs absolutely do consider The things that may or may not impact clients and I was such their own business. So since you are saying that we need to consider each other's plans I will once again reiterate the fact that you have concerns of paying a deposit because you're worried about being scammed, I have concerns about being sexually assaulted physically assaulted, stealthed, Pregnancy, PCOS, endometriosis, vaginal tearing, anal fissures, contracting an STI and having to take time off work or having to be on medication for the rest of my life, stalking, being banned from travelling, having my bank account closed, having my children taken from me, being denied or having accounts shutdown on payment processors or websites - these are just a few off the top of my noggin right now but I am sure if we made a ven diagram of all the concerns clients and sex workers have there would be some that are the same... and there woild be MANY on yhe side of workers that are not a concern for clients. Also. understanding the perspective of one another does not mean that you should be advocating against deposits. If you genuinely understood what it was that was behind this phenomenon and respected it you would not be advocating against it you would be sharing your own knowledge around the risks and how to mitigate those risk . 4.You're obviously real, but not all girls asking for deposits have a tag on a forum, or a Twitter to prove they're legit. One. I'm not a girl. For many reasons one because I don't need a man to infantilize me using language used to refer most commonly to females under the age of 18. But also because I am a non-binary provider and not all sex workers are women. If you wanna misgender me at the bare minimum do me the respect of acknowledging that I am an adult human being. Because you don't see us referring to you clients as "boys" And I just wanna point out the concerns I have with suggesting that because somebody is on a forum that that makes them real. Sure this is one of many places that I exist on the Internet. And you could verify of myriad of other places that I just on the Internet I'm also a face out provider and if you've been paying attention at all recently there are also a lot of fake Twitter's. And many workers have been calling out those pages and also providing clients with a number of different ways to verify that somebody is legitimate such as reverse image search. Searching up their name and seeing what pops up and not just within the first couple pages but doing a deep depth research of the business that you're contacting. 5. Please don't attack me based on my input. I felt my reply would offer valuable insight. your reply literally only said that you cannot get behind deposits I'm unsure what you think is valuable in terms of this or how it is insight when it is merely just your opinion that you are sharing with other prospective clients this is no way helps you other clients or sex workers genuinely find a happy medium of comfort when it comes to the booking process. And you might wanna consider looking into what rejection sensitivity is if you think that I am attacking you. I'm sharing my perspective as a worker who has been in this industry for nearly all of my adult life and for nearly a decade. And I'm calling into question the perspective of an anonymous man on a forum who is telling other men on a forum that they can't get behind adult workers requiring a deposit. 6. I understand this is a sensitive subject. I do not condone violence or disrespect on any level, especially SPs. Just wanted to point out this paragraph doesn't make sense I think he meant to say especially towards SPs. Regardless once again you sitting here on anonymous account telling other men to not provide deposits because you can't get behind it and because there's scammers out there is absolutely direct violence towards sex workers because you are literally sitting here undermining hundreds of workers efforts over the years to acquire deposits now that we have the ability to do so. Yes our safety is absolutely a sensitive subject considering the rates in which we are violently harmed including murdered. And part of our safety protocols includes screening and deposits and it's absolutely a privilege to be able to ask for those things. As a final note -- I regularly see high end SPs when they travel to Winnipeg. I have formed many great relationships with them, and all of which had met me with no depoit due to my referrals. They know I'll show up, pay, treat them well and respect them, all by using the referral system. I just want you to consider how often you may have been referred to some sort of product or business or experience and how the experience of somebody else may not be the experience that you have. And that is why over the last several years providers have begun to reject the referral system due to the fact that you can have an amazing experience with one provider and a horrible experience with another as a client in the same could be said about workers. It is also a classic tactic of abusers to create a support system around them of other reputable individuals that trust and believe in them and will absolutely stand up for their reputation of being a good person it's classic abuser behavior. And we have absolutely seen it with clients who will treat certain providers with the upmost respect and then proceed to treat other workers in disgustingly violent violent manners. And there have been dozens and dozens of cases of workers having a referral for a client and the client becoming violent or not paying or causing harm and some other way. Which is why screening with referral only is almost just as dangerous as seeing a client with absolutely no screening information. There have been so many instances where providers have been angry that their clients asked them for a referral and have lied to other workers either telling them they were terrible clients or telling them that a client was amazing even though that client repeatedly caused them harm. and I would be delighted to know the names of these high-end providers that you are claiming do not require deposits. Since you are sitting here telling people that they shouldn't deposit you should probably consider sharing the providers that don't require deposits and that screen in a way that is comfortable for you and possibly other clients. so to reiterate. Your initial post was not helpful whatsoever. It directly contradicts the current discourse in the community globally and is coming from an anonymous account from a male client, directed to other male clients. and I just want to make an honourable mention: rest in peace to Marilynne Levesque 23 year old women from Quebec who was working at a spa and was seeing a client there who then offered to book a hotel to see her so she could acquire all of the rate and not provide the spa with a cut. This client was out on parole for having violently murdered his ex girlfriend. He brutally murdered her with a hammer and then wrote slurs such as whore across her apartment walls in her blood before he walked himself to the police station and turned himself in. His parole officer allowed him access to a spa so that he would not be as likely to target "the general public". This is a perfect example of how even if you have a "referral" or have met someone in a BRICK AND MORTAR space , that doesnt make them safe. And that goes both ways. At this point I have nothing left to say to you lt any other individual who would like to sit here and try and rationalize advocatinf against business practices sex workers have implemented to protect themselves, but also to legitimize sex work as we continue to advocate for our humans and labour rights in an era where average Americans have been denied access to life saving medical care and body autonomy. I can guarantee you the violence you fear you might experience as a client is absolutely nothing compared to the violence experienced by women on a daily basis and is nothing compared to the violence sex workers experience. Also I wonder... does saying you book "high end" escorts make you feel better about paying for sex? Or was it just inserted so that you could suggest that "there are high end sps doing this!" obviously there are. and I myself have waived deposits so that I could make income to pay my bills, feed and house myself... and 9/10 those people no/show. and 1/10 those humans are lovely anazing AND were willing to pay me a higher rate because they werent depositing. but deposits are screening for me. and my right to safety and security as work and as a human being absolutely take precedence over your desire for anonymity or concerns of being scammed. And with that, I doubt you and I will ever connect. And not that I would know or could stop you from contacting me - but I am NOT interested in seeing you as a client BECAUSE of your original post advocating against deposits. And your subsequent reply where you have absolutely centred yourself. have the very best of times in your search for connection and companionship. i hope you have the life you deserve and I will not be affording you any further unpaid emotional or physical labour in the form of a digital reply. have the day you deserve🌟
  10. Its possibly: you did not pass their screening a reference isnt a guarantee you are getting booked or they forgot - I always reccomend a follow up..
  11. Its hard to get behind deposits?????? Im not sure what planet you live on but its pretty common globally for bussinesses to have deposit requirements for a myriad of services. so to clarify you think sxx workers asking for deposits for shorter sessions isnt something you can get behind...? Why? imagine. I book 3 clients this week. none of them deposit. all of them no call/no show. I have now: possibly denied others those time slots am out all of my prospective income for the week i possible paid for ubers or an incall space I got ready, did makeup hair etc... possibly paid for childcare I do not have the ability to get provincial support. I have zero recourse for being ghosted and left with $0 after the time and energy of a back and forth to book someone. A great way to tell providers you don't respect us or care about the risks we deal eith in this industry and the financial abuse violence we experience is to say "I cant get behind deposits"🤪😅
  12. In my experience: some dudes are fantasy bookers. Some get off on wasting our time. Literally knowing we are expecting them and knowing theyve wasted our time. especially true for instances where theres no deposit (Which is why deposits are becoming ever more common) some are scared. And get cold feet. some are messaging multiple providers and seeing who responds with the lower rates regardless THIS is why I implemented a deposit especially when travelling
  13. "Anyone know her personally reach out" hey bud. How about fuck no. If someone has retired, its disgusting behaviour for you to suggest someone from their personal life reach out so that YOU can bust another nut. Do NOT reach out to retired workers or workers on hiatus. This is such a disgusting display of entitlement. you have zero business to be encouraging people contact someone who clearly doesnt want to be contacted anymore. and for you to suggest someone should come back and "just raise their rates" shows your entitlement and just how little you understand about the relatities of this industry. we experience violence often from men. Many people leave the industry because they have to because they can no longer deal with being the cannon fodder of mens unstable and entitled behaviour. so respectfully, this entitlement needs to go my guy. find a new provider.
  14. I offer a Virgin Experience for folks looking to pop their cherry 💜💪🏻🥰 You can visit my website for further details. and I will be back to the east coast lickity split!🥺 esp if I have delightful incentive https://samanthaknoxx.com/meet-me/
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