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Celeste Diamond

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Tonight was my first time with an SP, and I just got back from seeing Celeste.

I was hella nervous and for a while I wasn't sure if I was making the right decision.


I pull up and this tiny tiny cute girl with a slamming body greets me at the door, like an old friend. She effortlessly makes small-talk that doesn't seem forced in the least, and welcomes me in, as if I had been there a thousand times before. She offered me something to drink, and I took a quick shower on site.


After that, we got going, and she was amazing at calming my nerves. I truly felt like I was with a girlfriend. She knew it was my first time, and urged me not to worry about the clock, which worked cause I completely forgot about it. For the hour we were together, I was in another place.


She's exceptionally good at what she does, and responds and asks for feedback every so often to make sure you're enjoying it fully. She actually showed me that I was into things that I didn't know I was.


Overall an amazing experience, and I will definitely be seeing her again.


Pictures are accurate, but as hot as she is (and she is hot) the pictures can't possibly capture her spirit, and how she can really really immerse you into the experience.


Long Story Short: Saw Celeste. Was my first time with an SP. Super Hot. Quiet, clean, nice place. Very sweet, very skilled. Highly recommend.

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if you thought about seeing her, I can guanrantee that once u did you will kick yourself for not going earlier.


For the time we spent together, she is a genuine, seductive, super sensual beauty. Just like what ur girlfriend would do to you after not seeing u for a while she is eager to have fun.


Gorgeous body, small frame soft smooth skin, nice to the touch, feels just right when I held her tight. She is pretty, very very pretty, prettier than that girl I thought about, with cute small feet.


True gfe, absolutely love her.

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