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  1. I suppose my question was more about the Dartmouth and day part. For reasons, nights are not good for me, and "Halifax" is universally used for all of HRM generally.
  2. Wondering if there are any Dartmouth girls who cater to light roleplay? Looking for a daytime escape from work, and would love to spice it up with a little storyline 😉 Going during work makes things exciting, but I have to keep it reasonable.
  3. Redcap

    SP’s who see women

    Thank you ladies for replying, this is giving me a lot of hope! The sad part now is that it's seeming like most of your schedules won't line up with ours. SJ and Fredericton on Friday/ Saturday and then Moncton (where there seems to be the most options) on a Sunday. Just my luck it seems!
  4. Hey all Is it just my imagination, or is there a serious lack of SP’s who are willing to see other women? Maybe I just don’t know where to look. I want to line up a fun time for my girl, but she would appreciate the ability to choose, as there’s plenty of choice for men. Is it really so rare for women to seek other women SP’s? Or for couples to want to add a third?
  5. Hey all Myself (M) and my play partner (F) are traveling to Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John next month, and I’m looking to line up a girl who is open to having some fun with a couple. Any suggestions on who we should see, who would be good for that? We would want the girl to be totally open for another girl to play with my partner, not just with me. Thanks!
  6. Redcap

    British Babe?

    I saw that thread, but I find it's inconclusive at best. The Sauce guy didn't end up putting up a reco that I could easily find, and the original post looks like it was edited to just gibberish.
  7. http://escortbabylon.net/#!/halifax/post/9024001521/23786268/23786268 Has anyone had the pleasure? PM with details if you will. Thanks!
  8. Redcap

    Kiarah on bp?

    She's low key, but appears to be legit. Some people here, who I would consider to be trustworthy, have had dates with her, and reported that the photos were accurate and the service was great. If she interests you, I'd say go for it, but make sure you write a proper review after. Think of the next guy!
  9. Redcap

    Downtown Offices

    I must admit that I hadn't thought of the hotels taking issue. Sometimes I forget that providing isn't entirely socially accepted, which is odd in this day and age, in a port city no less... It really is too bad, as I work in one of the nearby office buildings, and some days, the convenience would be all it takes.
  10. Hey all Just wondering if any SP's have considered doing incalls at one of the hotels surrounding the office core. I know the Westin is popular, but places like the Marriott Harbourfront, or Delta would provide very convenient access to all of the big offices downtown. More of a thought than anything
  11. Redcap

    Any info?

    Even if I was interested before, I will not support a bait and switch.
  12. Redcap


    I think this girl may have been in the news fairly recently in a controversy. Whether or not she would continue to provide after that, I'm not sure. Tattoos seem to match though.
  13. Redcap


    Interested as well
  14. Has anyone seen Emily Wilson lately? From what I can tell, she used to be hyper popular here, but I don't see a lot of noise lately. Wondering if anyone has recent experience with her. I've seen her ads up and am curious. Thanks.
  15. Redcap

    BP Vs Babylon

    I find myself looking at both BP and EB for selection, then coming here to validate in the reco section.