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  1. Honestly, while it’s your choice - it’s definitely your loss on this one. Sarah is so worth seeing. I can’t wait to see her again.
  2. Literally the thread beneath yours discusses her. She’s also very reviewed in the recommended section.
  3. Did you say that the pics are *not* her?
  4. Just realizing that I hadn’t properly entered the rating. Comments are in the above post.
  5. Just realized I hadn’t properly done the rating portion. Just adding that in. Comments are in the post above.
  6. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jane for an incredibly fun experience this morning. Bear in mind, this was not a standard GFE. When she’s not an SP, I understand she’s a very active member in the BDSM community. This affords her a very broad range of talents. For our play, she was the perfect little sub. Communication was amazing, and she made me feel entirely comfortable. She was very engaging for the days leading up to our date, which built up some incredible anticipation. She’s a hobbyist turned SP, so general conversation with her is very interesting. She’s incredibly open, and you can explore pretty much anything with her, in a very safe environment. If you have interests which are a little less mainstream, or experiences you’d like to explore, give Jane a call to discuss. There’s no point in being shy, cause she definitely isn’t! Thanks for the incredible time Jane!
  7. Ugh that would be so bad. I’m generally safe with my phone, but pictures and videos out of the blue are so dangerous. If an SP is in the area and wanted to let me know, I think I’d prefer my hobby email. That way I still get it, without being super overt, and without me having to check Lyla all the time if I’m going into a dormant time.
  8. Excuse me, did you just say...chewing?!?
  9. This is a question for both hobbyists and providers I suppose. How does everyone feel about going down on an SP? For me, I feel like it’s an essential part of the experience in most cases, and really gets the mood going. Of course, there’s the elephant in the room, which is the clock, so obviously some balance has to be had. In my personal life, when I’m done, if I’m unable to ‘get back on the horse’ so to speak, I’ll happily go to town. In this world, how do SP’s feel about that? Is that something that is cool, if there’s time? Or is there a feeling of “let’s say bye now”? I suppose I’m just not well versed in my etiquette. All opinions are welcome!
  10. I saw Melanie this afternoon, and man am I glad our schedules finally jived. She’s incredible, and genuine, and seems to adapt to your desires by reading the situation. Very personable and a fun loving creature. I had a lot of fun, and can’t wait until the next time!
  11. “Free use” is something that appeals to me, and that kind of fits into your idea. I think the challenge here is limits. You’d need to be very clear with what’s “in character” and what’s not, as you’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position. I personally would feel slightly weird treating an SP ‘like a whore’. Even though it’s a hot thought, it seems disrespectful (to me) and I wouldn’t want to encourage it. Obviously different in your case if that’s what you’re looking for, but would it attract the wrong kind of people? Screening would need to be tight. To some extent, gangbanging a girl would be hot too, but logistically I’m not sure how feasible it would be.
  12. I just saw Sarah today, and “they should’ve sent a poet”, cause I’m at a loss for words. She’s incredibly tiny, probably smaller than you think. She’s incredibly beautiful, and smiles genuinely. Her personality honestly captivates you and it’s very easy to get lost in conversation. She has this way of making you feel immediately at ease, with a sort of familiarity that lingers. She’s a fascinating individual, and very open. If you met her in another circumstance, she’s the kind of person you’d love to be friends with, cause they’re just so interesting and easy to talk to. She’s also incredibly talented in areas aside from conversation. Definitely will repeat, as this was a wonderful experience overall. I can’t wait to see her again!
  13. I suppose my question was more about the Dartmouth and day part. For reasons, nights are not good for me, and "Halifax" is universally used for all of HRM generally.
  14. Wondering if there are any Dartmouth girls who cater to light roleplay? Looking for a daytime escape from work, and would love to spice it up with a little storyline 😉 Going during work makes things exciting, but I have to keep it reasonable.
  15. Thank you ladies for replying, this is giving me a lot of hope! The sad part now is that it's seeming like most of your schedules won't line up with ours. SJ and Fredericton on Friday/ Saturday and then Moncton (where there seems to be the most options) on a Sunday. Just my luck it seems!
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