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Ok so I’ve been hesitant to write this for a while as I’m embarrassed, however I feel people need to be aware.  So winter posted on LL a couple times several weeks ago. Anyway I contacted her and she was nice, friendly, responsive, answered my questions and seemed like a nice girl. She said she was staying at the best western near the mall in Moncton. She even provided a few pictures that weren’t in her ad, reverse search revealed no issues and they all appeared to be the same woman, so that all checked out.  We agreed on 120/half hour and all was set.

Then she asked for half up front. Okay alarm bells.. Now I’ve been seeing SP’s for the better part of 20 years now (not continuously though) and I’ve only been in Moncton now for the last couple years and while scams are a little more common in Ontario I didn’t expect to be hit with many here. Boy was I wrong.  So I didn’t immediately agree to her request, I questioned her on it and tried to see if she would agree to the meeting without it and she wouldn’t.  Anyway to verify her identity I had her send me other pictures, she even wrote my phone number on a piece of paper and took a picture of herself with it. That actually sold me, so I refused to do an e-transfer but she said she would accept a gift card so I sent her a $60 amazon gift card.  I think you all can guess what happened next.  I show up to the hotel and she goes silent. Because we were both on an iPhone we were using iMessage to communicate which tells you if your messages are delivered, well that stopped meaning she blocked me and while attempting to call I also was blocked.  I’d never given money before an appointment before to a new sp before this one. I have no problem doing it to women I trust but I feel like such an idiot.

i hold no ill will really towards her, I guess she needed the $60 more than I did. I do hope she bought herself something nice though.


Anyway just wanted to put it out there. I await the “What were you thinking?” posts..


Her name was Winter.

phone number was 506 220 0098

Email address that I sent gift card to [email protected]


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