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  1. Just me, and I do so sparingly, in fact not since March..
  2. So I think it was greenteal that linked me this topic after I asked if anyone has fallen in love with an sp in a separate topic. Anyway I think I’ve read this topic three times in the past couple weeks and just wasn’t sure if I had anything to contribute. However I do have some knowledge in this area. While it is true that most sp/client relationships should stay that way, we are all adults here and as long as it’s mutual there is nothing wrong with going beyond that. But it has to be mutual.. Take myself for example, I’ve never shared this however since there a certain anonymity here it’s not like you all know me. Back in the early 2000’s I met an sp as a client, spent only an hour and a half with her, it was a good experience, and I figured we’d go our separate ways and that would be the end of it. Anyway low and behold the next day I got a message from her asking if i wanted to hang out. I advised her I didn’t have any money that night (I was spending my osap money) so I would be unable to visit with her and I figured she was just trying to maybe hit me up for another evening and when I declined I thought that’s where it would have ended. However she said it was no charge just come over. So me being young and dumb sure I went over. We spent the whole night together, I figured she was lonely, so it was an odd experience for me to say the least as I had read threads on terb at the time that the client/sp boundary is sacred and never to be crossed. Anyway we continued to see eachother for about a week while she continued to work as an sp. (I got an interesting inside look into it then too) At this point we had started to really develop feelings for eachother and decided to change the relationship and started dating. She decided at that point to quit being an sp. We were married 6 weeks later and have been married for nearly 20 years now.. So my point is, while there is an established boundary with a client/sp, there is no carved in stone rule and nothing wrong with two consenting adults wishing to take the relationship somewhere different. Blue Skies ✈️
  3. I had this really really long post written out and I felt it might have been too much so here is the TLDR version. Many reasons why people do what they do, the thrill of it, lack of intimacy at home, or maybe just maybe they have permission. I had permission once, not sure I still do. I try not to get into my personal situation when I see an escort, I wont lie to her if she asks, but only a few have asked. I don't wear a wedding ring (mine is way too heavy) so I don't have a tan line so its not immediately obvious if I do or not. I always wonder if a woman would look at me differently if she knew. Anyway, life is what you make it. Some may label you a cheater, some people just don't care. Everyone's relationship is different and some people think of it as a huge betrayal, some don't, just look at it as sex and nothing more. C'est la vie.
  4. zoneman

    Just Random Thoughts

    You know the other day my wife borrowed my phone to make a Starbucks order, I had money on my Starbucks card and I was driving so she used my phone to make the order. I will admit I was a bit uncomfortable with her using it. Luckily I have notifications for certain items turned off, and she doesn’t go snooping 😉
  5. zoneman

    Busty SP’s in Moncton

    She’s been operating out of Halifax normally for a while now I believe.
  6. zoneman

    Self defense options

    There is a leprechaun?? Katie, is this true????
  7. This is very true, remember we are all human and it all depends on the people involved. I have made friends of a couple SP's over the years, some have invited me to drinks or dinner with them that were considered "off the clock" and there was no compensation for the time spent. The important part however is communication, don't ever assume it will be "off the clock" unless its what she would like to do. 99% of the times I have visited an SP it has been the proper business arrangement but there are times when you really click with someone that you spend time together outside of that type of relationship and it all depends on the person. I know some SP's have a very strict rule they set for themselves that anyone they meet within the confines of being a service provider they will keep it to strictly that relationship, and some aren't quite so rigid. Back in the day I created a few websites for SP's (needed some money for university) and we would make it clear that I was doing the work for her for Cash as some would try to trade favors for it, and I will admit being 19 years old I did cave in a couple times to a couple women. In fact spent one entire weekend with this one woman, good times, I did charge $1000 for a comprehensive website back in the day. You can do it practically for free now on squarespace and wix, bastards. 😄 So just take life as it comes, do what you want to do, but be sure everyone is in agreement for the type of relationship you are having. If you are SP/Client then that's what you are, if it evolves into friends or even friends with benefits then that's okay too as long as you both agree, sometimes it even evolves into full on dating and possibly marriage. My 2 cents...
  8. zoneman

    Best VPN?

    I've been thinking of using Private Internet Access (https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/) and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it?
  9. zoneman

    penis names

    Yes he does 😂😂😂😂
  10. zoneman


    I just posted more details in the warning section, it’s waiting to be approved by a moderator but prolly worth a read.
  11. Ok so I’ve been hesitant to write this for a while as I’m embarrassed, however I feel people need to be aware. So winter posted on LL a couple times several weeks ago. Anyway I contacted her and she was nice, friendly, responsive, answered my questions and seemed like a nice girl. She said she was staying at the best western near the mall in Moncton. She even provided a few pictures that weren’t in her ad, reverse search revealed no issues and they all appeared to be the same woman, so that all checked out. We agreed on 120/half hour and all was set. Then she asked for half up front. Okay alarm bells.. Now I’ve been seeing SP’s for the better part of 20 years now (not continuously though) and I’ve only been in Moncton now for the last couple years and while scams are a little more common in Ontario I didn’t expect to be hit with many here. Boy was I wrong. So I didn’t immediately agree to her request, I questioned her on it and tried to see if she would agree to the meeting without it and she wouldn’t. Anyway to verify her identity I had her send me other pictures, she even wrote my phone number on a piece of paper and took a picture of herself with it. That actually sold me, so I refused to do an e-transfer but she said she would accept a gift card so I sent her a $60 amazon gift card. I think you all can guess what happened next. I show up to the hotel and she goes silent. Because we were both on an iPhone we were using iMessage to communicate which tells you if your messages are delivered, well that stopped meaning she blocked me and while attempting to call I also was blocked. I’d never given money before an appointment before to a new sp before this one. I have no problem doing it to women I trust but I feel like such an idiot. i hold no ill will really towards her, I guess she needed the $60 more than I did. I do hope she bought herself something nice though. Anyway just wanted to put it out there. I await the “What were you thinking?” posts.. Her name was Winter. phone number was 506 220 0098 Email address that I sent gift card to [email protected]
  12. zoneman


    I’ve seen her, pictures are accurate, service was good, Im not sure I’d see her again but that’s only due to chemistry not service. Hope that helps.
  13. zoneman

    Self defense options

    I know right but you’d think that’d be a choking hazard. 😂 You’re prolly right.. 😉 i think ive derailed this thread by accident.. sorry 🤔
  14. zoneman

    Self defense options

    I never did understand the draw of fireman but hey, to each their own.. flight attendants are my jam 😉 lol
  15. zoneman


    I tried contacting her a month ago or so and she wanted half up front, take that for what you may..