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I set up an appointment with Kaylee tonight. Everything went smoothly initially. We agreed on the time and the ground rules. Things started getting a little weird when I arrived as she was asking questions about where I parked (which will unfortunately become relevant later).


I went upstairs and she let me in. We chilled for a while, had a cigarette then got down to business, I finished quickly, cleaned up in the bathroom and went back to the room.


At this point I heard another individual enter the apartment. I began to get dressed while an unidentified male entered the room we were in. Kaylee informed me “it’s alright he knows, it’s cool”, I didn’t say anything. They began talking about what time it was and how it was bedtime while he removed the sheets from the bed and threw them on the floor. I finished getting dressed and made my way to the door of the apartment while the male followed closely behind me, I exited and he locked the door. 


I was immediately upfront with kaylee and texted her a link to the warning section of lyla.ch and told her I would be giving an account of what had happened as I believed it was inappropriate the male came in without any warning. She indicated that it should be fine because we were finished and I disagreed. Following this she told me her boyfriend had my license plate number. I said I didn’t believe her and she said I would find out if I thought *of* posting a negative review. 


There it is. Maybe I’m over reacting but I would want to know if it happened to someone else. So many times my gut told me to leave and I didn’t. Trust your gut. 












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The 5 minutes she needed when you first got there was so buddy could get organized and go hide somewhere.  🙂

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I am in no way justifying any actions by them with the "BF" entering while on the clock, that is completely inappropriate and I would chalk it up to scamming you of time.

On the agreeing to MSOG, communication was not good on your side as I read it...

You asked question 1 - Are you available.

Then, before answering Q1 you asked;

Question 2 - MSOG in the Hr?

It looks like she answered your first question with a Yes, and advised donation.

Question 2 problably got overlooked.  Had it been confirmed MSOG she would have opportunity to state as an extra.

Still, bottom line I would avoid as if I request XX time I want that time.  Maybe its for some cuddling, a massage or just conversation after.  You should have gotten your hour - The MSOG could have been mentioned after and clarified  / allowed for to top up donation - She was not interested in respecting your time, sadly.


Appreciate you taking the time to better inform us on this one.   Really sorry to hear you had to deal with a very uncomfortable situation that shouldn't of happened!

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