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  1. I cannot comment on experience, however, from some texts... Everything is extra, if you want scripted and unoriginal ok, or you pay for each additional and it racks up fast.
  2. I've had several encounters with her, she is real and never felt any attitude. On the into it, she diffidently is. Like any other human being, treatment goes both-ways - don't expect anything less then you're willing to give.
  3. I found one sole review on Babylon; https://escortbabylon.net/image_list/9024038814 Would also enjoy any feedback ...
  4. I am in no way justifying any actions by them with the "BF" entering while on the clock, that is completely inappropriate and I would chalk it up to scamming you of time. On the agreeing to MSOG, communication was not good on your side as I read it... You asked question 1 - Are you available. Then, before answering Q1 you asked; Question 2 - MSOG in the Hr? It looks like she answered your first question with a Yes, and advised donation. Question 2 problably got overlooked. Had it been confirmed MSOG she would have opportunity to state as an extra. Still, bottom line I would avoid as if I request XX time I want that time. Maybe its for some cuddling, a massage or just conversation after. You should have gotten your hour - The MSOG could have been mentioned after and clarified / allowed for to top up donation - She was not interested in respecting your time, sadly. Appreciate you taking the time to better inform us on this one. Really sorry to hear you had to deal with a very uncomfortable situation that shouldn't of happened!
  5. Juicy Jess is one if not the most incredible SP I've been with. Easy to connect with, enjoys talking on a personal level even about life (her's -YMMV) I've never felt anything less then at home when around her. My only regret is not doing overnights sooner with her!
  6. @roamingguy Have you seen the price tags on some dolls? They can be upward of $7-10K + I'm not going to an establishment like this but I'm definitely not shelling out that kind of coin.. I can see this being appealing to some though and nothing wrong with what ever way someone wants to get their world rocked.
  7. We have had staff at our company questioned directly if they were a user of cannabis. The thing with this is, if you are legally allowed to use the substance outside of work how can you work when you need travel to the US ? Employers can't expect staff to willfully make false statements nor should they want you to - Catch 22. I am seeing similar issues with our Canadian Forces and required drug testing before certain duties are carried out. Seems like with most laws until a precedent has been established we are all exposed to uncertainty,
  8. Hello, I know these are often long shots though like most I would love to hear if anyone has any experience with Adriana? https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_other_new_to_town_exotic_and_petite_adriana-3574968 Done the regular due diligence - Tinyeye, number/name searching sadly I come up with nothing. That in itself might be a good sign... I've reached out today so either way will hopefully know something in the next few days. Again though, if you've seen / had any contact please share. Well I have a date set this afternoon, will post a review after.
  9. Any updates to this? Really considering her.
  10. I've seen her one time, While I initially enjoyed the experience when it got to the main I was disappointed. All I say is if your on larger side both L x W she may not be for you as that takes away that option.. Otherwise she was extremely friendly and we enjoyed ourselves.
  11. Going to have to note that on my calendar :)
  12. I can't comment on Dita however I did hear back from Emy last night on her upcoming trip to Halifax. http://halifax.backpage.ca/FemaleEscorts/wanna-try-something-new-the-best-of-both-world-emylee-shemale-model-hotter-then-your-gf/2698092
  13. Yes, she is. A beautiful one at that.
  14. I tried to contact her a week or so ago, never got a reply. The usual introduction, polite and introduced myself. Might try once more next I see her listed.
  15. I had a visit with Jade back two weeks ago, very enjoyable. I will be repeating. She made you feel comfortable and really enjoyed the time spent. Pictures honestly do no justice to how incredible and elegant figure she has.
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