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  1. I like the "managers" hand in photo #2 lol "Party Friendly" + guy holding paper in one pic would be enough for me to pass. I had enough bad experiences with SP's who are working to support two peoples' addictions.
  2. She is legit. A girl I've seen has worked with her before. She is very pretty too.
  3. When I opened the link, it was for a blond girl named Jessica???
  4. The original link to her ad above now directs you to a different provider. Fishy.
  5. She is just taking a break. I'd keep an eye out for ads in the future though. 🙂
  6. First off, I want to say, I am NOT happy giving this recommendation; simply because pointing out how amazing this women is will result in less chance of me booking her lol - but I felt it was at least important to let others know she is 100% legit and 100% adorable. I had the pleasure/luck of being able to book Tasha Thursday night. Communication was very good and professional. She was hosting at a nice condo in the downtown area (easy parking/accessibility). Let me start off by saying Tasha is TINY - only 5 feet tall, but has the body that others have described as a "dancers body" (which makes sense because her main gig is dancing). Proportionality, one of the best bodies I've ever seen. Flawless soft skin and a face/smile that will melt your heart. Her eyes will pull you into a deep, whirling sex trance. Tasha is a bit shy (seems to be her overall personality) and even though she is "not GFE" (as other have described), what she lacks in the GFE department, she makes up for with her attitude, eye contact and overall skills. The lil' innocent moans she makes will shake you to your core. I honestly don't think I could have handled pure GFE with her. It would be stimulation overload. Not much more to say about her, other than do not hesitate at all in going to see her. Missing out on booking her when she is in town is a sad thing and once you see her, you will know why. Thanks again Tasha for an unforgettable evening!! 🙂 🙂 Anyone looking for more in-depth info, feel free to shoot me a P.M.
  7. I also saw her a week ago. Made a recommendation yesterday, but it's still pending approval. I saw she is working tonight, so I thought i'd bump this thread to give approval and let folks know she is real and amazing. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_1_exotic_model_halifax_play_time_gr33k_avail-5221796
  8. Just wanted to add a review for this special lady. Link to her profile is above and I will add a link to her ad when she posts next. I haven't dabbled in the SP game in a long time and had the "maybe once in a blue moon attitude". Well, Halloween this year just so happened to fall on a night there was a very rare Blue Moon (what are the chances, eh? lol). I've seen Niya's ads here and there the past lil' while and she caught my eye, but there was very little info on her and my overall desire to hire an SP was very low, but....with the stars and moon aligned (and the help of the review above), I went to see her. Now, keep in mind, I usually hire girls in the 5 foot 5 and under range (just my preference) and have run the gamut from the best to the worse locally to having had the pleasure of seeing a few of the ladies from Montreal. Niya now ranks VERY high on my "would repeat" list. I had zero expectations with Niya because I wasn't really sure what to expect. Her pics gave off a "classy, but maybe vanilla??" vibe to me (her tall stature may have added to that). Plus, she is VERY attractive, so maybe "intimidated" would also be a good word. She had a link in her ad to a lil' clip she posted. That video gave me a slight insight to what she has to offer, so that helped a bit too. Communication with her was succinct and professional. She was hosting at a nice hotel downtown. When I arrived, I was stunned at how attractive she was and her body was amazeballs! Let me tell you, this is about as close as one could get to sleeping with a Victoria Secrets Model in once's lifetime. I've often wondered what it would be like to sleep with a tall, thin, athletic, beautiful-style women, but they don't grow on trees. She was not "intimidating" or "vanilla" at all, I was wayyyy off. I no longer have a 5 foot 5 and under rule lol. Ethereal proportions for her height and skills that will surprise you. Super friendly and very bright. I could have stayed all night. Hidden gem (maybe not for long) for sure!!! If anyone is interested in more in-depth details, I am open to PM's. 🙂 🙂
  9. Also have one of these rigs for the winter. Almost as fast as the 928 lol My dream car is newer versions of what I already have. 🙂
  10. If you have the $$ to get them running right/preventative maintainence (timing belts, thrust bearing, engine fuel lines, etc.), they are sweet lil' machines that are built to eat up highway. Here is mine.....
  11. Rubber mask and apron ordered!!
  12. OMG - I remember when Kaufman used to do that. Gold.
  13. That is a specific request that may be difficult to fulfill - Jessy Juice was prob down for that though. You could check about Anais though, ya never know what she will allow - she seemed very open to me. Yes, Amarra is quite short and tiny, but I've heard she has been into baking cookies a lot lately lol, so she has added a few lbs (which I think looks great on her - she was uberskinny before). So, ya, she may not be what your looking for either. If your not interested in GFE, Barbie would fit the bill. Not sure if she would be down about the wrestling thing or if that would be a good idea with her (PM for details).
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