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  1. It's been a few years since I've indulged in "the hobby". Nobody has caught my eye/drawn my attention I guess. Been reading some info in Alexis over the past lil' while and decided to take the plunge based on discussion I read - glad I did. Thought I'd give a stand alone recommendation, as the other one is kinda hard to follow (it mentions another provider with the same name). Alexis is very easy to communicate with and her location was in a nice hotel with easy access. I knew her rate - but didn't get too into what she offers for said price. Upon arrival, I asked what was not on the menu (and that list was quite short) and then she told me what she offered (I immediately stated thinking...."ok - so her hourly rate PLUS x-amount for this and that". I was pleasantly surprised to find out everything she listed was included in her rate. Always a plus, in my book. Her service is fantastic. Excellent GFE and there was some PSE thrown in when asked (which was top-notch). I've had a few GFE ladies from Montreal and some locally and Alexis's GFE rivals them all, if not surpassing. There is a big difference between kissing and "being kissed", if that makes sense. This lady's GFE is what you expect BUT you feel almost like SHE wants it vs you, She knows how to make a fella feel very wanted. Although she could be considered a "spinner", her body if very proportionate for her size. In my experience, most "spinners" are quite thin, but she has a body of a "regular" girl, but she is just very short. Very pretty too and has an amazing personality to match (we hit it off well and had a few points/subjects we REALLY hit it off about - always nice to have that happen). As she normally doesn't work in the Halifax area, she could be considered a "hidden gem". I know I will be going back for sure and I highly recommend her
  2. Adding a reco for this lovely lady now...... (Hope it shows up!!)
  3. The Lucie ad is a literal cut and paste of the write up Niya has. I know Niya is legit, but I have my doubts about Lucie. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_other_1_exotic_model_outcalls_only-5221796?source=list
  4. Does she go by Kazzz? Because Kazzz from Leolist is using this reco in her ads.
  5. Does outcalls to Yarmouth from Halifax? That's quite the drive.
  6. I saw her pre-surgery (you can see in her new pics the work she had done). When I saw her, she was professional, polite and her service was amazing. I noticed her new ad states |"party friendly" - could be a reason for the shift in approach to the business.
  7. Almost saw her once - PM for details if you want.
  8. I wonder how no arrests were made if she knew who attacked her? So sad. Didn't seem to be newsworthy in BC as I couldn't find any info anywhere about the incident.
  9. I like the "managers" hand in photo #2 lol "Party Friendly" + guy holding paper in one pic would be enough for me to pass. I had enough bad experiences with SP's who are working to support two peoples' addictions.
  10. She is legit. A girl I've seen has worked with her before. She is very pretty too.
  11. When I opened the link, it was for a blond girl named Jessica???
  12. The original link to her ad above now directs you to a different provider. Fishy.
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