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  1. Leviathan31

    Amarra - GeekyGirl

    Prob just a text mix-up. Maybe got you confused with another number that she may not be a fan of. It happens. 🙂 Any time I had contacted her, she was always nice. No problems booking.
  2. I think you are referring to my statement about "giving up"......I didn't mean on life, I meant on the Instagram dream. 🙂 I also thought that dude may be a male model, but the comments on those pics are along the lines of "you two look good together/looking good guys", so I thought maybe it was her BF. The original poster of this thread can probably tell us if that was the muscle guy. 🙂
  3. It's either a sign she has given up or they need rent money STAT (my guess). In looking over her Instagram, it looks like she recently moved here from NB and there are some shots of her in an empty apartment (new place in Hali?). She doesn't appear to be living a slum life, so my guess is this lil' adventure into the world of escorting is perhaps a one-time deal to get quick $$. At the rate she is asking, she only needed 3-4 calls over the weekend to probably get the money they need. As for her having 13.5k followers, that puts a loooong way from where she was probably hoping to be... Celebrities: 1M + Mega Influencers: 250K - 1M Large: 100K - 250K Medium: 50K - 100K Small: 10K - 50K Micro Influencers: 1K - 10K I mean, Micro Influencer isn't that bad, but with a body/lifestyle like that, I'm sure she had the big dream of being higher on that list. Yes, I agree - getting drives/paying for drives isn't too bad, it's when they are giving cuts of profits is where it gets iffy. 🙂
  4. Seems that way - sadly, it looks like she could do well (depending on her service too I guess); but making that huge mistake right from the start will quickly kill any interest in her/keep guys from ever coming back. Hopefully (but doubtful) she and the BF read this figure out a different strategy or do things differently if they make another attempt at this down the road.
  5. This sounds to me like a couple who needs some cash and have recently thrown their hat into the escorting ring. I've never seen her advertise before. With only 13.5k followers on Insta, her dream of being an InstaStar has come crashing down - on to plan B I guess. I say they are new at this because even the most green "pimp" knows to stay hidden; and, conversely, an escort knows to never let him be seen. The appearance of support/protection THAT in you face has to be a sign of lack of knowledge how the game works and, ultimately, a major fear coming from the girl (suggesting this may be her first time). In other words, she won't/can't work unless her BF (which it looks like he is) is literally RIGHT there. Also, I believe "independent" really comes down whether or not the girl keeps 100% of her earnings. If she is not paying anyone for drives/protection, etc, she would fall in the independent category. I personally have a couple friends who I get rooms for/drive to work/calls/Shoppers for "escort stuff", be knowledgeable of what room they are in during outcalls, etc., yet, they are actual true friends and I do what I do to help. Being there for them AND asking for a % of what they made that day is not trying to help - that is literally living of the avails of an escort. I know if a "helper" (let's just call him that for now) is seen by a client, it's a very, very BAD thing. 1) Chances are the client is never coming back 2) some clients will actually ask for a refund, etc. (if they didn't physically hand money to some guy - which, again, is SUPER rare to have happen). There was once incident where I was supposed to pick up a friend after she was done working. She was done at at certain time and, usually, I would just text to say I was on my way and then show up. This day, her phone died just after we had talked, but she still snagged one more call, but I did not know that. As I got close to picking her up, there were no more replies to my texts - no replies once I was there. I got worried and made the mistake of going up to her room to check things out. On my way up the stairs (I never take elevators), I ran into her (she had taken a smoke break) .....but I only saw her at first and started with the whole ".....Why didn't u answer your phone - I have been texting..."- and just as I was asking that, the client followed behind up the steps - he heard the whole thing and probably thought the worst. He was obviously shaken by my presence and made a bee-line straight to the room as my friend explained to me her phone had died. When she got to the room, he wanted to just end the call at first (and he was a regular), but she ended up giving him a large discount to keep him calm/get him to come back. She was PISSED at my mistake. So......ya.....being an escort and allowing clients to physically see your "helper" is a huge rookie error, and even rookies don't usually make that mistake. EDIT - I just saw she started advertising recently and her first set of ads were for selling panties. So, I guess that was originally plan B, but when that failed, they took the plunge. I've seen this before - they start out trying to do Facetime/Skype, then try to sell pics, then panties, etc., then when none of that generates enough interest, time to try the whole Enchilada!
  6. Leviathan31

    Sexy Lexxie

    "Party Girl", but "non-rushed". Sure. 😛 Saw her a few years ago and again more recently. Huge difference - PM for details if you want.
  7. Leviathan31

    Foxy Roxy. white. LL

    So appealing.
  8. Leviathan31

    Foxy Roxy. white. LL

    I'd stay away just because of the spelling mistakes. I'll give her the misspelling of "performance", but I can't get past the misspelling of "does". lol
  9. This is a crux in my discussions with friends who work. For the life of me, I cannot get a few ladies to understand that the written portion of their ads are read mostly by MEN - not other 20-years old girls (one friend does understand and has adjusted her ads). They will not budge on this - they stick with the fluffy graphics and goofy lettering and the cliche phrases. I guess they are just following what they think is the trend/how it's done. I've re-written ads to be legible, presentable, etc., yet they will say, "Nah....that's ok - I like it the way it is....". ......*sign* - maybe they will read this thread and see an ad they looks like it was done by a drunk Disney executive doesn't appeal to most clients. "Party Friendly" - this is a choice for ladies. I think most of them know that phrase is drawing the line in the sand for a lot of clients; but from what I understand, using that phrase attracts a select group of men who apparently "have all kinds of money", etc. I have yet to see any of these "Party Friendly" ladies retire early because of all the money these clients are giving them. I think we all know why certain providers want certain clients and it all stems back to what "Party Friendly" means. I agree with Greenteal - "Upscale" can be used to describe hotels/condos perhaps, but, as mentioned, if you are offering "Upscale services", chances are, you don't use LL that much. Other phrases like "It's me or it's free" and "forget the rest", etc. are just more examples of ladies just going with what they have seen before. Let's be honest here - I don't think many service providers have their degree in Marketing, so we can't expect too much here. lol Personally, I'm not a fan of the cut and paste ads. Meaning - switch it up a 'lil bit. If your too lazy to add a few things here and there in your ads, that may reflect on the service you give. Take Ms. Manda for instance - she uses new headlines a lot and her ad, although pretty the same most of the time, is edited/adjusted quite often. AddictiveBarbie also uses the same ad a lot, but she posts her days/times and updates them throughout the day. I find things like this very helpful. What REALLY gets me are the ads that look like they were written for 14-year-old boys who would enjoy Penthouse Forum (remember that? lol). The outright "Daddy, come ____ on me" or the overly-sexually explicit phrases. I mean, there is a % of clients who like that kind of talk during the session perhaps - but to come right out of the gate swinging with those type of phrases is demeaning to the clients, IMO.
  10. Leviathan31

    Truro ads - Real or fake?

    When I see Truro ads, I usually just write them off as fake.
  11. Leviathan31


    Girls who have accounts on LL can buy an autopost upgrade. 🙂
  12. Leviathan31


    I think she left around Dec 23rd/24th. My bet is her ad was auto re-posted, so it still showed up a couple days after she left.
  13. Be careful not to let this "chemistry" you feel cloud things. I've learned the hard way that a lot of providers do an amazing job making you feel special, when in reality, you are just another client that is easily replaced. Thinking you are special or the provider remembers you/actually desires to see you is a thought process you should try to eliminate. Also, keep in mind the time of year. Maybe she is only working certain hours and knows you request certain times and it's not a fit right now. Could be many, many variables.
  14. Leviathan31

    First Timer Here, Mya!?

    Maybe you could tell us what other providers you were considering and we could steer you in the right direction. 🙂
  15. That link now goes to another girl called "Lia". Scammy McScam.