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  1. Leviathan31


    Don't you mean Emily Wilson? 🙂
  2. Leviathan31


    I did say "probably" 😛 I don't know anything about this specific situation, but I thought I'd throw out the small amount of info I know on what *could* be happening in that pic. 🙂
  3. Leviathan31


    He is probably posting fake ads so he can tell his girl, "I have calls for you". I never knew what was meant by a SP having a dude "get calls for her" until recently. I was always like, "how the hell does a male get other males that he can provide to his girl?". Like, does he just stand on the corner and say to guys, "Hey, I know someone...." or does he have a big list of males in his phone looking for SP's? I could never figure it out. Turns out, they just post like 3-4 fake ads and pretend to be the girl and hook a guy into the call, then text their girl and send the guy her way. Ever show up and the girl looks nothing like the pictures? That's probably way. ...and all that "hard work" you see buddy doing in the background above is something an "independent" provider can do on her own (not that I am encouraging fake ads lol).
  4. Leviathan31

    Anyone seen Hannah?

    I can't comment on her service, as I never hired her, but I did text briefly with her a while back when I was lonely and had the great idea of joining one of those sugar daddy sites (waste of time/money). She was one of the only girls I actually talked to and I can verify she is real and seemed really nice via texts. 🙂
  5. Leviathan31

    Kylie died ?

    I haven't hired an escort since Christmas. Main reason I stopped, to be honest, was because I was involved with an escort and. well, she didn't like me seeing other escorts lol. Also, because I was close with a few escorts, I got to see how the game works from the other side; learned all the "tricks", heard the stories of what happens with other guys, etc. and came to the realization that the perfect companion cannot be found. I saw girls with hot bodies who gave bad service and the ones with incredible skills lacked passion. I've had escorts live with me and others pull a gun on me. I repeatedly spent $$, only to drive home after the session saying, "For fuck sake, that was a massive waste of money....again". Basically for every one good experience, I would have 10 bad ones. That gets financially and emotionally costly eventually. Also, not to sound bragadocious, but I can pull women normally and got frustrated with myself for being a guy who has to pay - it was a phase for me, I was curious as to what the escorting world was like, but having to pay was demeaning to me, especially knowing what most escorts REALLY think about their clients. I just took a step back and realized I'm not "that guy". No offense to those who still hire escorts; everyone does it for different reasons, but my reasoning didn't mesh with my reality. I currently am steering clear of all women and taking some time for myself to make some improvements and start over. Being lonely does suck sometimes, but I would rather be alone and wish I was with somebody than be with somebody and wish I was alone. 🙂
  6. As far as I know, "AddictiveBarbie" won't be around again for a while. That persona has been put on hold. She was advertising under a different name (am not at liberty to say what name) a few weeks ago, but I'm not sure when or if she will work again. Probably best to wait and hear back from her to see when she works again. Personally, I hope she never works again. She is a good kid who deserves better in life.
  7. Leviathan31

    Kylie died ?

    This is why I would always steer clear of the "party girl" ads or not stay at a call if I suspected they were doing hard drugs. I will not support their habit (and ultimately the negative affects from it) by hiring them. I couldn't sleep at night knowing the money I gave an SP made their life worse and not better. I've had friends who work that were addicted and helped a few, but others were too far gone (needed actual rehab). Another reason I got out of the hiring escorts game.
  8. Leviathan31


    34,000 views would take at least a few months to reach, meaning someone else has been using said profile for ads in the past. Red flag!!
  9. The 5 minutes she needed when you first got there was so buddy could get organized and go hide somewhere. 🙂
  10. Leviathan31


    Hotter than the sun!
  11. Anyone see these two? Apparently here from Miami (ya, ok...) https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_candy_loulou-4990943 I think I may know the blond. Pics check out, but no info on them anywhere. 🙂
  12. Leviathan31

    Anyone seen Juicy Jess?

    Probably one of the, if not the best girl working right now. Absolutely beautiful. I've retired from the escorting game, but she was the last girl I saw. It's good to retire at the top lol
  13. Leviathan31


    Is she wearing an ankle monitor in that last pic or just some new fancy accessory? lol
  14. Leviathan31


    She is out of town I think (not working). She plans on coming back this summer and making Halifax a regular stop. 🙂
  15. Leviathan31


    Just a heads up......providers don't usually like it when their home town is outed. Maybe lostsoul can edit that post? 🙂