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Companions - will your working habits change post COVID?

Will your working habits change post COVID?  

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  1. 1. Will your working habits change post COVID?

    • No - not at all
    • Yes - I'll see less Clients
    • Yes - I'll have less contact
    • Yes - I'll do more online work and less IRL work
    • Yes - I'm giving up IRL work entirely
    • Not really, but I'll have more hygiene regulations

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NB is now in phase 3. Which mean the vast majority of services are open "if social distancing measures can be followed."

I highly doubt hobbyists are willing to wear PPE while in session. It kind of takes the fun out of the girlfriend experience. We know there will be a second wave (there has never been a pandemic that didn't have a second wave). Our numbers are the lowest in the country (121 confirmed cases), however the actual testing per capita is also the lowest (I think this is correct based on what I've read), so I actually suspect our numbers are much higher due to asymptomatic cases.

For that reason, I'm out until we see how this progresses. I am not knocking those that choose to work/hobby. Everyone's comfort level is different. Due to my medical health, I just cant justify the risk to myself. 

I'm grateful I have other sources of income to get me through this.

Stay safe everyone.

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I will be back to work soon! I am super excited for it. I miss the connections I share with my clients. 

I will be seeing less clients overall. I will have a push on longer dates in my marketing and I have updated my filters to include full screening as well. My hygiene requirements will stay in place with, shower, hand  washing and mouth rinse with 'killer mouth wash'. 😄  An up date of questions to see where they have been in the last 14 days (out of provinces or country or in any nursing homes) and that they know if I come in to contact with the virus their information (name and number) will be share with health authorities so they are able to quarantine as well. Safety for all has to be top priority. 

I echo Meaghan, there will be a second round of this, most likely late September or October as everyone goes back to work from summer holidays and kids are back in school. I would like to be a bit more prepared for the next around as it will most likely take us right to next summer before we see a lift of restrictions again. 

Stephanie ❤️ 

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I've said it before, but in this pandemic situation,  like all choices in life are based on risk vs reward.


There's always a risk associated with an activity, and each individual person must evaluate that risk vs what the reward is for taking that risk, and act accordingly. Simply driving somewhere involves a risk, but we still do it.  


For this industry, and on this forum, I've been happy to see that the last couple of months have been leaning more positive than negative, without too much shaming going on.  But in the end, every adult is responsible only for what they choose to do, and the risks they choose to take.


I think the biggest change from all of this, in our Canadian society especially, is that for the short - medium term, people will be more aware of the things they are doing.  What they touch, when they wash their hands, how close they stand next to someone else, how often we need to go shopping, how many "things" we need to buy, etc. 


Long term, I think over time the majority of people will fall back to old habits.  I'll probably be guilty of this myself.  But I like to think that I'll stick to my new lifestyle of not buying so many things, and instead choose to spend more time and resources on experiences.  


Life is short, you never know what is around the corner, so don't put off that experience you've been wanting and waiting for.  Just don't endanger anyone else while you're doing it.



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