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Finally Epstein’s partner in crime arrested

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I bet there are a lot of worried men in high places. 

How long before she will be found dead from "suicide" in her jail cell?

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    Her trial will soon begin. But the interesting part is her complaints about jail conditions. 

    Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Jeffrey Epstein girlfriend in court this week (usatoday.com)

    Not sure what she expected. She was more than aware of the arrest warrant, but choose to hide instead of cooperating with authorities. She/her lawyers could have negotiated better conditions, but she went for full denial. And after the Epstein suicide debacle, she won't have a second of privacy until a verdict is reached.

    If half the charges are true and she did supply girls/teens to some of the most powerful men on the planet, she's pretty much screwed either way. To face the criminal justice system or end up "silenced" by someone she may throw under the bus.



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