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So... there appears to be an agency that brings these asians to town in the last year or so and they are certainly not associated with VIPOTG, who I never booked with but always heard wonderful reviews about. 

A while back I took a chance on these ads, and I occasionally reach out to new asian ads to see if they fit pattern of my experience, and it looks like this:

They all operate out of the same well-known downtown hotel, a good one. They all offer roughly the same service with the same text format and prices when you reach out for inquires and they are all very adamant to lock down a booking. You can ask if they have the outfit from the pic and they will say yes. You'll ask about specific service and they will say yes. All of it is simply to get you through the door.

In my experience, when I went through the door (I did this twice), the provider did not look a thing like the ad, did not wear anything they had on in the pictures, did not provide the level of service they say they will. They are never completely unattractive women, but they never come close to resembling the busty petite girl in the picture, and you can always add about decade to whatever stated age. If you're smart, you leave, if you stay, you will be treated to incredibly mediocre service and will leave disappointed in being tricked.

See, I understand when it comes to asian service providers the pics are always fake, but often I find they are at least similar to what they really look like, and many times I've enjoyed their company and service immensely even though I know the pics are fake. I will gladly book with asian providers in this area again, but if I get the return text stating they are staying at this well-known downtown hotel, and it looks like they are a part of this agency, I take a hard pass.

I hope this helps. 

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These past couple of days, these profiles started to appear on Facebook Match and Instagram. Photos of Japanese and/or Korean models proposing Nuru massage and "extra services" in a hotel downtown. And demanding $3 fee for online booking.

They won't provide a phone number to text or call. Only want to do it by Instagram.

I don't know if they're part of the same group, they don't seem to advertise on LL or elsewhere and it's very, very fishy.

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