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  1. I contacted Moonchild here on Lyla when I saw she was a Dartmouth local and we had a very easy back and forth conversation. I can't stress how pleasant and quick the conversation was and how excited I was to know she knew exactly what I wanted. It was it's own kind of thrill. I arrived to find a stunning woman who went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and satisfied. She is such a sweet person to speak with and very accommodating, certainly a bit of a mystic and pixie, definitely a babe. I won't forget how she wore her hair. And then we got down to business, and wow... The outfit she wore was also outstanding (I may have dropped a hint) and her enthusiasm was infectious. I was comfortable the entire time I was there. I experienced bliss and I would certainly recommend her to anyone who asked.
  2. I recently had a visit with Briella and wow. If you're a fan of curves you should check her out. She is also very pretty and easy to get talk with. Communicating the date at her nice incall hotel was quick and simple, so I went for an hour in the afternoon. I arrived to find a beautiful woman with a calm demeanour who proceeded to put on a show and thoroughly relax me for the remainder of our time together. Deets remain between us but I more than enjoyed my time and my view. Feel free to PM me any questions. Afterwards we talked for a while and I didn't find myself in any hurry to leave, or feel forced out, so I eventually excused myself and we parted. I would happily repeat it all again.
  3. i'm not looking for anyone's location to be outed or anything, but if there are any SPs who work in the downtown dartmouth area i would love to hear. feel free to shoot me a PM, either hobbyists or SPs alike. cheers!
  4. I spent a part of Tuesday afternoon with Danielle and I'm very glad I did. Set up on fairly short notice, she was easy to communicate with and very prompt, which is always awesome. I met her on my way home from work, grabbed a quick shower at her clean and convenient location, and we got down to a lovely massage... and then other stuff. I am very glad I stopped by, as Danielle is warm, welcoming, and makes a person very, very comfortable. Absolutely would repeat.
  5. So I had an absolute blast tonight, two of them actually. May 10, rainy evening. I booked an hour appointment with LeXXXiibaby and her friend Kianna at their super convenient Dartmouth upscale hotel. Easy to book, good communication, I walked in the rain with anticipation. Two absolute babes greeted me - I wear glasses, so sometimes it helps to have four eyes. Spinners both of them, but each in their own way. LeXXXii is a little rocket with a butt you could bounce a feather off of. Kianna is taller and tighter with a bubbly personality that is pure pixy. Both have beautiful looks about them in their own way, and you'd look twice on the street in either case. We started with the greetings, them in outfits I can't even remember but know for certain were way too sexy for any sort of conversation. I was touching LeXXXii's butt pretty quickly. We grinded a little, I got naked, we all climbed onto the bed, things happened. Like, PM me if you want details, but HOLY SHIT I had a pretty good Friday. Really good Friday. It was like a game of Twister at times. I mean, straight up it is not a GFE experience, but we all cuddled and joked about Dartmouth stuff, so I guess your MMV. Anyway, I would absolutely go on a hot date with either of these ladies again, but both together was an insane trip that I will thank myself for treating myself to for years to come. Would recommend again, 8/8, go for it, lads.
  6. let me get this straight, you want to make amateur porn?
  7. given the right circumstances, i would absolutely be down for that sort of service, ditto for milking table suggestion.
  8. maybe two or three times a year, perhaps quarterly. occasionally i like to treat myself, but the hard part is: who do i want to see and are they available when i want to treat myself. then there's the whole russian roulette of meeting someone new. good times.
  9. My advice would be make contact with a very well established provider here on LYLA and start a conversation. Just be polite, up front, and accept what they tell you about the prospects. However, I wouldn't expect anyone to be driving out to Digby for an hour, more like an overnight, or possibly even a 3-hour visit, I don't know, like I said, start a convo via PM and take it from there.
  10. Better late than never. I had the pleasure of visiting with Rebecca much earlier this year. It might have even been the end of last year (2017). I remember it was a cold and dark time and I needed warmth. First off I'm assuming this thread is about this Rebecca, a member here on LYLA: https://www.lyla.ch/profile/224392-rebeccayourbbwqueen/ It all lines up and sounds the same, even the NB bit, so I think this is the place. Anyway, I found her ad on leo (it might have been Backpage back then, actually) and it all looked great and real, so I texted. Prompt and to the point. Perfect, we had our date set at her incall in Dartmouth. I wouldn't consider it a bad part of town, but I live in Dartmouth, and there's really only one bad part of town and she doesn't live there. When she greeted me she was lovely looking, in a tight outfit under a concealing coat, all quite cheeky, while being a warm embrace and a soft voice too. Rebecca is a BBW and proud of it, and god damn is she a beautiful lady. Magnificent eyes, a coy little smile, and she wants to be your GF. She is confident and dominant, if that's what you want, but she always soft and sweet, if that's what you want. We went to her apartment and begun immediately with what was pre-arranged. Details between us of course, but she was sublime. I like to think of myself as having high standards for what I like, and I tend to like a few specific things, but Rebecca delivered, and then some. For a little extra you can have a little PSE fantasy, but I should say, YMMV. I put myself back together and exited her apartment, walked back to my car grinning, and have been meaning to post about it since, but I always forget while I was here or thought, "I will do it later." Rebecca is worth me posting about the experience, so there it is, lads. Enjoy, and again, treat her right, she is a great person to just speak with as well. Very decent. It was a great time and I will be back for more.
  11. and that's fair. i don't necessarily agree with that, but you do you.
  12. I just want to reply to myself and admit I was wrong. You can actually narrow the search down to the nova scotia section, which means that rambler is 100% right in that there is a lot of discussion about Lana if you refine your search. #todayilearned Now, does Tico know how to refine searches? Tico, we have news for you!
  13. I just ran a search and got 31 pages of "Lana", none of which had to with the Lana in question. Seeing a lot of "montreal lana," someone called "lana lush," a "lana woodford." I'm 10 pages in and haven't yet found a thing on the woman in question; I'm not going through all 31 pages. Maybe it's the algorithms? Seeing as how you can't sort "recommendations" by letter anymore, she's much harder to find info about. What I'm trying to say is, if people want more information, what's the trouble in asking? Seriously though, Lana is not even close to one of the most discussed women on this board, let alone the Nova Scotia section. Addictive Barbie probably has that record.
  14. I simply can't see how what I wrote could be taken in a negative way. She bills herself as "red hot cougar," and as a more "mature" experience. I have been with her, twice actually, and can give personal experience to users who want to know what an experience might be like. YMMV, as always. Christ, I said I like older women and you still think I'm being negative? DMing personal experiences allow users to be more personable with each other, to open up in ways that we otherwise wouldn't feel safe on the open board. I've only had pleasant experiences with other LYLA members when talking with DM, I have learned a lot, and booked dates based on their advice. Here's the thing though - and this is aside from Lana or any escort - If I didn't like something, and someone is asking for personal advice on that, and they want to be PM or DM'd about it, why shouldn't I share my experience? I whole-heartedly realize this is a "recommendation board," and I have made public recommendations, but if someone wants more detail, why not put it in a private message? I will flat-out apologize if my statement could be construed as negative. But again, this thread is literally: USER: "Does anyone have info on X." Me: I have info, if you're talking about this specific X, then PM me. Do you want me to tell you go see Lana? Then go see Lana. I'm not telling you not to. For what it's worth, I've got nothing against what Katherine has to say, but I personally feel I've been misrepresented.
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