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  1. I spent an hour with YFL's newest ladies this evening and am regretting not booking longer. The booking itself was seamless, on time, and at a fine downtown hotel. I made an outfit request and it was arranged. Both women are beautiful and representative of their pics - Eva being a busty latin girl with full lips, Sonia a blonde beauty with wonderful eyes and equally impressive set. I kind of just let them do their thing and found myself laying face down on the bed in complete bliss, which was just the beginning. It almost seems like they've been working together for a while, and have wonderful chemistry. YMMV of course but show up clean and sober and they won't seem to have trouble maneuvering your body and finding new ways to tingle your toes. Not to get into too much detail but it was a hot from start to finish, which went a little over time and included considerable pillow talk. More than a few amazing views, and both just really easy to talk to. I would highly recommend either on their own, but it was easily one of the hottest threesomes I've been in, so for anyone looking for a high-end pleasure fest, go for it, you will not be disappointed.
  2. bait and switch in the one of the worst possible bays. representative pics are one thing, but this is a turn around at the door and walk away situation.
  3. she's the real deal but she shares a room with another SP. it can be a little awkward, but she is great looking and provided very good services, also quite friendly.
  4. I'm sure Greenteal will pop on by with his words of wisdom and trademark snark, but I'll offer some of my own hard-won advice. Face pics are a pretty sure sign the person advertising is fake, especially if they don't have any other internet presence. The second, third, and fourth ad you listed, for example, look really fake to me. Not all providers who show their face are fake, but if if they seem way too good to be true and have zero other presence internet presence (twitter/insta/website/reviews) they are usually fake, a bait & switch, or a straight up scam. Rates are another indicator for me. If anyone is charging less than $200 an hour, they are probably a scam, or if they want to be paid in gift cards or via a deposit up front, again, probably a scam. there are a lot of regular providers who live in Halifax and work most days of the week, and they generally have a very regular presence on Leo or here, but there are also a lot of providers who travel around canada and keep a fairly low profile, and Halifax is a common destination for them. if you see an ad on leo that you're interested in and have never seen before, feel free to send a message to that person and ask things like if they are indeed in Halifax, for how long, how much their rates are (if not posted) and which part of the city they are located. From this you can get a pretty good idea if they are serious and you can figure out if you want to trust your gut or not. This is the method I use to suss out providers and it's been pretty good to me, it's not 100%, and sometimes you have to be prepared to drive across town only to walk back to your car and drive home once you realize you've been baited and switched. It happens. With the exception of asian providers, I find if the provider is staying in a reputable hotel, they are generally legit, but even then, don't send a deposit. If they are staying in a very cheap motel, that also speaks volumes. The first and last adds you posted seem real to me, but I can't say I've visited with either of them. reaching out to the users on here is also quite helpful. as this is a recommendation board, no one says anything negative about the ladies publicly (and rightfully so), but sometimes people will say they have visited with someone and then not say a good thing about that person and that too will speak volumes. Sometimes when you reach out members will tell you exactly how they feel about a particular provider (good or bad), and sometimes users will point you in some pretty good directions. I met a provider I otherwise wouldn't have taken a chance on because of another member's recommendation to me, and I have since visited that provider a dozen or more times. hope this helps.
  5. one of the most egregious bait-and-switches I've ever seen. PM if questions, but hard pass.
  6. Stolen pics from an Instagram model. She tries to get a deposit out of you and then I imagine she ghosts. A damn shame because that body type is something else.
  7. i visited with this provider. PM me if interested.
  8. I'm thrilled anytime YFL sends someone Halifax's way, and Laura is another example of why that agency has such a stellar reputation. Her pictures are accurate, her face is gorgeous, and her curves are impeccable. Probably the nicest shaped bum I've ever seen in my years of hobbying, next time I'll probably request she wears gym pants. Service, as usual, was impeccable. I never have any complaints about YFL, just that some encounters are better than others, and Laura was a new benchmark, particularly that butt. Here's to hoping Rose comes back for a visit, and if YFL happens to read these, pretty please send Anais our way!
  9. Absolutely going to echo Kaz's post. Saw Kylie this morning and she was everything that's wonderful about YFL, great outfit, very fresh hygiene, full GFE experience (YMMV), and generally a pretty chill lady to speak with. She looks exactly like the pics, is extremely well proportioned, and provided top-level service for what I was looking for. Book now, she won't be available for much longer. If we're lucky, YFL will send a steady stream of ladies to Halifax.
  10. https://www.leolist.cc/personals/female-escorts/nova-scotia/halifax_alexandra_ferrari_pse_exp_dt_halifax_back_til_june_2nd-6220019?source=list The problem with this one is that Alexandra Ferarri is a known SP, has good reviews, has been vouched for. I would say this isn't her, just someone stealing her photos and creating a Leo's profile. They communicate well, but require a $50 deposit to lock down the booking. Suffice to say once they receive the deposit, that's the end of communication with you. Stay safe out there.
  11. So... there appears to be an agency that brings these asians to town in the last year or so and they are certainly not associated with VIPOTG, who I never booked with but always heard wonderful reviews about. A while back I took a chance on these ads, and I occasionally reach out to new asian ads to see if they fit pattern of my experience, and it looks like this: They all operate out of the same well-known downtown hotel, a good one. They all offer roughly the same service with the same text format and prices when you reach out for inquires and they are all very adamant to lock down a booking. You can ask if they have the outfit from the pic and they will say yes. You'll ask about specific service and they will say yes. All of it is simply to get you through the door. In my experience, when I went through the door (I did this twice), the provider did not look a thing like the ad, did not wear anything they had on in the pictures, did not provide the level of service they say they will. They are never completely unattractive women, but they never come close to resembling the busty petite girl in the picture, and you can always add about decade to whatever stated age. If you're smart, you leave, if you stay, you will be treated to incredibly mediocre service and will leave disappointed in being tricked. See, I understand when it comes to asian service providers the pics are always fake, but often I find they are at least similar to what they really look like, and many times I've enjoyed their company and service immensely even though I know the pics are fake. I will gladly book with asian providers in this area again, but if I get the return text stating they are staying at this well-known downtown hotel, and it looks like they are a part of this agency, I take a hard pass. I hope this helps.
  12. I've visited with Emma. PM if you would like to know more.
  13. i have seen this provider, though it's been almost a year. PM me if you'd like to know more.
  14. i have taken this one for the team; feel free to PM me for details/questions.
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