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Mya • Latino • LL

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Had an amazing time with Mya. First experience and I was extremely pleased. She was super chill and I never felt rushed or uncomfortable. Will definitely be going back!

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I've seen Mya post her ads in Kjngston for a while now, on and off, for the past few months. I'm regretting not visiting her sooner.


My time with Mya can be summed up to one word. Invigorating. 


From the moment I walked into the room to the instant I got back to my car, this magnificent woman captivated my complete attention. I could not find even one flaw with her amazing features. She was wearing a pink fishnet top and thong as ween in her pictures which made me week in the knees.


She immediately warmed up to me, indicating I relax on the bed with her, and opened up about the city. Took her by surprise that I was 100% local and much older then I looked. We talked about the bar scene, our go to drinks, family, etc. Lost track of time and we eventually got to business. I'm not going to go into details here fellow hobbies. That'd between me and her, but from the experience, I will be repeating my visits until she chooses to retire, we relocated to far away from eachother, or I retire from the hobby.


Looks: 11/10

Personality 10/10

Experience 10/10


Treat this one right and you'll have no regrets. 


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I met her last week and took her to the riverside! She's the best. She is so sensual,cuddly and beautiful inside out. I still can't forget her presence!  The best! The perfect person! 

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